The Finest Lok Lok Spots in Singapore

There is no doubting the popularity of Lok Lok as a snack in Singapore. When you don’t feel like cooking on those lazy nights, this comfort food is ideal.

However, it might be difficult to decide which Lok Lok establishments are worthwhile of your time and money with so many options available. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Lok Lok spots in Singapore so you can enjoy this special eating experience without worrying about where to go!

You’re guaranteed to discover something to please your palate at one of these eateries because each one offers a distinctive and delectable range of Lok Lok foods. So why are you still waiting? Consider this list as you prepare for your upcoming Lok Lok outing!

Best Lok Lok Spots in Singapore


Lok Lok Paradise

The Finest Lok Lok Spots in Singapore
Lok Lok Paradise – Lok Lok Spots Singapore
PriceStarts from S$1
Contact Details+65 9238 4533
Address10 Sengkang Square, Kopitiam Square, #01-23, Singapore 544829

Lok Lok Paradise, a Kopitiam in Sengkang, aspires to bring genuine Malaysian Lok Lok to our shores.

Customers can choose to have their skewers deep-fried rather than boiled, and they offer a whopping 40 different sorts of skewered foods priced inexpensively between S$1 and S$2. Some of the hedonistic show-stoppers are crispy beancurd skin, cheese tofu, and bacon enoki.


LokLok 1991’s by Daniel & Meng

The Finest Lok Lok Spots in Singapore
Lok Lok 1991’s – Lok Lok Spots Singapore
PriceStarts from S$1
Contact Details+65 9679 6209
Address340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 560340

The skewers cost $1 each and come with a choice of four sauces: Homemade Chilli, Sweet Thai Chillie, Satay, and Sweet Sauce. Lok Lok 1991 is a coffee establishment around 10 minutes from Ang Mo Kio MRT.

Daniel & Meng’s Lok Lok 1991 is only open from 6 to 8 p.m. and two in the morning, so there are only a few hours left for diners to enjoy the restaurant before it closes for the evening.


Happy Lok Lok

The Finest Lok Lok Spots in Singapore
Happy Lok Lok – Lok Lok Spots Singapore
PriceStarts from S$1.10
Contact Details+65 9622 8488
Address6 Tebing Lane #01-05 828835

Priced between $1.10 and $2.50 per stick, the Happy Lok Lok skewers at Punggol Lake Park are considered to be a crowd favorite in Singapore. Ask about their specialty sauces when you come, especially the Belacan and Thai Green Chilli ones.



PriceStarts from S$1
Contact Details+65 9380 3883
Address325 New Bridge Road Singapore, Singapore 088760

Have you ever eaten sushi from a conveyor belt? In addition to serving hotpot, this Chinatown conveyor-belt hotpot restaurant also serves Lok Lok!

The hotpot of soup and the selection of meat for the crowd’s skewers satisfy their hunger. Skewers for S$1 are frequently found, while S$3 luxury skewers are also offered. You can go there whenever you like to witness their lovely truck delivering skewers to your table because they are open till 6 in the morning.


Fat Po

The Finest Lok Lok Spots in Singapore
Fat Po – Lok Lok Spots Singapore
PriceStarts from S$10.80
Contact Details+65 6244 4505
Address10 Tebing Lane, #01-05/06, Singapore 828836

If you enjoy Whisk & Paddle, you’ll be happy to learn that the same people also run Fat Po, a restaurant with a more Asian-influenced menu. Indeed, even Lok Lok!

First off, the Loklok Salt+Pepper Set (S$10.80) performed admirably. Contrary to popular belief, barbecued foods don’t always turn out to be dry, the prawns still have moisture. Belachan served as a dip served as a good replacement, even though it didn’t quite have the same effect (we need sauces!).

The Finest Lok Lok Spots in Singapore

LOK不LOK Bistro

PriceStarts from S$1
Contact Details+65 8788 1010
Address401 MacPherson Road, #01-21, Singapore 368125

I have to admit that Lok Lok is unquestionably one of the nicest foods to have a meal with friends. I mean, the variety of skewers and sauces instantly adds intrigue to any gathering. The LOKLOK Bistro has some of the best combos and diversity for your upcoming gathering, which is good news for party planners like me.

The top choices among the thirty or so skewers are the Zai Er, Bakkwa, Broccoli & Fishroe Dumpling. Naturally, they also claim a variety of savory handmade sauces, like MAMA Sibei, MAMA Satay, VIET Garlic Sweet Sauce, and DIDI. which were all excellent partners for the Lok Lok! The best thing, though? Each skewer costs only S$1!


DLLM (Dinner Lok Lok Menu)

PriceStarts from S$1 by default
Contact Details+65 8881 7168
Address47 Kallang Pudding, The Crescent@Kallang, Singapore 349318

Hunting for a deal? Don’t pass this up. Every skewer that DLLM Lok Lok sells is S$1 by default. DLLM stands for Dinner Lok Lok Menu. Talk about making the most of your money!

Enjoy delicious skewers of smoked duck, deep-fried squid, and Taiwan sausages coated in their tangy, hot chili padi and lime sauce. What’s not to love about a chaotic affair like this? Plan the big supper escape while enjoying a pint or two with your kakis.


Malaysian Local Delights

PriceStarts from S$1
Contact Details+65 6440 8378
Address224 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437015

Visit Singapore’s first steamboat restaurant in the Malacca style if you’re not a fan of JB-style Lok Lok. Other options available to customers besides deep-fried skewers are steamboats and BBQ.

In addition to the all-you-can-eat buffet, they also offer a la carte dining options with unlimited fruit and ice cream. You’re likely to leave this eatery in a food coma, so bring a loose shirt.


Dai Lou

PriceStarts from S$0.50, S$1, S$1.50, or S$2
Contact Details+65 6920 7494
Address11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, #01-0R, Singapore 828670

At Marina Country Club, Dai Lou offers both conventional and novel zi char and Lok Lok dishes, along with a spectacular view of the Punggol shoreline.

Their namesake, “Dai Lou,” a huge boss in Cantonese, was inspired by the gangs who appeared in early Hong Kong action films. The head chef at Dai Lou treats his diners with the same level of care that the “dai lou” does for his soldiers.


Zaolek Mala Lok Lok

PriceStarts from S$1
Contact Details+65 9456 7002
Address28 Tai Seng St, Singapore 534106

For heavy diners, buffets are more cost-effective. With over 60 selections, the Zao Lek buffet costs $22 on Thursdays and $25 on Fridays and Saturdays. Only dinner service is offered at the Lok Lok between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. at Zao Lek, Thursday through Saturday. Additionally, Zao Lek offers fried and steamboat-style Lok Lok meals.

Visitors and locals alike adore Lok Lok, a meal that is distinctively Singaporean. It might be difficult to choose the finest option when there are so many options available. In order for you to enjoy this delectable experience without having to worry about where to get it around the island, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 Lok Lok locations in Singapore.

Do check out our list of Laksa Stalls and try their iconic hawker foods in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Question


Why is Lok Lok popular?

DLLM Lok Lok is well known for having all of its skewers, regardless of the ingredients, priced at just S$1. Because they are open until 4 am, this late-night hangout is even more well-liked! One of their selling features, other from the skewers, is their assortment of free-flowing sauces.

Is Lok Lok expensive?

It’s affordable, delicious, and has a wide variety.

What does Lok Lok means?

Lok Lok is a dish made up of many steamboat-style items, including meats and vegetables, that are presented in portable form on a skewer.

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