The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore

Singapore can be a real melting pot for different cuisines from around the world, and this includes Mediterranean Food. From the many hawker stalls to the fanciest Singaporean restaurants, there is no shortage of supply for Mediterranean Food lovers in Singapore, but it can’t always hurt to know where to look. So strap yourselves in and get your herbs and spices ready, because we’re taking a deep dive into the best Mediterranean Food restaurants that food has to offer.

What is Mediterranean Food?

Mediterranean food originates from countries near the Mediterranean sea such as Spain, Morocco, Greece, Italy, and many others. Most foods of this cuisine are distinguished by their generous helpings of herbs and spices that bombard your taste buds with flavors that are both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Kebabs, gyros, pasta, and other such dishes make up this cuisine, and they are all as filling as they sound.

Now without further ado, let’s grab a mouthful and begin this list.

Best Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore


Hapiha Mediterranean Fast Food

The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Hapiha Mediterranean Fast Food – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$6 – S$15
Address#04-55, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Beauty World Center, Singapore 588177

Speaking of accessible Mediterranean Food, why not start in Singapore’s signature hawker centers? Enter HaPiHa, a hawker stall manned by Albanian national and self-taught chef Klevis Shima. Klevis was once an illegal immigrant turned hawker stall owner after seeing an alarming lack of Mediterranean cuisine in the hawker centers of Singapore, and the rest is history. HaPiHa is an Albanian word that translates to “eat-drink-eat”, and oh boy does this hawker stall have that in spades.

From Italian pizza to Greek Kebabs and dips, this stall has everything that you could want, including desserts. Each dish is expertly made by Klevis himself from scratch, with ingredients sourced from the origin countries themselves, giving this food the stamp of authenticity. This hawker food stall takes authentic Mediterranean food and puts it within reach without skimping on the quality.

Customer Reviews

A stall that stood out among others in terms of cuisine and great service. Order was easy and the server was very patient. Ordered the hummus and the chicken kebab on pita bread with honey mustard sauce. It had been a while since I had hummus and this was good. The chicken kebab was the flavorful and very decent serving size. The mix of green, meat, and sauces was balanced and tasted refreshing. Certainly worth a revisit to try other items on the menu. – Kendrick Wee


Blu Kouzina

The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Blu Kouzina – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$16.50 – S$60.50
Contact Details+65 9101 0681
+65 9101 0682
Address907 East Coast Road #01-01 Singapore, 459107

If you’re looking for an authentic Greek experience, then Blu Kouzina is the restaurant for you. Blu Kouzina was established in 2010 by the owner and executive chef Effie Tsarikis, born from her vision of serving home-cooked meals that make you feel like you’re in Greece. When it comes to Mediterranean food, the taste is often largely dependent on the quality of ingredients, and Blu Kouzina has the highest quality ingredients you could find.  Their dishes use virgin olive oil sourced straight from their own olive grove in Messinia, Greece, giving customers a dining experience that transports them to the Greek countryside.

Blu Kouzina offers a wide variety of dishes, each catered for the meal. If you’re looking to start your day with a Mediterranean breakfast, why not order their authentic Greek sandwiches and sausage rolls? Their selection of meals gets even larger come lunch and dinner time when pasta and other fresh Mediterranean entrees are served. These meals can also be paired with some of the best wine that Mediterranean countries can offer, sourced straight from the vineyard.

Customer Reviews

Our favorite Greek restaurant. The 3 dips are recommended with a choice of the dips. I would go with a spicy dip and a choice of 2 others. The meat platter was also very good with the lamb chops being very tender. The place is very busy during weekends and you need to book ahead. The food is great and the ambiance of the restaurant is welcoming. – Lionel Tan



The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Alati – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$27 – S$59
Contact Details+65 6221 6124
Address73 Amoy Street, Singapore 069892

Ever wanted to try authentic Greek seafood but never had the chance to take a plane to the Mediterranean seaside? Well, worry not, because you can now taste the salty freshness of the Mediterranean sea in Singapore! Meet Alati, a restaurant in Singapore offering the freshest Greek-style seafood you may ever taste. Named after the Greek word for salt, this restaurant prides itself in its quality ingredients including seafood straight from the Aegean Sea.

If the blue and white interior of this restaurant isn’t enough to transport you to the Mediterranean seaside, then the dishes surely will! Alati offers Greek seafood dishes such as Octopus Souvlaki, Lahanodolmades, Bakaliaros Skordalia, and much more. If you prefer your meals on the meatier side then worry not, Alati has got you covered with its Beef Souvlaki, lamb cutlets, Moussaka, and need I go on? With its extensive menu, it might be time to visit Alati and look through the menu yourself.

Customer Reviews

This is a place where you must experience if you like Greek food! It is evident from the photos that the ambiance is very conducive for group or intimate dining. – Krison Tan



The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Binomio – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$42 – S$136
Contact Details+65 9758 6471
+65 6557 0547
Address20 Craig Rd, #01-02 Craig Place, Singapore 089692

It’s a fairly common misconception to exclude Spanish cuisine from the umbrella of Mediterranean Food, but it’s hard to contest the fact that Spanish cuisine fits all of what Mediterranean Food should be. With attention to the quality of ingredients and the heavy use of artisanal meats and cheese, Binomio brings all this more to the Singaporean dining scene. Binomio is a Spanish restaurant that offers an intimate dining experience to customers who want to wine and dine on authentic Spanish tapas and cuisine.

Binomio, or pair in Spanish, focuses on the art of pairing a fine dining experience with a casual tapas bar to provide a warm dining experience. If you’re interested in fine dining, you should try their Cochinillo, whole roasted suckling pig, or perhaps a Chuleton de buey would be best for the steak lover in you. If fine dining isn’t your style, then drop by their Tapas bar to taste the amazing flavor profiles that Spain has to offer, expertly crafted by Chef Gonzalo Landin to bring out the best of each ingredient. If you’re looking for a warm and intimate atmosphere, this is the restaurant for you.

Customer Reviews

Very delicious food at what I would consider a high-end taperia. Take the tapas you like, and blow it up with excellent ingredients and refined execution, and you get Binomio food. – Raymond Lim


Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant

The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$19.50 – S$32.50
Contact Details+65 6291 1433
Address6 Raffles Boulevard, 03-129 A, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Awarded with TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice award for 2022, Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant offers diners a chance to taste authentic Turkish cuisine in Singapore. Established in 1999, this Turkish restaurant has only gotten better with time, expanding its restaurant space and dish offerings to better serve its growing customer base. With food this good, who can blame them? Sofra’s dishes are created by Turkish chefs using imported ingredients to ensure that you are getting the most authentic Turkish cuisine available.

Whether you’re looking to have a huge meal or a snack, Sofra has you covered. The highlight of the main course has to be their kebabs and pita doners, coming in a variety of meats that are all well-seasoned and still amazingly moist after coming off the grill. The restaurant also offers stews, pasta, and other grilled meats to sate your Turkish cravings. If it’s a snack you’re looking for, then Turkish coffee is sure to die for.

Customer Reviews

The food here is really good. The meats are all tasty and juicy, and overall very enjoyable. I enjoyed every dish I ordered without exception, and it is fairly rare to find such a place. – Jia Zhe Chai

The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore

Original Sin Restaurant

The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Original Sin Restaurant – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$22 – S$32
Contact Details+65 6475 5605
Address#01-62, Blk 43 Jln Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278115

This restaurant is specifically put here for all the vegetarian readers out there, or at least readers who are interested in trying what a vegetarian rendition of Mediterranean Food would be like. Original Sin is a Mediterranean/Italian restaurant that is purely vegetarian, skipping on the meat entirely. I know meat lovers out there might be groaning right now, but once you’ve tasted what Original Sin has to offer, you might not even notice that the meat wasn’t there in the first place.

Original Sin’s offering of dishes really brings out the best of the fresh vegetables and meat substitutes that they have in stock, creating a dining experience that is as refreshing as it is flavorful. This restaurant’s specialty lies in its wide selection of pasta, all using quality ingredients with Absolut as their best-seller. Original Sin also teases the concept of meat, creating traditional Mediterranean dishes using meat substitutes such as chickpeas, eggplants, and mushrooms, and it excels at these dishes.

Customer Reviews

Food is good for sharing. Serving is very fast. They make vegan food appetizing in a different way. The king mushroom tastes like barbecue meat. Margarita pizza is a gem. Thin crispy crust and is flavorful. I will definitely come back for more. – MaxDeGiraffe



The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Artichoke – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$29 – S$35
Address161 Middle Rd, Singapore 188978

Artichoke is created by one of Singapore’s trendier chefs and entrepreneurs: Chef Bjorn Shen (who also owns Small’s), and his upbeat personality is reflected in this restaurant. When it comes to Mediterranean food, it can be easy to get caught up in the high standards of ingredients. These high standards are what cause Mediterranean food and restaurants to often taste the same with only the ingredients and dishes being their main selling point. Artichoke does away with this concept and instead opts for a less authentic approach, focusing on creativity and fun while maintaining the flavor profile that Mediterranean food is known for.

Some of the dishes that Artichoke has to offer are common Mediterranean dishes such as kebabs and lamb legs, but then there are other dishes that take Mediterranean food in a different and more radical direction. These dishes take all the flavors of Mediterranean food and add another layer of flavor to it. Other than the entrees, Artichoke also offers a variety of drinks for you to try. If you’re looking for a more casual approach to Mediterranean food, then this food joint is for you.

Customer Reviews

We chose the chef-tasting plate and we didn’t regret it. They are flexible to allow us to choose the fried cauliflower. Taste as good as it looks. – Rea Goh


Fat Prince

The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Fat Prince Kafé-Bar-Kebab – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$50 – S$100
Contact Details+65 3129 7547
Address48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore, 079317

Elevate your dining experience by dining at Fat Prince, a vibrant Modern Mediterranean restaurant that balances quality cuisine with quality design. The restaurant is designed in a way that is both regal (we wouldn’t say regal) yet strangely inviting, complete with an in-restaurant bar for an even more intimate atmosphere. With a restaurant of this caliber, it’s only normal to assume that the food is as good as it looks, and you would be right.

Fat Prince’s two main products are the kebabs and the cocktails, both of which complement each other. Their kebabs such as chicken, pork, and even falafel, are seasoned and cooked perfectly, moist and flavorful with each bite. The cocktails are refreshing and complement each kebab perfectly. f you’re new to Middle Eastern flavours, try lunch sets. Perfectly crafted so that each meal accompanies the other perfectly.

Customer Reviews

Excellent food and cocktails, and great service. Great tasting small plates and mains for vegetarians and meat eaters. We were super impressed with the shakshuka and fried cauliflower. French toast was really well done too. The hummus was a tad dry and the texture and taste felt more like a mashed potato than paste. – Mark Ha



The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Lolla – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$42 – S$55
Contact Details+65 6423 1228
Address22 Ann Siang Road, Singapore, Singapore

If you are looking for a luxurious dining experience with Mediterranean food in the spotlight, then Lolla is for you. Featuring a rustic aesthetic, Lolla is the type of restaurant that you would need reservations to in order to enjoy, and that means that each visit is surely worth it. Featuring artisanal meats and dishes, including fresh seafood, this restaurant is sure to leave a mark on your tastebuds.

Lolla’s menu features a variety of dishes, each one cooked and seasoned to perfection by their team of expert chefs. Such entrees include Iberico pork, grilled octopus, and their pan-fried New Zealand Sole. Lolla also offers a seasonal menu, changing depending on what ingredients are in season to ensure the freshness of each ingredient. And for those who can afford it, the tasting menu is a dining experience that you will never forget.

Customer Reviews

Like the homey atmosphere of this cozy restaurant. Recommend the Kale and Cauliflower as side dishes and the Fish with crispy capers. Try the sea urchin pudding but do it as a shared dish as the pudding may get a tad heavy. – Luvena K


Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

The Finest Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
Olivia Restaurant & Lounge – Places for Mediterranean Food in Singapore
PriceS$32 – S$96
Contact Details+65 6221 0522
Address55 Keong Saik Rd., #01-03, Singapore 089158

When we talk about Mediterranean food in Singapore, how could we ever not write about Olivia? Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, best known for its basque cheesecake, specializes in dishes that paint a picture of Barcelona. Each dish has been meticulously crafted and perfected by Executive chef and owner Alain Devahive to bring out the flavors of Spain, all within Singapore.

If you’re ever craving Mediterranean Food, you could never go wrong with Olivia.

Customer Reviews

Probably one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had! It was light, savory, and sweet and definitely leaves you craving for more. Their seafood pasta was amazing as well! Have to watch out because they didn’t say there was pork in it, so we had ours remade without it. The ambiance was nice, the decor very chic, and just a cozy experience with a great selection of Spanish fusion food! – Sarah Mulyo

Mediterranean Food is interesting, but also very exclusive. There are many flavor profiles that depend on authentic and quality ingredients that you can only get overseas in the cuisine’s home country, all of which elevate the price point even higher. Luckily for Singaporeans, a few chefs with a passion for the cuisine have made it their mission to bring the very best of the Mediterranean all the way to Singapore, and I’m happy to report that they have succeeded. Each restaurant listed in this list is unique and offers its own strengths that differentiate it from other restaurants, whether it be flavors or simply aesthetics. Make sure to try each restaurant to figure out which cuisine fits your palette the best!

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Frequently Asked Question


What is typical Mediterranean food?

Essentially, Mediterranean cuisine is made up of plant food and minimally processed staples where herbs and spices are essential ingredients. Usually, there’s lots of fruit, veggies, legumes, grains, olive oil, and aromatic herbs. Consuming dairy, eggs and wine in moderation, as well as fish and only a little meat.

What is in a Mediterranean meal?

The Mediterranean diet encourages a variety of nutrient-dense foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and heart-healthy fats. As such, following this eating pattern may help stabilize blood sugar levels and protect against type 2 diabetes.

What do Mediterraneans not eat?

The Mediterranean diet is high in plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. Foods not allowed include processed red meats, heavily processed foods, refined grains, alcohol, butter, and refined/processed/hydrogenated oils.

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