Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre: Best Food Court

Welcome to the pinnacle of culinary delight, Maxwell Road Hawker Food Center! Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre, located in the center of Singapore, has developed a reputation as one of the top food courts in the city. For food lovers from all walks of life, this gastronomic paradise is a must-visit location because of its rich heritage and a huge variety of mouthwatering meals.

Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre: Best Food Court
Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre, Singapore

The Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre is a bustling location where both locals and visitors congregate to sate their appetites for traditional Singaporean food. This bustling food court offers a broad spectrum of flavors that will delight your taste buds, from delectable hawker classics to inventive fusion creations.

The Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre’s lively environment adds to its allure. The mouthwatering fragrances of sizzling satay, aromatic chicken rice, delicious laksa, and countless other delicacies will meet you as you make your way through the busy aisles. This food court has something for every pallet, whether you enjoy the coziness of a big bowl of bak kut teh or the hot kick of chili crab.

The commitment of Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre to maintaining Singapore’s culinary legacy, however, is what truly sets it distinct. Since many of the booths here have been passed down through the generations, traditional cooking methods and recipes are still in use today. As the talented hawkers expertly create their delicacies with precision and pride, you can taste the love and passion that goes into each meal.

Maxwell Road Hawker Cuisine Center offers more than just cuisine. You may see Singapore’s thriving food scene up close and observe how several cuisines can coexist harmoniously in one setting. Join locals at shared tables, strike up a conversation, and enjoy the pleasure of delicious meals. It’s a fusion of tastes and tales that results in a singular and unforgettable dining experience.

Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre aims to take you on a culinary excursion unlike any other, whether you’re an experienced foodie or a curious traveler. So visit this amazing food court to indulge in the best of Singaporean street food, explore new flavors, and make lifelong memories. Where Singapore’s culinary tradition is most vividly represented is at Maxwell Road Hawker Food Center.

Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre: Best Food Court
Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre, Singapore
Address1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184
Nearest MRTTanjong Pagar
Opening HoursDaily: 8 AM–2 AM


  • Most-loved chicken rice in town at reasonable prices: At this hawker center, one of the most popular food stalls is the well-known Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, which attracts both locals and visitors. We paid S$5 for a medium-sized plate of chicken rice and S$7.80 for a large-sized platter.
  • Great location in Chinatown: This hawker center is ideally situated in Chinatown across from the lovely Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, making it the perfect rest stop for tourists who are touring the neighborhood.
  • Home to many famous food stalls: To mention a few, these are Hoe Kee Porridge (#01-45), Marina South Delicious Food (#01-35), China Street Fritters (#01-64), and Zhen Zhen Porridge (#01-54).
Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre: Best Food Court
Maxwell Road Hawker Food Centre, Singapore
Google Reviews

Great place for eating. Plenty of shops are open the whole day, and lots of people come here to have lunch/dinner. The choice is vast, and everything is quite cheap. You can find dishes from all other Asia, especially some dishes from Singapour. Some shops are quite famous, but I’ve never tried them yet. The Thai restaurant at around 1-90 does an incredible pad Thai, and the Chinese one at 1-76 is also great. The choice of beverages is quite vast, lots of shops offer them. No “big firm” here, everything seems to be run by families. – Martin Collard

Nice place for eating, especially if you’re in a budget, has a wide area, tables, and chairs are also available. You can choose from any different stall to dine and a lot of food cuisine to taste, I really love their “Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles” have a try! The best thing I observed is CLAYGO behavior and surely it is a good rule to follow. – Mahree Villacorta

We had lunch here with our two kids (12 and 10) and had the Hainanese chicken (the famous one) and some Indian food. We had to wait in line for a bit but it was so worth it. For a very small price, we had a great meal and are considering coming here again. – Valentina Ch

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