After Kingsford Hillview Peak and Kingsford Waterbay, another mega luxury residential is on its way to Singapore, Normanton Park. Concept and the development introduced by the glorious Kingsford Huray Development, known for their prestigious residential projects in China, Australia, and Singapore.

Note that I mentioned, “mega luxury” for Normanton Park. Well, that’s because it occupies 666,727sqft of land. And almost 60% of the land is covered by greeneries and water bodies. The condo is overwhelmed with fresh air and astonishing panoramic views of the Waterfront sea. For the comfort of residents, shopping complexes like Alexandra Retail Centre, and the Star Vista are in proximity. If you ever make up your mind to take a tour of Singapore, then MRTs like Kent Ridge station and Bouna Vista station are accessible via public transports located nearby Normanton Park.

Normanton Park

Project Details

Project Name Normanton Park
District D05
Address 1 Normanton Park (Queenstown Planning Area)
Developer & Registered Address Kingsford Huray Development – 20 Harbour Dr, Singapore 117612
Showflat Location 1 Normanton Park
Tenure 99-year leasehold
Description Non landed residential
No. of Units 1,862 units
Land Area 660, 999 sq ft (61,408 sq m)
Lot Number 01960T & 05187X MK03
Estimated TOP 2024


Artist’s Impression

Several reasons why Normanton Park will be an irresistible buy:

If you’re a family-type man, then I must say that Normanton Park is carefully designed for you. Because it offers a wide range of 1-5-bedroom apartments according to your family size and expectedly in an affordable price.

As Normanton Park is very close to being an “ideal condominium” it is an utmost attraction to the homeowners and smart investors. Besides, there are several other reasons why Normanton Park will be an irresistible buy:

  • Astonishing sea view – Several South facing towers gives an eye-soothing uninterrupted sea view, which is still a dream of many of us.
  • Adjacent to Kent Ridge Park – Normanton Park is adjacent to the greenery-rich Kent Ridge Park that filters out the air pollutants and releases fresh air into the surrounding environment.
  •  360 panoramic views – Would you believe, if I say that the ground floor of Normanton Park is equivalent to the ninth floor of a building. Well, this is done with a purpose, it unleashes the classic 360 unblocked panoramic views of the whole city and the surrounding areas that give a perfect head-start of the day holding a cup of coffee at the balcony.
  • Exceptional spacious compound – Normanton Park offers 358sqft/unit area to its residents which is the second largest in Singapore. The towers are far apart from one another, so privacy isn’t a concern here that is rare among other developments.

Aside from the greenery surroundings, developers were concerned about the afternoon’s bright and scorching sunlight. That’s why the towers are oriented in the North-South direction, which reduces the intensity of sunlight at noon. Besides, natural ventilation maintains the optimum inside temperature due to 360 unblocked openness.

Career and job opportunities will be at their peak after some time because several renowned companies and MNCs are planning to establish themselves near Normanton Park. These include:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Autodesk
  • Dyson
  • Grab
  • Mediacorp
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Disney Singapore, and many more.

This might be a great opportunity for the investors and job-seeking youth of the area.

Due to the location of Normanton Park in the Southern region, accessibility to the CBD area is very convenient and time-saver, as everything will be within your reach in under 15 minutes driving distance:

  • CBD- 11 minutes
  • Orchard Road – 13 minutes
  • Sentosa – 14 minutes

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Location of Normanton Park

Normanton Park is located just between the Kent Ridge Park and Ayer Rajah Expressway, in District 5. Vicinity of the Normanton Park is surrounded by all the essential structures like the National University Hospital for medical assistance, National University of Singapore, Mapletree Business city for career guidance and job opportunities, and the Alexandra Retail Centre for shopping purposes.

Amenities around Normanton Park

Amenities Approx. Distances
Transport For quick “teleportation” to any other place in Singapore, you can go straight to these MRTs that are within 2km range from Normanton Park


  • Kent Ridge (CC24)
  • Pasir Panjang (CC26)
  • Queenstown (EW19)
Shopping Malls For your monthly or weekly shopping, you can shop from these enticing malls:


  • Queensway Shopping Centre (1.7 km)
  • Anchorpoint Shopping Centre (2.2 km)
  • IKEA Alexandra (2.7 km)
  • The Clementi Mall (5.3 km)
  • West Coast Plaza (4.7 km)
  • Alexandra Retail Centre (2.7 km)
  • The Star Vista (3.1 km)
Medical Clinics / Hospital
  • Healthcare Family Clinic (2.6 km)
  • Union Clinic and Surgery ((5.1 km)
  • Dover Clinic and Surgery (5.1 km)
  • My Family Clinic (Tanglin Halt) (2.7 km)
  • Family Life Clinic (4.4 Km)
  • The Clinic Group @Fusionopolis (2 km)
  • Alexandra Hospital (1.3 km)
Supermarkets For every day’s groceries and necessities:


  • NTUC -#01-1147 170 Stirling Road (3.2 km)
  • NTUC Jalan Bukit Merah (2.5 km)
  • FairPrice at Dawson Rd (2.9 km)
  • FairPrice Alexandra Rd (2.7 km)
  • Cold Storage @ Vista Exchange (3.5 km)
  • Sheng Siong Supermarket (3.3 km)
Schools Childcare


  • Bridging Stars Childcare ( 2.5 km)
  • Sweetlands Childcare ( 4.9 km)
  • Queenstown Childcare Centre (3.6 km)
  • Bloomberry Babies and Kids (2.4 km)
  • Alora Preschool Childcare and Infant Care Centre ( 3.2 km)
  • Learning Vision @ Biopolis (2.4 km)
  • Rainbow Cove @ Alexandara (2.7 km)
  • Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra ( 2.9 km)

Primary Schools

  • Henry Park Primary School (5.1 km)
  • Queenstown Primary School ( 3.5 km)
  • Fairfield Methodist School (2.1 km)
  • New Town Primary School (2.8 km)
  • Gan Eng Seng Primary School (3.7 km)

Secondary Schools

  • Kent Ridge Secondary School (5.2 km)
  • New Town Secondary School (4.1 km)
  • Queenstown Secondary School ( 3.2 km)
  • Bukit Merah Secondary School (3.2 km)
  • Nan Hua High School (4 km)
  • Fairfield Methodist Secondary School ( 2.2 km)

University / International Schools

  • National University of Singapore (NUS) (2.5 km)
  • Singapore Institute of Technology (2.6 km)
  • ISS International School ((2.6 km)
  • Dover Court International School (3.2 km)
  • Melbourne Specialist International School
Lifestyle & Leisure
  • Queenstown Public Library
  • Fit Bloc – Rock Climbing Gym
  • Kent Ridge Park
Places of Worships
  • Church Of Saviour (2.2 km)
  • Church of Holy Cross (3.8 km)
  • Free Community Church (3.1 km)
  • Faith Methodist Church (2.3 km)
  • Church of Good Sheperd (3.1 km)
  • Masjid Ahmad ( 3.2 km)
  • Masjid Mujahhidin (2.3 km)

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Normanton Park Units Mix

Normanton Park offers a wide range of 1-5-bedroom, terrace houses, and commercial strata houses according to your family’s needs and requirements. All the floor plans are designed by the reputed architects of P&T Consultants Pte Ltd., and a clear demonstration of efficient use of space is depicted in each floor plan. They are designed with functional area preparation, avoiding any zig-zag path to any of the desired room space, which makes it more creative and less chaotic.

Unit DescriptionNo. of UnitsNo. of StacksSize Area (sq ft)
1 Bedroom41418484 – 527
1 + Study1386560 – 581
2 Bedroom Compact27612635 – 667
2 Bedroom Premium23010657- 775
2 + Study924829 – 850
3 Bedroom Compact34515904 – 969
3 Bedroom Premium18481066 – 1098
4 Bedroom Compact2311195
4 Bedroom Premium9241313 – 1335
5 Bedroom4621615
Terrace House22TBA2110
Total1862 units

About the Developer

Kingsford Development is one of the most dominating branded enterprises in the Asian region. It was established in 2000 by Hong Kong-registered, Kingsford Investments.
Kingsford Group is involved in almost all types of real estate businesses that are recognized Internationally. Foreseeing the potential of Singapore’s property market, Kingsford Development commenced its business in 2012 with Kingsford Hillview Peak, a 512-unit condominium. Followed by Kingsford Waterbay comprising 1165 units.

Kingsford Development won Singapore’s Prestige Brand Award in the Global Brands event in 2019, for their glorious project in China. Since then, Kingsford Development has expanded itself to various countries like China, Singapore, and Australia.

Kingsford Development’s mission is to offer top-class development and customer support. They strive to be, “a reputable brand associated with trust, reliability, and quality.”

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