Mega List: 7 New Home Furniture Must-Haves

Moving to a new home can be both exciting albeit challenging. From checking the house itself to completing the essentials, to organising your space, making a new place comfortable can be overwhelming.  To ensure you’re on the right track, remember these when furnishing your home: Do not ...

Invisalign in Singapore #ownyoursmile

Have peace of mind during your dental treatment with our team of experienced and international dentists and hygienists, who constantly update their skills and utilize the latest dental techniques to provide quality and comfortable dental treatment for you. Coming from different backgrounds we ...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You and your family must be overjoyed. On the other hand, new mothers may be overwhelmed with the new addition in their tummies; and be swarmed by the many dos and don’ts shared by people around them. New mothers, especially working women, might be concerned about career prospects 9 months down ...

What are Preserved Flower

One of Ana Hana’s signatures would be our preserved flowers. Not sure what preserved flowers are? Let us share with you! Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers are beautifully crafted flowers that can last at least a year. When taken care of properly, these blooms may accompany you or your ...

Top 5 Noisiest Neighborhood in Singapore

Do you know that the noisiest Neighborhood in Singapore is not Orchard? In a study conducted by an NUS audiologist in 2017, the average reading during the day was 69.4 dB, which is higher than NEA’s recommended 67dB. There are a total of 18,768 sound measurements recorded over a span period of ...

Gooberr: Only The Best For Our Loved Ones

Gooberr is a local baby brand specialising in lactation cookies, baby accessories and skincare. Founded in 2019 by Chin Rui Shan, Gooberr aims to make mothers’ post-pregnancy lives easier one product at a time. Here’s the thing: Rui Shan is not a mother herself, so why Gooberr? Let’s dive ...

Astrology is a science and not superstition

My predictions have come true in the past because I believe in Astrology as a science and not as a superstition. Based on my knowledge and practical experience, I will do a detailed analysis based on your DATE, TIME, AND PLACE OF BIRTH and provide the necessary recommendation: Alphabets which ...

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