The Finest Places to Get Kebabs in Singapore

Singapore is no stranger to Mediterranean or middle-eastern cuisine. You can find these cuisines in high-end gourmet restaurants or even hole-in-the-wall hawker stores, as is the trend in Singapore. But once you take a good hard look at all your choices, one dish stays consistent among the menus: ...

The Finest Halal Cafes in Singapore

Singapore is home to a rich and thriving Muslim community, and its good influence on the overall population of Singapore is quite obvious. One well-known fact about Islam is that Muslim followers must ensure that any meat they consume is considered halal. Luckily, Muslim families and other locals ...

The Finest Satay Stalls in Singapore

When you go to Singapore, there is no excuse viable enough for you not to try their Satay. Why? Because Singapore is home to some of the most affordable and delicious Satay that you will ever taste in your life, and you don’t even have to go to a restaurant for most of them! In this list, we’ll be ...

The Finest Bakeries in Singapore

Oftentimes, you can already tell if a bakery is nearby just by the smell of buttery dough and freshly baked rolls in the air, and that stays true even if you’re in Singapore. Be it baguettes, buns, or even croissants, Singapore has a wide variety of bakeries, each with its own specialty dishes or ...

The Finest Laksa Stalls in Singapore

If you are looking for laksa stalls in Singapore, you have just come to the right place. So in this article, we are telling you about the best laksa stalls you must need to try in Singapore. At most, all laksa prices are reasonable. So whether you are in the mood for a snack or a special occasion, ...

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore

Who doesn’t love a good outdoor picnic? There’s a special type of beauty that can only be encountered in the lush outdoors, but with nature’s beauty comes its natural flaws. Insects, humidity, and even bad weather can ruin even the best of outdoor picnics, all of which are fairly common in ...

10 Best Filipino Restaurants in Singapore

From their warm company to the heartiest celebrations, whether you are a Filipino friend living in Singapore or just visiting for a short trip. while being sure to check out these amazing restaurants. Lucky Plaza has always been my go-to location for getting my fill of Lechon because it has a few ...

10 Best Chicken Rice Stalls in Singapore

Chicken rice is adored by many people, young and old; Take a look at our list of the best places to eat chicken rice in Singapore to see for yourself! Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! If you are thinking of taking a trip to Singapore anytime soon and want to enjoy its excellent ...

10 Best Chilli Crab Restaurants in Singapore

Do you love chilli crab? If so, you’re in luck – Singapore is the perfect place to indulge your craving for this delicacy. The city is teeming with restaurants that offer this beloved dish in all its delicious forms. There are plenty of great places to eat this Singaporean dish. We have rounded up ...

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