10 Best Filipino Restaurants in Singapore

From their warm company to the heartiest celebrations, whether you are a Filipino friend living in Singapore or just visiting for a short trip. while being sure to check out these amazing restaurants. Lucky Plaza has always been my go-to location for getting my fill of Lechon because it has a few restaurants that specialize in Filipino cuisine. Whether you are craving some chicken adobo, legit Lechon, or pancit bihon, you should go there.

If you are looking for Filipino food places in Singapore, you have just come to the right place. So in this article, we are telling you about the best Filipino Restaurants in Singapore. At most Filipino restaurants, prices are reasonable. So whether you’re in the mood for a casual dinner or a special occasion, these steak restaurants will fit the bill. Here is the Filipino restaurant that opened in Singapore you should go to.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Singapore

There are a large number of the best restaurants where you can find all kinds of Filipino food. In this article, we will list 10 of the best Filipino restaurant in Singapore.


Inasal Restaurant

Price RangeFrom SGD 12.00 onward
Operating HoursMon to Sun (10:00 am to 8:15 pm)
Contact Details+65 8722 5433
Address304 Orchard Road, #04-49/50/51, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Inasal Restaurant is located at Lucky Plaza where you can find good and cheap Filipino dishes. These dishes are 100% genuine Philippine cuisine straight from Bacolod. The rich, delicate juicy chicken has a unique scent of annatto oil to it. You can find many other Filipino dishes here, such as Longsilog and Sisig.

Your dish will be prepared with the freshest ingredients by extremely efficient chefs. You will only receive a dish that is made specifically for you, ensuring that each bite is of the highest quality, piping hot, and freshly prepared.


Gerry’s Grill

Price RangeFrom SGD 15.00 onward
Operating HoursTue to Sat: 12 pm to 10:30 pm
Sun: 11 am to 10:30 pm
Contact Details+65 6720 1412
Address51 Cuppage Road, Starhub Centre, Singapore 229469

Gerry’s Grill is a well-known surprisingly busy restaurant for being a newer addition to the Singaporean food scene. Gerry’s Grill is widely known for its grilled pork and seafood which is covered with a thick sweet and spicy sauce. You’d be hard-pressed to leave the restaurant without eating this.

If you want more than just noodles and vegetables, Gerry’s Grill serves Sisig, grilled chicken, pork barbecue, Kare-Kareng Baka, and the Chicken & Pork Adobo ala carte. Additionally, rice is an essential component of every Philippine meal.

Price RangeFrom SGD 5.00 to SGD 10.00
Operating HoursMon to Sun: 9 am to 9 pm
Contact Details+65 6738 0921
AddressOrchard Rd, #03-25 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

If you looking for Filipino food in Singapore you should go to Kabayan Filipino Restaurant. It is a casual fast-food restaurant with cheap Filipino food. Kabayan offers a competitive catering service for special occasions and is prepared to prepare any Filipino dish you might request. Dining ware and delivery or pickup at the restaurant are included in the service.

Kabayan has some good tasting and apparent texture food prepared by some of the best chefs. The restaurant’s self-service model is a contributing factor. You just order what you want and wait for the food at the counter.


Iskina Cebu Singapore

Price RangeFrom SGD 15.00
Operating HoursMon to Sat: 11:30 am to 9:30 pm
Contact Details+65 6728 0765
Address#01-27, 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139957

Iskina Cebu is the best Singapore Cebuano cuisine at the time, in the form of open-air food trucks. The famous Lechon Cebu, fiery BellyChon, Lempo ala Balamban, and inasal are all available here in the restaurant. All these dishes are affordable, and friendly’s wallet.

The best thing about Cebu-cooked pork is the crunchiness and succulence you can get from each nibble. Don’t be surprised if the meat tastes delicious because the marinade remains intact in the meat.


Comida Fiesta

Price RangeFrom SGD 20.00
Operating HoursMon to Thu: 12 pm to 9 pm
Fri to Sun: 12 pm to 10 pm
Contact Details+65 8811 9070
Address1 Expo Drive, #01-41, Singapore

Comida Fiesta serves a mix of both, including pancit and the well-known Spanish paella. In the Ilocano diet, bagnet is a crispy pork belly with a delicious crackling skin and soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth flesh.

You won’t feel rushed to leave because there is so much room to sit and excellent service. Your fusion dinner night will be perfectly portrayed by the vibrant and fiery decor.

10 Best Filipino Restaurants in Singapore

Experience the delicious world of Filipino food with our list of the best Filipino restaurants in Singapore. From tasty adobo to crispy lechon, these restaurants bring the flavours of the Philippines to your table. Whether you’re a Filipino food expert or trying it for the first time, these places use good ingredients to give you an authentic dining experience. We also suggest checking out our list of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore for more tasty options


Kuya’s Kusinang Pinoy

Price RangeFrom SGD 15.00
Operating HoursSun-Fri: 12 pm to 8 pm
Contact Details+65 8950 1873
Address420 North Bridge Road #01-06 North Bridge Centre, 188727

If you are Filipino and want to eat Filipino dishes and find Filipino food in Singapore then you should go to Kuya’s Kusinang restaurant. This restaurant is a very famous eating place that serves absolutely mouth-watering Filipino food dishes. Aside from their food being excellent, the service and employees are always great. The owner is nice and super friendly as well.

Try Kuya’s Kusinang Pinoy for hearty Filipino fare that will leave you wanting more. The Bulalo Special, a beef soup packed to the brim with shank and bone marrow, receives rave reviews from customers.


Don Lechon

Price RangeFrom SGD 10.00
Operating HoursMon to Sun: 12 am to 9:30 pm
Contact Details+65 9778 9737
Address511 Guillemard Rd, #01-52, Singapore 399849

Don Lechon serves exquisite Lechon with distinctively good and delicious meat and crisply tender skin. You may eat this Philippine classic on its own, but if you want to try and eat something different, the restaurant also offers many dishes such as Lechon paksiw, Lechon sisig,  and lech

Lechón is a Spanish word for the well-known roasted suckling pig from the Philippines, and it is also the house specialty at Don Lechon. Their Chopped Lechon, which is served with a heap of rice, is made up of large, fatty pieces of pork that have been well-marinated with garlic and lemongrass.

The restaurant is on Grand Link Square’s ground floor, close to the harbor and plaza. Dining is available indoors and outdoors here.


El Mesa Clarke Quay

Price RangeFrom SGD 20.00
Operating HoursMon-Sun: 12 pm to 10:30 pm
Contact Details+65 6837 2938
AddressBlk D Clarke Quay, #01-08 River Valley Road Singapore 179023

If are you looking for Filipino food places in Singapore then you should go to El Mesa Clarke Quay. El Mesa, a luxurious Filipino restaurant in the rustic Octapas location, specializes in modern bar and food with bulalo, laing con Lechon cooked in rich coconut milk and sisig that is best matched with a cold beer.

For instance, Pares Retiro is a beef stew with garlic fried rice that is said to be very good. The Crispy Pata also comes with a soy-vinegar dip and tender pork knuckles that have been deep-fried. Their menu may be small but they serve up high-quality and good food.


Kubo Woodfired Kitchen

Price RangeFrom SGD 25.00
Operating HoursSat-Sun: 12 am to 3 pm, 5:30 pm to 10 pm
Tue-Fri: 5:30 pm to 10 pm
Contact Details+65 9645 8436
Address80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-12, The Pier at Robertson, Singapore 239013

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen is a Filipino restaurant in Singapore. Kubo Woodfired Kitchen, helmed by the former head chef of Meatsmith Little India, serves innovative dishes influenced by Filipino flavors. The bagoong dressing that is used to enhance the succulent sea bass is clearly Filipino, and it is used in mains like the Barramundi. The restaurant’s Sisig, which includes salted egg and foie gras, is a must-taste and try.


Tapa King

Price RangeFrom SGD 7.00
Operating HoursMon to Sun:  9 am to 9 pm
Contact Details+65 6734 4080
Address#B1-038 Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road, Singapore

The term “tapa king” refers to salt- and spice-seasoned dried or cured beef. The authentic Filipino chain is well-known for its signature rice dishes and beef tapa with the best flavor.

If you’re at Tapa King, get the Cornsilog, which is cornsilog served with fried garlic rice and egg, or the Tapa King Set, which includes Tapa. Pure food for the soul. Because they serve authentic Filipino food in Singapore, you can be sure that you are getting authentic Filipino food.

In this article, we told you about Filipino restaurants in Singapore. So we conclude that these Filipino restaurants have every dishes you want to eat; whether you are looking for a place to celebrate a birthday party or a casual gathering, there are a variety of best places to go here in Singapore.

When it comes to finding the top Filipino food places in Singapore, we hope that this article will be of use to you in assisting you in making a good decision. Do check out our top list of Hawker Centres in Singapore if you are looking for a budget-friendly meal around your area.

Frequently Asked Question


What is the most famous Filipino food in the world?

Adobo is often called the national dish of the Philippines and it’s certainly the most famous Filipino dish. The flavor is created using vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and black pepper.

Why is Filipino food so good?

It’s a mix of different cultures. Filipino food continues to surprise people due to its distinct taste, creativity, and diversity. The reason why Pinoy food is so unique is that it draws inspiration from several influences and you can definitely taste the Spanish, Chinese, India, and western influences with each dish.

What is a typical Filipino lunch?

A typical Filipino lunch is composed of a food variant (or two for some) and rice, sometimes with soup. Whether grilled, stewed, or fried, everything is eaten with rice. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, we usually pair our meals with iced cold water, juices, or even soft drinks.

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