Discover the Power of EMDR Intensives with Kellyjo – Singapore’s Finest Psychotherapist and Coach

Are you seeking a transformative therapeutic experience that brings efficient and lasting results? Look no further than Kellyjo Coney-Khan, Singapore's leading psychotherapist and coach at Tidylodge. With her advanced expertise in EMDR Intensives, Kellyjo specialises in providing a deep and ...

In What Way Can Scents Improve Teamwork?

Image credit: Pexels Since recent global events have undermined business continuity and put employees at risk of COVID-19, many organizations have adopted remote work. On the other hand, several people have complained that working from home deprives them of the necessary social interaction ...

Presbyopia ( 老花) and Progressive Lenses

The Big 40 40 years old - that's when you may start realising that near work starts to get difficult. Holding your reading material further away in order to see more clearly, or feeling more eye strain with prolonged hours of computer work are common first symptoms of a condition known as ...

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