The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore

The distinct tastes and utilization of fresh ingredients in Swedish Food are well-known. A wide variety of cuisines are accessible in Singapore’s bustling culinary scene, and Swedish cuisine is steadily but surely establishing its imprint. Whether you like meatballs, gravlax, or herring, Singapore has a variety of genuine Swedish Food.

Swedish topography and climate have a significant impact on food. It’s hardly surprising that Swedish Food is typified by substantial meals cooked with game meats, fish, berries, and mushrooms because the nation has long, bitter winters and an abundance of woods and lakes. Swedish Food likewise places a strong emphasis on freshness, simplicity, and high-quality ingredients.

Several cafés and restaurants in Singapore serve Swedish Food, some of which are owned by Swedish ex-pats. Traditional Swedish fare including meatballs, lingonberry sauce, and pickled herring are available at many of these restaurants. Some restaurants also offer “smorgasbord,” or open-faced sandwiches in the Swedish manner, which are frequently topped with a variety of meats, fish, and vegetables.

Overall, the already varied culinary scene in Singapore is enhanced by Swedish food, which is distinctive and wonderful. There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether you prefer classic meals or want to try something new.

Best Swedish Food in Singapore


Spuds Shack

The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
Spuds Shack – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 12–10 PM
Sunday: 11 AM–6 PM
Address440 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389400

As a roving seller at several pasar malams in Singapore, Johnston started his career in food and drink. To offer freshly-cooked rostis, Johnston set up his hawker stall close to the hip Geylang coffee shop FellasCube. He now runs the stand by himself and handles meal preparation.


  • Affordable
  • Delicious
  • Straight to the point
Customer Reviews

Got the mentaiko and truffle garlic aioli. If you only have to choose one, go for the mentaiko! We also had the drumlets which were rather dry and imo not worth the money. – Ruth Ong



The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
Ambush – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11 AM – 10 PM
Contact Details+65 6353 3960
Address9 Bishan Pl, #02-19 to 20 & #02-27 Junction 8, Singapore 579837

Whether you need a quick refueling stop in a relaxed, informal setting before continuing with your busy day, have an important family event to plan, are planning a casual date, or just need a brief break from your hectic day, one of Ambush’s casual European eateries is glad to welcome you.

They take delight in making sure you have a great time at a reasonable price, no matter the occasion of your meal. Their authentic yet affordable pan-European cuisine will satisfy everyone, and everyone will feel comfortable and at home in their modern, lively ambiance. They have been serving superb meals to Singapore since 2005.


  • Casual dining restaurant
  • Taste of the European cuisine
  • Great customer services
Customer Reviews

Nice big portions. Nice ambiance too. Service is great though there was a bit of a crowd during lunchtime. The beef was cooked perfectly but the fish and chips are so-so. Would come back again! – Lee Ling


Wursthans Switzerland

The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
Wursthans Switzerland – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily 11:30 AM – 9 PM
Address10 Paya Lebar Road #01-39 Paya Lebar Quarter Mall Singapore 409057

At Wursthans, a casual dining concept that opens all day and specializes in classic Swiss dishes, you can get the greatest rösti in town. They utilize only the freshest ingredients to create a range of in-house marinades and sauces as they cook cuisine with love and passion.

They intend to offer everyone a fresh, contemporary side of Switzerland while keeping the essence of classic Swedish food with a relaxed, laid-back ambiance and tasty, Swiss-focused food.


  • Casual dining concept
  • Freshest ingredients
  • Cook with love and passion
Customer Reviews

I love the food here, and feel that the great service and taste justify its price! The staff is always friendly, and there’s usually a cheerful uncle that greets you at the door. – Lucien Lim


Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro

The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6396 9096
Address257 Beach Rd, Singapore 199539

Delivering freshly made, traditional Swedish Food and dessert is something that Fika is enthusiastic about. Their food will warm your heart as well as your tummy since they use only the best and freshest ingredients. They now provide island-wide delivery as well!


  • Easygoing option
  • Offering homestyle Swedish fare & Pastries, Coffee, tea & ice-blended drinks
Customer Reviews

Meatballs were paired nicely with the sauce, potatoes, and jam! The chicken crepe was nicely flavored. The breakfast set was really nice, especially the two sausages included on the plate. The creamy pasta was really good as well, really tasty and filling. – Samuel Roy

The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore


The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
Hemlig – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Operating HoursWed-Sat: 12 – 3 PM & 6 PM – 12 AM
Contact Details+65 8860 2536
Address57 Neil Rd, Singapore 088893

If you enter a room that is bright and large with white walls, frames of renowned Nordic bridges, and a basic, appealing wood bar countertop, it would probably be a decent way to describe its design orientation as “clean and warm.” Randhem keeps everything in line with the cozy, conventional approach by describing the food as a “grandmother’s lunch given by the grandson.”


  • Clean and cozy feels
  • With Nordic designs
  • Traditional approach
Customer Reviews

One of the latest restaurants in town. Very decent Scandi meal. Vast varieties of alcoholic selections. The owner is one of the famous bar heads in town. Attentive services and highly recommended! Keep it up. – Philip Min


Ballroom by Barbary Coast

The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
Ballroom by Barbary Coast – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Operating HoursTuesday – Saturday: 5:30 PM – 1:00 AM
Contact Details+65 8869 4798
Address16 N Canal Rd, #02-01, Singapore 048828

The opulent and opulent Barbary Coast Ballroom was inspired by the ancient ballrooms of San Francisco. Despite the absence of the madams who formerly ran these wonderful enterprises, they continue to enrich tastes and experiences while retaining the cacophony of the wallpaper.


  • Vintage
  • Elegant
  • Elevated flavors
Customer Reviews

Impeccable service and cocktails, one of the more peculiar drinks menus I’ve seen in Singapore. The drinks menu caught our attention and it was a good table topic. There’s a drink with “clarified milk” I thought it was pretty interesting. The vibes were great, bringing back the vintage classic bars ambiance. The drinks were a little pricey. – Mavis Chuah


The GoodFats Kitchen

The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
The GoodFats Kitchen – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Contact Details+65 8182 2151
Address5 Ridgewood Cl, Unit G1, Singapore 276696

This healthful restaurant uses only fresh, high-quality ingredients and does not add any preservatives, MSG, gluten, or sugar to its dishes. Reheat as instructed to have a wholesome, balanced dinner in a couple of minutes. There are also soups, smoothies, and antioxidant-rich teas available here because eating healthy should be this simple.


  • Ready-to-Eat Meals
  • pizzas, pies & snacks
  • Soups, Smoothies & Teas
Customer Reviews

Highly recommend zucchini bread, the best keto bread I’ve tried so far! – Camellia Love Rose



The Finest Swedish Food in Singapore
Lux – Swedish Food Singapore
ServicesSwedish Restaurant
Operating HoursLunch
Thu – Sun: 12 PM – 3 PM

Tue – Sun: 3 PM – 10.30 PM
Contact Details+65 6298 0708
Address271 Beach Rd, Singapore 199547

LUX brings authentic Scandinavian food and tastes to Singapore. Scandinavian cuisine, which offers a range of plain yet enduring taste profiles that, when combined, produce hearty and satisfying meals, includes the Nordic nations of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

The goal of LUX is to showcase Scandinavian food and show how it varies significantly from the processed meatballs and other goods available at big-box furnishing shops. However, they must introduce you to authentic Scandinavian dishes and food because it is their passion. Every dish that is delivered and served is freshly made in-house using only the best ingredients.


  • Most amazing Scandinavian food
  • Freshest ingredients
  • Classic flavor profiles
Customer Reviews

If I really had to nitpick, I wish the gin portions were bigger. Though that being said I’d probably still buy their G&Ts again cause they’re a steal nonetheless for the quality at that price. Not your basic botanist and fever tree. – Shannie Lu

These are the top 8 Swedish Food available in Singapore, to sum up. All of these foods are absolutely worth tasting, even though some of them may be somewhat unusual. So go ahead and delve into the realm of Swedish food; you never know what you could uncover!

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Frequently Asked Question


What food is Sweden best known for?

Sweden is well known around the world for its mouthwatering meatballs. They are typically served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, and a brown sauce.

What is Sweden’s national dish?

The official national meal of Sweden isn’t meatballs with lingonberries, although many Swedes believe they are.

What is Sweden’s signature dish?

The national dish of Sweden, which IKEA restaurants have made renowned worldwide, is a classic! The ingredients are basic and have been used for a long time: minced pig or beef, onion, egg, milk, and breadcrumbs.

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