Diamond Grille Systems Pte Ltd is a co-operation between Endo Grilles Group and LandSea Group.Endo Grilles Group is one of the leading Window Grille company in Singapore, and has over 3,000+ window grille installations, with excellent customer recognition. With Endo Grilles Group’s Window Grille expertise, and LandSea Group’s years of Oil & Gas experience, they integrated the Oil & Gas technology into their daily lives, inventing their Diamond Grille Systems (Pending for Patent).

Diamond Grille Systems uses Swiss Precision Ultra High Strength Thin Wires, providing home users a Solid like Diamonds barrier to keep your love ones safe, and provide you a seamless invisible look of your surroundings. Rest assured that no matter what you need, you can rely on them to provide the absolute best.

  • Fixed Diamond Grille system
  • Casement Diamond Grille System

SkyGrilles has humble beginnings as a sales and servicing company for Invisible Grilles only. But now they are offering fire extinguishers, window restrictors and window rollers. And they are in the process of adding products and services that can really help their Clients families and homes safe and sound.

  • Cat proof grille
  • Aluminum grille
  • Main gate
  • Roller blinds
  • Zip track
  • Window restrictor
  • Awning

mc.2 is a trusted supplier for your outdoor and indoor living needs including invisible grille. Their constant research and development ensures that you get the highest quality products that do not compromise safety and comfort. Furthermore, mc.2’s modern invisible grilles are carefully developed to protect homeowners.

So, whether you are looking for fixed invisible grilles, bi-fold, sliding or casement openable grilles, they got you covered, Also, rest assured of the professionalism of their own certified in-house installer.

  • Open-able invisible grille
  • Fixed invisible grille

IGC was established in Singapore October 2009 to introduce a new solution of window and balcony safety grilles with the latest concept called Invisible Grille. IGC pride themselves as one of the pioneering invisible grilles provider in the country. Additionally, they have excellent after service skills, in- house skilled installation teams, exceptionally friendly and reliable.

  • High quality materials invisible grille
  • No blocked vision invisible grille

CSA Invisible Grille is the trusted brand for invisible grilles in Singapore because of their strict quality control and in keeping their promises to our valued customer. Additionally, they only use the best quality components for every detail of their product. Furthermore, their staff are well trained and tested before they put them on the field to ensure the smooth process from order handling and after sales.

  • Fixed Panel type
  • Frame Fixed type
  • Casement type

Invisys Invisible Grille provides leading-edge invisible grilles and zip blinds technology to homes, commercial, landscaping, and others. Their products systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. Simply put, the said commodities are worthwhile investments, especially if you regularly leave home for work and other commitments.

  • Overview from the balcony
  • Openable Casement window
  • Openable door
  • Safety fence at roof top
  • Bird nesting prevention
  • Roof garden and open landscape
  • Safety barricade and gates
  • Feature walls
  • Safety protection at feature staircase
  • Irregular shape balcony

Meridian Invisible Grille was established back in 2015, and since then become the top leading specialist in today’s market. Additionally, it is led by a team of trained and committed specialists, Meridian companies itself has since evolved as a whole in terms of products that they offer, their customer service and on-demand final renovation touches.

  • Invisible Grille for:
    • Balcony
    • Casement Window
    • Sliding Windows
    • Maisonette/Open roof