Old Airport Centre: Best Hawker Centre

Welcome to the Old Airport Centre, the pinnacle of gastronomic delight and the top spot for foodies. Our well-known hawker center, located right in the middle of the city, is a living example of Singapore’s diverse culinary scene and fascinating history. The Old Airport Centre, which has a long history, has become the undisputed champion of providing the greatest hawker meals in town.

Be ready to start a culinary trip unlike any other as soon as you enter our busy center. A remarkable tapestry of flavors, scents, and textures is presented by the varied culinary traditions of Singapore and beyond in our diversified selection of food stalls. There is something for every pallet, from cherished regional specialties to enticing international treats.

Authenticity is king at the Old Airport Centre. You can discover skilled hawkers who have honed their art through generations, polishing their skills and techniques to produce dishes that are nothing short of culinary masterpieces, here. Every meal is cooked with unrelenting passion and attention, whether it is the fragrant and spicy curry laksa, the juicy char kway teow sizzling on the hot wok, or the crispy and savory chicken rice.

However, the Old Airport Centre stands out not only for its outstanding cuisine but also for its lively environment, which perfectly captures Singapore’s street food culture. Take part in the dynamic discourse, mingle with the buzzing throng, and soak up the infectious vibe. Locals and visitors from all backgrounds and cultures mingle here to celebrate the joy of delectable food.

Therefore, the Old Airport Centre is your ultimate destination whether you’re a seasoned foodie hunting for culinary perfection or an adventurous spirit trying to explore new sensations. Discover Singapore’s best hawker cuisine, and let your taste buds be enchanted by the unique culinary treats that are waiting for you around every corner.

Old Airport Centre: Best Hawker Centre
Old Airport Centre, Singapore

For inexpensive local favorites including char kway teow, prawn noodles, Hokkien mee, lor mee, kway chap, satay, rojak, and soy beancurd, Singaporeans frequently visit Old Airport Road Food Centre. In comparison to other places, this hawker center features the most renowned food stalls.


  • Singapore’s iconic hawker centre: One of the oldest and biggest food courts in the island city, Old Airport Road Food Centre, delivers delicious, authentic local cuisine to generations of Singaporeans. Yes, all of the well-known Singaporean delicacies can be found there.
  • Offering the best soya beancurd in Singapore: Some of the top soy beancurd vendors, including 51 Soya Beancurd and Lao Ban Soya Beancurd, are located in the food court. There are consistently big lines in front of these two stores. The price of the beancurd is S$2.90 for the original flavor and S$3.60 for the almond flavor per bowl.
Address51 Old Airport Rd, Singapore 390051
Nearest MRTDakota MRT
Opening Hours6 AM–10:30 PM
Old Airport Centre: Best Hawker Centre
Old Airport Centre, Singapore
Google Reviews

Went to try the Peranakan vegetarian restaurant. Very tasty and nice home cook food. Not too oily and pretty good on taste and flavor. Must try for vegetarians wanting to try something different. Good job by the chef to cook such local dishes using local ingredients. Will try again instead of taking away dine in probably better. – Win Tai

Can’t go wrong dining here. Lots of good food, but be prepared to queue, especially during peak dining hours. With so many choices, it would be hard for you to decide what to eat! Prices is still reasonable for most of the stalls. – Tom C

If you want to get a real Singaporean atmosphere go to this place. This is a place where to locals go to get their breakfast/lunch. You will find many different types of stalls here and the quality of the food is really good. – Jeroen Smink

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