The Finest Stalls in Old Airport Road Food Centre

It goes without saying that the Old Airport Road Food Centre is home to an army of hawkers who have been winning over our stomachs and hearts with delectable delicacies since 1973. The famous food centre is one of the busiest places between lunch and dinner since it has a wide variety of vendors and is the best location for delicious local cuisine.

Why is it called Old Airport Road Food Centre?

If you’re curious about the “old airport” that Old Airport Road refers to, that would be Kallang Airport, Singapore’s first commercial airport. The hawker centre was constructed next to the road, essentially a runway. We were fortunate to move the airport to Changi because without it, we wouldn’t have this hawker centre.

Planning to go on a food trip at Old Airport Food Centre?

Below are the top favorites stalls that will make it easier for you to choose what to eat among the delicious meals.


Roast Paradise

Famous forChar Siew and Roast Pork
Contact Details+65 9786 7396
Address#01-121, 51 Old airport road food centre, Singapore

Visit Roast Paradise in Old Airport Road Food Centre if you’re in the mood for char siew. Even though the booth only recently joined the hawker community in August 2016, it has already developed quite a following.

The gourmet pork at Roast Paradise is cooked in a drum over charcoal for three hours before being basted with a sweet sauce to create a shimmering layer of caramelization. Maintaining such high standards is difficult, but the 300g Char Siew (S$15), which uses a leaner pig cut, will satisfy all roast meat enthusiasts’ needs.

The thorough three-hour roasting method for the pork strips resulted in luscious meat bursting with flavor even without the layers of fat. The caramelized skin cracked in my mouth and had a robustly smoky flavor.

Roast Paradise

Image from Roast Paradise’s Facebook Page

Customer Reviews

One of the best char siew in Singapore with good ratio of fats to lean meat. I like the char-burnt skin as well. Here on a Saturday 1+pm and the queue is less than 5 minutes. – Lirene Bay


 Nam Sing Hokkien Mee

Price RangeHokkien Mee Noodles
Contact Details+65 6440 5340
Address#01-32, 51 Old Airport Rd,
Singapore 390051
WebsiteNam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee Facebook Page

If you ask any Singaporean where to get a great Hokkien mee, Nam Sing Hokkien Mee will undoubtedly come up. Noodles in a stir-fry sauce have been available at this modest stand in the Old Airport Road Food Centre since the 1960s.

Do not be deceived by Mr. Ng Hock Wah’s age; he is the current proprietor of this noodle shop. Mr. Ng has devotedly served his family’s famed Hokkien mee for the past 50 years. He works six days a week, frying at the wok for 12 hours each day, despite being well past retirement age.

Using freshly sliced chiles in place of sambal belacan was another unusual aspect. I discovered that sliced chilies were typically provided with Hokkien mee from the auntie who works at the stand. The stir-fried noodles are typically served with belacan. Still, Mr. Ng chose to stay with the traditional recipe from his family.

 Nam Sing Hokkien Mee

Image from Flickr user Catherine Ling

Customer Reviews

Pretty good Hokkien mee but just a little dry, would’ve prefer it wetter. But could because they have a lot orders so not as consistent. The taste is pretty good with strong Umami flavours of prawns. I waited about 20mins on a Saturday lunch time. $5 is a small portion would get bigger portion next time. – Steph


 J. & J. Special Beef Noodles

Famous forBeef Noodles
Contact Details+65 9862 7592
AddressOld Airport Road Food Centre,
51 Old Airport Road #01-162, Singapore,

J. & J. Special Beef Noodle (J.J.) offers beef noodles with premium beef at a reasonable cost. The melt-in-your-mouth braised beef tendon and slices were irresistible. Additionally, they provide wagyu beef with rice or noodles! WAGYU, indeed.

The Braised Beef Noodles (S$5.50 for Regular, S$7.50 for Large) had braised beef chunks, flat noodles that had been lightly dipped in the savory sauce, and a side of fresh onion slices.

The well-marinated beef was genuinely soft and creamy with collagen, and the onion slices added an excellent kick to the meal. Overall, Old Airport Road Food Centre provided a fantastic dining experience.

Image from  J. & J. Special Beef Noodles' Facebook Page

Image from  J. & J. Special Beef Noodles’ Facebook Page

Customer Reviews

Stall located at a quiet corner of the centre, especially liked the noodle, smooth and succulent when soaked in the thick and juicy broth. The sliced beef was tender, well marinated and goes very well with the noodle and broth. Been eating there for so many years and the quality and standard of the food had never been compromised. Do remember to asked the uncle to exclude the raw onion if you don’t take it. – Philip Tan


 Toa Payoh Rojak

Famous forRojak (Sliced fruit and vegetables are combined in a salad that is served with a hot palm sugar dressing.)
Contact Details+65 9061 6686
Address51 Old Airport Rd, #01-108,
Singapore 390051

Toa Payoh Rojak is one of the few hawker stalls that uses a line numbering system to ensure that hungry customers get their fair portion of the sweet and spicy rojak. The rojak can be easily customized by adding different ingredients and adjusting the amount of spice.

Rojak is simple, but the secret is ensuring each component is prepared correctly. The fruits at Toa Payoh Rojak are ripe enough to be sweet and tangy without being overripe to the point of being mushy. Fresh bean sprouts, spinach, tau pok, and youtiao with crushed peanuts were all combined in their version of rojak (S$4), which was drizzled in a sweet-and-sour shrimp paste dressing.

 Toa Payoh Rojak

Image from Flickr User Joone!

Customer Reviews

Best rojak I have eaten in my life. Enough said. Must eat. Don’t go for small, just go big. Definitely coming back again. – Emily Soon


Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun

Famous forRice noodle rolls and congee
Contact Detailsnot available
Address51 Old Airport Rd, #01-155,
Singapore 390051
WebsiteNot available

Numerous reviews have consistently praised Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun as one of the best chee cheong. This second-generation booth is run by two sisters. It has been in operation at its current position for almost 20 years. The company was initially established in Lorong Ah Soo by Yvonne’s mother. While working at a restaurant for a Hong Kong chef, she acquired the skills necessary to make chee cheong fun.

Back then, there were just three standard fillings for Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun. They take delight in having 10 different fillings for their chee cheong fun today! To ensure that every bite of the rolls was full of intense, well-rounded flavors, the chee cheong fun soaked up the light soy sauce, chilli, and chunks of dried shrimp. This enticed you to complete the platter in a matter of seconds. They do live up to the hype.

Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun offers a variety of different foods in addition to chee cheong fun. They offer a wide variety of conventional congees in addition to side dishes.

Image from Google by Matthew Lee

Image from Google by Matthew Lee

Customer Reviews

Their Chee Chong Fun are handmade upon order, to ensure the maximum freshness and quality. The thickness was just right, the texture was soft and springy. The soy sauce was slightly sweet, not salty and the chilli was an amazing match was well. Make a trip down here and try it yourself. – Stanley


New Eastern Kim Tee Xin Dong Fang

Famous forBak Kwa
Contact Details+65 9028 4606 
Address 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-112,
Singapore 390051

In the 1970s, their grandfather Mr Teo Kim Tee started a small stall in his Adam Road kampung to make and sell Bak Kwa. With zealous passion and relentless efforts, he eventually perfected his own unique, thin and flavoursome Bak Kwa that was well- received among his customers. As word spread and his Bak Kwa grew in popularity, Mr Kim established his own brand – New Eastern (Kim Tee) Dried and Minced Pork in 1976, setting up shop at Ang Sar Lee (referring to the distinctive red zinc rooftop shophouses in Serangoon Gardens then)

Their flagship store remains at its original location, where they have been making and selling Bak Kwa for nearly 50 years now. Some of their old-time customers even refer to them as the Ang Sar Lee (Serangoon Gardens) Bak Kwa! They are known more commonly as Kim Tee nowadays, a fitting tribute to the founder-grandfather. The first Bak Kwa he created – the Signature Bak Kwa, continues to be our all-time top-seller. Today, you can get the Signature Bak Kwa at all our stores across Singapore or on their website and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Image from Kim Tee's Website

Image from Kim Tee’s Website

Customer Reviews

Honestly a very hidden gem of a bak kwa store. The bak kwa is of a nice thickness and definitely tastes much better than some of the ones advertised as the best online. – Raphael


Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff 

Famous ForCurry puffs
Contact Details+65 9090 7009
Address51 Old Airport Rd, #01-126,
Singapore 390051
WebsiteWang Wang Crispy Puff Facebook Page

Hours of meticulous hand assembling went into creating the distinctive curry puff crust at Wang Wang.
Each curry puff is folded and rolled by the proprietor daily to produce this layered flaky crust. They provide puffs (starting at $1.50) with other contents, such as black pepper chicken, yam, and sardine, in addition to the standard curry chicken.

The curry chicken filling is a crowd-pleaser at gatherings because to its ample filling with succulent chicken chunks, potatoes, and a cooked egg wedge. The pastry casing was flaky and surprisingly light, and the curry interior, which included diced chicken and potato bits, was moist, flavorful, sweet, and somewhat spicy.

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff 

Image from Google

Customer Reviews

By far the best curry puff I have had in Singapore. Puff was crusty and fluffy, not oily at all. Baked? I am not a chef, so someone must teach me. The filling has much potato and chicken. Has just a bit of kick, tender meat, nice curry flavor. The filling is the best part. No wonder people keep coming back. One piece is less than $2, which is quite amazing and generous. So much skills are put into these puffs. What a gem, I tell you. – Shocho


Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee

Famous forLor Mee
Contact DetailsNot available
Address51 Old Airport Road #01-116, Singapore

Singaporeans can identify lor mee both by sight and taste. The simple lor mee stall that Mr. Lim Chong Teck’s father established in the Kallang Estate in the 1970s has come a long way since then.

Long lines form outside Xin Mei Xiang to get their lor mee, which is undoubtedly among the best in town and sells out quickly. Instead of the customary deep-fried fish, the Signature Lor Mee ($6/$8) is liberally topped with flaky white fish. The gravy is savory and thick and lasts until the last drop. It is produced using a variety of herbs.

Aside from Old Airport Road food centre, they also have other 5 branches across the country

Image from Xin Mei Xiang's Facebook Page

Image from Xin Mei Xiang‘s Facebook Page

Customer Reviews

One of the most famous stalls in Old Airport Road food centre was surprisingly without snaking queue. For min of $6, the signature lor mee is a delightfully flavourful bowl of rich, thick broth and served with fresh ingredients like fish. Can’t go wrong with a dash of vinegar to enhance the flavor. – AI L


Hua Ji XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

Famous forFish Soup
Contact DetailsNot available
Address 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-88,
Singapore 390051
WebsiteNot Available

Hua Ji XO Fish Head Bee Hoon “XO” in Old Airport Road food centre is always gathered in long lines because of their famous Bee Hoon Soup. The Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup (S$6) was substantial and was about a ruler’s length high. A tower of fried fish was atop the milky soup, nearly spilling out of the bowl.

Have you ever consumed every last bit of delicious soup because it was so addicting? One of the top contenders for the best fish soup is Hua Ji XO Fish Head Bee Hoon. A natural fish soup foundation is created by boiling the robust broth with fish bones for at least six hours. This removes all the deliciousness.
The secret component, then? Alcohol. You know where to go if you ever need some fish soup.

Hua Ji XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

Image from Google

Customer Reviews

This stall is such a gem. Tucked in a busy hawker centre, it serves delicious fish soup with a rich, tasty broth. The owner is extremely friendly, kind and hardworking. He took the time to explain to me all the condiments even though clearly he was very busy. Highly recommend! – James D’Souza


Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wanton Mee

Famour forWanton Noodles
Contact Details+65 8468 2931
Address51 Old Airport Rd, #01-02,
Singapore 390051
WebsiteNot Available

Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wanton Mee, which relocated to Old Airport Road food centre more than ten years ago, served unquestionably some of the best wanton mee in the East. Absolutely, but we’ll save that discussion for another article.

Noodles prepared specifically for Hua Kee’s Wanton Noodles are recognized for being bouncy. You’ll be slurping down every last drop of the thin, chewy food that is completely covered in a hot, fermented sauce. You won’t need anything else with the tender char siew, chicken feet, and crunchy lard bits in addition.

Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wanton Mee

Image from Google

Customer Reviews

This stall was Michellin Recommended in 2018. One thing I noticed they take quite some time to prepare a bowl. This results in a Beautifully Presented bowl with generous amount of ingredients. The noodles are QQ and Springy and I liked the slightly spicy Hae Bee Chilli Paste. Char Siew is chewy and not overly dry. – RYan YTH


Toast Hut

Famour forKaya Toast
Address51 Old Airport Rd #01-52

As the traditional Singaporean breakfast, kaya toast was a favorite for many of us growing up. The proprietor of Toast Hut is the same; in fact, he became so enamored that he ventured into toast-making and traditional kopi before launching his stand at the tender age of 23.

Since then, even the older generation has started to line up at this trendy hawker stand on Old Airport Road Food Centre for their traditional Kaya Toast Set (S$3). If you’d instead obtain a reliable pick-me-up at home, they also offer Drip Coffee Bags (S$14.90/bag).

Toast Hut

Image from Google

Customer Reviews

Good coffee and nicely done half boiled eggs with French toast, all for $3. Waiting time is about 15-20mins. You can have your main first and enjoy the coffee after 🙂 Staffs are nice and friendly too. Will definitely visit again – jwnc


Nyonya Chendol

Famour forChendol & Pandan Jelly
Contact Details+65 9827 4818
Address51 Old Airport Rd, #01-115, Singapore 390051

Most chendol lovers should already be familiar with Nyonya Chendol as the well-known chain has recently expanded to hawker centres across Singapore. The Old Airport Road food centre is the original Nyonya Chendol outlet. Thus it’s not just any Nyonya Chendol branch.

The daily preparation of fresh ingredients is what makes Nyonya Chendol so well-liked. You may find the exquisitely smooth pandan jelly made of rice flour, the fragrant three-blend gula Melaka, and the same premium coconut milk used by Michelin-starred restaurants like Candlenut.

Nyonya Chendol

Image from Google

Customer Reviews

Each bowl starts from $2, depending on if you want red bean or corn etc. The dish is good, and there is a rich lemak and gula melaka aroma and taste. Highly recommend that you give this a try. – Steven Lim

This concludes the list of the best food stalls in Old Airport Road Food Centre. This food centre is a great place to find a variety of local foods, and the stalls listed here are some of the best. If you’re looking for a good meal, be sure to check out these stalls.

If you are interested about the the other Hawker Centres in Singapore, check our listing on The Finest Hawker Centres in Singapore.

Stalls in Old Airport Road Food Centre

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