Invisible grilles are commonly used in HDBs, condominiums, and even offices in Singapore. They protect residents by enclosing the balconies and windows. This is especially important for families with young children or pets.

Unlike traditional grilles that can be bulking and overbearing, invisible grilles are hardly perceptible from afar, do not block wind or the view, can blend into any background and does not interfere with the interior design.

The price of invisible grilles can vary depending on factors such as the size of windows, materials used, the brand, the design and more. Here is the list of the Top 11 Invisible Grille Suppliers in Singapore.

1. Diamond Grille Systems

Diamond Grille Systems Pte Ltd with it’s experienced team with over 3,000+ window grille installations, and excellent customer recognition, has eliminated the problems faced with the standard invisible grilles:

  • The Invisible Grille wire can be easily cut & is flammable
  • The tension between the Invisible Grille wires is weak and can be put apart easily, thus a potential danger hazard of slipping out of the window grilles.
  • The Invisible Grille wire’s plastic membrane/coating will degenerate in time, from the Sun’s UV exposure
  • Some of the Invisible Grille wire in the market does rust in time

Diamond Grille Systems (Next Generation Invisible Grille) uses Switzerland-made Ultra High Strength Mono Core, Solid, Thin and Round Wires, which provides high quality and solid protection for you and your love ones.

With it’s tough and seamless design, Diamond Grille Systems has provided the same seamless invisible look, but give you the robustness of the Mill Steel Window Grilles. As the Diamond Grille Systems has no coating or plastic membrane, there’s no concerns about plastic membrane/coating degeneration.

No price is too high to risk the lives of your love ones.

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·         Fixed Diamond Grille System

·         Fixed Frame Diamond Grille System

·         Casement Diamond Grille System

·         Sliding Diamond Grille System

·         Bifold Diamond Grille System

2. SkyGrilles

SkyGrilles has humble beginnings as a sales and servicing company for Invisible Grilles only. But now they are offering fire extinguishers, window restrictors and window rollers. And they are in the process of adding products and services that can really help their Clients families and homes safe and sound.

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  • Cat proof grille
  • Aluminum grille
  • Main gate
  • Roller blinds
  • Zip track
  • Window restrictor
  • Awning

3. Meridian Invisible Grille and Zip Blinds

Meridian Invisible Grille and Zip Blind Singapore is a sister company of Meridian Curtains and Furnishings. Over a long haul of 14 years, Meridian steadily grew and expanded. Originally started off as a curtains and blinds company, Meridian has broadened its field of products and service catering to the foreseen demand of today’s practical, smart, safe and in demand needs of outdoor motorized blinds, pets and kids safety invisible grilles.

Preserving ourselves as a small company with only 20 staff, we pride ourselves humbly on our products’ quality, customer centric service and the wide array of housing and commercial projects we take up despite being a small company.

Today, we remain passionate in serving solutions to our customers, following through each and every of our projects and eventually seeing our products blend in with every home’s theme, receiving heartfelt compliments from our clients.

We don’t just sell products, we offer you solutions.

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  • Invisible Grilles
    • Fixed Invisible Grilles
    • Casement Invisible Grilles
    • Sliding Invisible Grilles
    • Bi-fold Invisible Grilles
  • Motorized Outdoor Blinds
  • SMART Ziptrack
  • Awning
  • Trellises
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Outdoor Decking
  • Solar Films

4. I-HSING International Trading

I-HSING has its humble beginnings in 1995 in Taiwan. In 2007, this specialty is brought into Singapore. I-HSING is a team for NETTING & GRILL. Provide customised service — we are a team who listen and communicate. Tell us your needs — we are a team who resolved your difficulties. Never stop improving our customer service is our vision. What we have done is definitely more than what we have said. All the hard work put in by our team can surely be felt by you.
Confidence comes from profession. Profession comes from experience. Experience comes from opportunities.  Opportunities comes from YOU.

  • Invisible grille (fixed or movable)
  • Retractable screen
  • 2 in 1 Grille + Netting
  • 2 in 1 Mosquito netting + Blind
  • Stainless steel Security Mesh
  • Cat proof mesh
  • Customized design

Contact I-HSING for accurate pricing and quotation.

5. LeGate

Legate started from a humble beginning of 4 employees to a current strength of 157 employees and growing. Legate always position itself as a market leader to create products that are unique and long last.
It all started in the year 2000, Legate was formally known as “Securi-Tech” which specialized in automated gates and security systems.

Towards the end of 2007, Our other flagship product called the invisible grille is created after 2 years of product research and development. The invisible grille is developed based on the lifestyle and safety that Singaporean wants and need. It is a new form of safety grille that provides the safety and yet it doesn’t affect the external facade unlike conventional grille.

At legate, we build products that are safe, secure and offers protection for the whole family. We also believe our products are created by Love and should be a blessing for its users.

  • Invisible Grille
  • Mozzie Grille
  • Aluminum grille
  • Turf carpet
  • Gates
  • Metal grille
  • Swing Chair

6. Elelaurels

Elelaurels is a group of experienced company in Singapore suppling and installing invisible Grilles. Certified by Setsco Singapore, your safety is our top priority, and we only use the Top quality materials in all our products.

All our staffs are well trained and experienced. We seek to help you strike the balance of home safety by installing invisible grills, along with aesthetics of advising you which type of product best suits your home.

To many out there, invisible grilles are just invisible grilles. We have many types of grilles for windows which are not known to others, do give us a chance to introduce more to you.

  • Fixed invisible grille
  • Invisible grille for balcony
  • Fixed casement
  • Casement grille
  • Sliding invisible grille
  • Bi-fold invisible grille

7. Home Safe Decor

Home Safe Décor provides Invisible Grille installation

Home Safe Décor is an established company in Singapore. We specialize in Invisible Grilles for windows and balconies etc. Our main goal is to create an environment best suited to your personality, lifestyle and selections. Our fine workmanship with top notch materials gives you a perfectly service.

We promise to deliver sustainable value to every of our customer. To know more about the Invisible Grille and to know how we can serve you better, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide an on-site measurement and quotation without any obligations.

  • Invisible grille for windows
  • Invisible grille for balcony
  • Curve Grille installation
  • Customised projects

8. Max Window Grill

Five years ago, when Max Window Grill was started, and it has slowly become one of the best grille contractors in Singapore. We decided that an online platform would be best to reach the customers we want to serve. From that time, we have prioritised our customers and got great results.

We supply the doors and windows grilles for our clients, and we do the installation service as well. Our team goes to your location to do the job with a priority of customer satisfaction. You get the quality installation that makes your home comfortable and beautiful at the same time. No need to worry about safety as well because we send out professionals to do the work which means they follow standard safety protocols all the time. Overall, we give the best experience out there for contractors in Singapore.

  • Invisible window grille
  • Aluminum window grille
  • Wrought iron window grille

9. IGC Invisible Grille Concept

IGC was established in Singapore October 2009 to introduce a new solution of window and balcony safety grilles with the latest concept called Invisible Grille. IGC pride themselves as one of the pioneering invisible grilles provider in the country. Additionally, they have excellent after service skills, in- house skilled installation teams, exceptionally friendly and reliable.

  • High quality materials invisible grille
  • No blocked vision invisible grille

10. CSA Invisible Grille

CSA Invisible Grille is the trusted brand for invisible grilles in Singapore because of their strict quality control and in keeping their promises to our valued customer. Additionally, they only use the best quality components for every detail of their product. Furthermore, their staff are well trained and tested before they put them on the field to ensure the smooth process from order handling and after sales.

  • Fixed Panel type
  • Frame Fixed type
  • Casement type

11. Invisys Singapore

Invisys Invisible Grille provides leading-edge invisible grilles and zip blinds technology to homes, commercial, landscaping, and others. Their products systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. Simply put, the said commodities are worthwhile investments, especially if you regularly leave home for work and other commitments.

  • Overview from the balcony
  • Openable Casement window
  • Openable door
  • Safety fence at roof top
  • Bird nesting prevention
  • Roof garden and open landscape
  • Safety barricade and gates
  • Feature walls
  • Safety protection at feature staircase
  • Irregular shape balcony


Invisible grilles are thin stainless cables that are used to enclose balconies and windows as well as ensure safety. As the name suggests, invisible grilles can hardly be seen from far. They do not interfere with the aesthetics of your space and easily blend in. They generally come in different thicknesses – 2mm, 2.3mm, and 2.6mm.

Unlike the traditional grilles, they don’t restrict the view, natural light, and fresh air; giving a very open feel to the whole space.

Yes, invisible grilles are as safe as the traditional grilles. They might look like stylish thin cables but are very sturdy. As they don’t rust, they are more durable and don’t come off with time.

Most of the invisible grilles can withstand a pressure of up to 80-90 kg. It is highly versatile and can be installed anywhere balconies, terraces, windows, gates, and even staircases. The cables can be positioned at a gap of 2” to 4” either horizontally or vertically, making it difficult for children and pets to pass through them.

The price of the invisible grilles is more than the traditional grilles but it’s all worth it in the long run. The price varies on the number of factors like the type of coating on the cables, thickness of the cables, the gap between the cables, and the duration of the warranty.