10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore

Who doesn’t love a good outdoor picnic? There’s a special type of beauty that can only be encountered in the lush outdoors, but with nature’s beauty comes its natural flaws. Insects, humidity, and even bad weather can ruin even the best of outdoor picnics, all of which are fairly common in Singapore’s climate. This dilemma now brings up the question; How do we enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without all the complications of actually being outdoors? The answer lies in floral-themed cafes and restaurants, and you’d be surprised by how many options there are.

What are floral-themed eateries?

The floral concept for cafes is not by any means new or provocative. These are cafes or restaurants whose main focus is bringing the natural aesthetic indoors by way of indoor plants and flowers. The concept has been around long enough for it to be popularized worldwide. All these choices can be overwhelming, so we’ve simplified the decision by picking out the ten best floral cafes in Singapore. These cafes are the creme de la creme of the floral restaurant scene, giving aesthetically pleasing surroundings while also serving the best mouth-watering dishes.

Without further ado, let us explore the beautiful indoors.

Best Floral Cafes in Singapore


You Are My Sunshine Cafe

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
You Are My Sunshine Cafe – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $19
Contact Details+65 8887 8804
Address391B Orchard Rd, #05-05A Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238874

You Are My Sunshine Cafe gives diners the unique experience of dining in a salon, mixing self-care with food. The cafe has an industrial look, sporting leather couches, concrete walls, and wooden tables, all of which are accented by a variety of lush plants that are sure to catch your eye. The cafe offers a variety of Western Korean cuisine, including Korean crispy chicken, Seafood Tteokbokki, fish, and chips, and even duck confit. The restaurant also offers an unlimited Kroffle and ice cream buffet, a combination of words that is so deliciously sweet that my mouth is watering as I type it. This cafe combines elegance with comfort both in service and in products.

If you ever find yourself craving Korean food or even just in need of a haircut, then this is the cafe for you.

Customer Reviews

Nice place to chill and hangout. Surrounded by lots of greenery. Staff doesn’t hurry or chase you out after eating. This is why we were more than happy to order more drinks after our meal. The food is decent and the portions are good. The lattes were a little too sweet for my liking, but I believe I can just request for less sweet next time. – MY


Under Der Linden

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Under Der Linden – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $24.00
Coffee starts at $3.00
Contact Details+65 9838 2977
AddressUnder Der Linden Restaurant 5B Portsdown Rd, Singapore 139311

Inspired by Walther von der Vogelweide’s poem of the same name, Under Der Linden aims to give its customers a uniquely intimate dining experience. This floral cafe takes a much more muted approach to colors, making use of a bohemian interior to make the lush greenery and dried flowers pop. The exterior is just as beautiful, featuring archways decorated with flowers perfect for a pictorial. Under Der Linden is Nicole Chen’s second venture into the floral dining scene, this time taking on a much more mature and intimate approach to aesthetics.

The menu also reflects this focus on intimacy, offering modern French cuisine that is sure to introduce new flavors to your palette. The dishes make use of premium ingredients such as Iberico ham, black truffle, wagyu, and much more. This floral dining experience is best shared with someone who you wouldn’t mind being intimate with, be it a partner or family.

Customer Reviews

A place where the food is of good quality. The squid ink pasta in buttered broth has an aroma smell and a slight chill taste. The lobster brioche loaf has a crispy outer layer and soft internally filled with lobster & fish roes. Good cafe for an enjoyable meal. – Eugene Chong


Le Jardin

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Le Jardin – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $24.00
Coffee starts at $4.50
Contact Details+65 8870 9977
Address5 Cox Terrace, Level 2, Fort Canning Arts Centre, Singapore 179620

Le Jardin, “The Garden” in French, is a fine dining restaurant with aesthetics inspired by European architecture and design. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining experiences, both of which do an amazing job of bringing the beauty of nature to focus. Indoor dining surrounds you with flowers and ferns hanging from the ceiling which, when paired with Victorian architecture, creates a very warm and regal feel. Meanwhile, outdoor dining is preferred by diners who wish to enjoy their meals while breathing in the fresh air.

Speaking of the meals, Le Jardin offers a wide selection of dishes for both brunch and dinner. Brunch offers fresher options fit for a midday snack, while dinner options are heavier with bolder flavors. This is the perfect restaurant to go to if you want to bask in the European aesthetic while enjoying light and flavorful meals. The restaurant also caters to corporate and social events in case you want to share this experience with others.

Customer Reviews

I’ll definitely recommend you guys to try this restaurant out, you will love this place and will surely like to come again! – Jao Jao


Wildseed Cafe

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Wildseed Cafe – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $14.00
Coffee starts at $6.00
Contact DetailsThe Summerhouse
+65 8126 7524
The Alkaff Mansion
+65 8126 8484
AddressThe Summerhouse
3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387
The Alkaff Mansion
10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore 109178

Wildseed cafe aims to be your escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The cafe itself has an open dining concept, creating a very casual atmosphere that melds the best of the indoors and the outdoors together. When you dine in Wildseed cafe you immediately get a sense of community and camaraderie, inviting you and your friends or loved ones to come and hang out and unwind together. The cafe is also very open to accommodating pets.

And of course, the food selection also complements the casual vibe of the cafe. Wildseed offers a wide array of comfort food such as burgers, pasta, pizza, cake, etc. all of which are best paired with their coffee. Wildseed Cafe roasts its coffee in-house, giving its coffee a unique taste only to them. This is the perfect place to unwind after a long week, preferably in the company of friends.

Customer Reviews

The staff was very courteous too. We went for lunch and enjoyed it.. there Mac &cheese is must try and very delicious. will definitely go again to try their breakfast sometime. Keep up the good work team. – Aditi Gandhi


Brown Butter Cafe

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Brown Butter Cafe – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $18.00
Coffee starts at $3.00
Contact Details+65 6737 5525
AddressForum Shopping Mall, 283 Orchard Road #01 16/17/18/19/20

Brown Butter might be one of the most adorable cafes that you will ever go to in your life. The entire restaurant is decorated from top to bottom with pink, white, and red flowers, giving the cafe a very cute and whimsical appearance. Hearts hang from the trees as you walk your way through their artificial grass walkways, taking a seat amidst the flowers surrounding your table. And if you thought the aesthetics of the restaurant were a treat for the eyes, wait until you see their food.

A wide array of comfort food choices greets you once you sit down, offering sweet and savory choices such as waffles, sandwiches, pasta, and many more. But if there is one thing you must try from this restaurant, it has to be one of their many desserts that look just as whimsical as their cafe. If you want an escape from the modern world, then come to the beautifully pink world of Brown Butter.

Customer Reviews

Chanced upon this place by accident and luckily got a table for us. The ambiance and food is very instagrammable. The taste wise is nice except for the fried chicken and mac. – Terra Dracco SG

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore

Gram Cafe and Pancakes

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Gram Cafe and Pancakes – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $11.90
Contact Details+65 8666 6277
Address1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-110 VivoCity, Singapore, 098585

Japan’s most famous souffle pancake chain cafe finally finds its way to Singapore, and it doesn’t disappoint. Originally opening in 2014, Gram’s specialty is a fluffy souffle pancake that looks just as good as it tastes, and it tastes amazing. The souffle pancakes can be sweet or savory, though most regulars prefer the sweet version. And in case you weren’t in the mood for souffle pancakes, Gram also offers various Japanese dishes that are jam-packed with the savory umami flavor that Japanese cuisine is known for.

The interior of the cafe is also worth talking about. Although Japan’s Gram Cafe makes use of wooden furniture and greenery to give the care a refreshing and natural aesthetic, Singapore’s Gram Cafe uses a different approach. In Singapore, the restaurant uses the iconic Sakura petal trees of Japan as a centerpiece, coloring even the furniture with its signature pastel pink colors. If you’re looking for a place to relax within the city, this place is for you.

Customer Reviews

The service crew was very friendly as well. Offered us complimentary alkaline water when we requested ice water. Good job guys! – Psion Star


Cafe Q Classified

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Cafe Q Classified – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $18.00
Contact Details+65 6252 2788
+65 6235 8812
Address1 HarbourFront Walk, #B1-02 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

391 Orchard Road #03-15 Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872

Cafe Q Classified is a cafe that is overflowing with elegance, making full use of the beauty of flowers to provide diners with an experience that will surely make them feel special. The inside of the cafe is nothing short of magical, framing your dining experience with warm-colored flowers that bring a special kind of comfort, much like the food itself. This trendy cafe/restaurant offers up a range of dishes that I can only describe as upgraded comfort food. The dishes are both familiar, but also bold and memorable.

If you’re looking for a dining experience that teeters on the sweet spot between elegance and comfort, then Q Classified is for you.

Customer Reviews

Chanced upon this beautiful restaurant on a crowded Friday night in Taka. Beyond the pretty interior, boy was we surprised by the quality of the food! Both the pesto salmon and bbq chicken rice were flavourful and cooked to perfection. – Ordifolks


Knots Cafe and Living

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Knots Cafe and Living – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $18.90
Coffee starts at $4.00
Contact Details+65 6817 0383
Address160 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-07, Singapore 409022
102E Pasir Panjang Road #01-08, Citilink Warehouse Complex, Singapore 118529

Knots Cafe mixes shopping and dining under one roof. This cafe makes full use of its in-house florist, decorating the cafe with home-decor pieces that are not only beautiful but also available for purchase. The cafe’s in-house florist also gives diners the chance to buy their own flower arrangements and gifts for loved ones. From potted plants to little statuettes and stuffed toys, Knots Cafe’s selection of home decor is just as comforting as the food itself.

Knots Cafe’s menu consists of Western/European comfort food that ranges from pasta and pizza to whole entrees such as Cajun chicken chops and rib-eye steaks. Take the time to shop and/or dine in Knot’s Cafe when you can.

Customer Reviews

Aesthetically pleasing ambiance due to the sheer amount of greenery, and affordable food. It’s a perfect way to spend the afternoon just chilling in the cafe. – Deon Lim


Café de Nicole’s Flower

10 Best Floral Cafes in Singapore
Café de Nicole’s Flower – Floral Cafes Singapore
Price RangeEntrees start at $15.90
Coffee starts at $3.90
Contact Details+65 8338 8511
AddressUNI Building, 224 Telok Kurau Road #01-01 Singapore 423836

Arguably one of Singapore’s most famous floral eateries, Café de Nicole’s Flower boasts an interior decked with greenery perfect for each season. The cafe offers a selection of food and drinks that I can describe as French/Italian comfort food with dishes such as salads, pasta, and a robust dessert and pastry menu. The cafe also offers coffee and specialty drinks, including a special afternoon teatime package to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant scenery. The variety of food and drinks in the cafe is both delicious and plated just as beautifully as the cafe itself.

Café de Nicole’s Flower also boasts a wide selection of gifts to take home, created by their own in-house florists. The cafe accommodates events such as weddings and even flower workshops for those who want to immerse themselves even further. Created by Nicole Chen, this beautiful cafe was born from her goal to create a world where the beauty of flowers could be found anywhere, and she definitely succeeded with this cafe.

Customer Reviews

Beautiful place to relax and enjoy good food, a dog-friendly cafe. Didn’t make a booking but didn’t have to wait too long for 2 people. – Cherin C

This concludes our list of the 9 best floral restaurants/cafes in Singapore. Flowers have an intrinsic beauty to them that both soothes the eyes and the souls, making them a perfect design companion to comfort food. These cafes have a lot to offer in terms of design and food variety, never sacrificing one for the other. The food is consistently delicious, and the aesthetics remain ever so Instagram-worthy. It’s amazing to see just how effective bringing the beauty of the outdoors indoors can be.

In this list, we made sure that each cafe is distinct from the others, offering different combinations of aesthetics, service, and cuisine. Each dining experience is unique, so we implore you to get out there and find your own perfect little floral nook. These restaurants were chosen to fill your hearts just as much as they were meant to fill your stomach. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the floral offerings that Singapore has!

Do check out our list of Unique Restaurants in Singapore and be prepared to blow your mind with the not-so-normal way of dining.

Frequently Asked Question


What is called Cafe?

café, also spelled cafe, small eating and drinking establishment, historically a coffeehouse, usually featuring a limited menu; originally these establishments served only coffee. The English term café, borrowed from the French, derives ultimately from the Turkish kahve, meaning coffee.

What is Cafe short for?

The word comes from the French ‘café’ meaning coffee house. It is usually a relatively small place that sells non-alcoholic beverages along with a few items of food such as sandwiches and pastries. A cafe can be located inside a building or it can be an open-air establishment.

Why is café popular?

Why are coffee shops so popular? As you enter a coffee shop, you cannot deny its cool factor. Its intimate atmosphere is made up of cozy colors, chill background music, and a variety of unique individuals staying for hours on their laptops, talking with friends, and reading books.

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