At Goat Renovation Contractor, we design & build your dream house. We are a full service contractor and interior designer, dedicated to providing exceptional hands on customer service as well as excellent after sales support. From design and decoration to carpentry and renovation, we are a dynamic renovation contractor that can deliver the best possible result for your commercial or domestic project.

  • Design to Installation
  • Carpentry & Furniture Works
  • Demolition & Masonry Works
  • Parition & Ceiling Works
  • Painting Works
  • Plumbing Electrician Works
  • Protection & Cleansing Works

Pricing varies depending on the project type.

Office Empire

No matter in which direction your business is heading, Office Empire can help make your new office fitouts, office moving & shifting, office alterations or office reinstatement an efficient and cost effective exercise. Our experienced office renovation teams have all worked in the office renovation industry and we believe have perfected the art of running an office renovation, office relocation, office alteration or reinstatement project from the most complicated office fitout down to the smallest office renovation.

  • Office Renovation
  • Office Reinstatement
  • Office Relocation
  • Office Furniture
$100 to $500,000

TK Contractors

We are a renovation company that offers a wide range of renovation and interior design services.

Our services are commercial, industrial and residential oriented. We have leveraged on our initial expertise and expanded into a full execution team including having our own tiler, electrician, painter, carpentry workshop etc. We focus on execution and try not to sub-contract out any work (a standard procedure in this industry), so as to keep the execution quality high.

In the event we have to sub-contract any work, we keep a firm eye on the final output.

Renovation is one of the few industries that still rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations. Hence we want you to walk away feeling great about your project. Through our execution, design, and service standard, TK Contractors Pte Ltd ultimately wants to raise the level of professionalism in renovation works in Singapore.

1) Our own carpentry workshop
2) Our own workers – electricians, painters, tilers

Larry Contractors

We believe that getting the right contactors in Singapore is a important step in accomplishing your objective of living or working in your dream environment.

Our contactors has the expertise to handle the projects which are cater to your needs to produce outstanding results beyond your expectations.

If you are unsure of what your needs are, we offer a wide range of informative themes in practical advice toward designs and unique perspective towards achieving your goals.

We value our customer’s needs which makes us take pride towards excellence in our services, executions and managements to produce promising result.

Renovation Contractors for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Room Design

Thomson Renovation Contractor

With over 10 years of experience in the building industry, we have completed a wide assortment of renovation and general building works among residential and commercial projects in Singapore. No project is too big or too small for us. Our builders take great pride in their work and our aim is to deliver seamless project management and exceptional final result, regardless of the project’s size and complexity. We have been involved in various residential and commercial renovation and alteration assignments, as well as in smaller building construction and maintenance projects for private home owners.

We take charge of a project from the start till its completion. We take delight in managing the process of construction, and any challenges which comes in our way. We are proud of executing our works in a timely, consistent, and responsible manner.

Here is an overview of the specific renovation trades we provide:

Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, tilers, plasterers and decorators all working under one roof
Strong working relationships with all specialist trades
A seamless project management service
Consistent communication and great customer service
Experienced team of craftsmen

3D Innovations

3D Innovations Design Pte. Ltd. is a renovation contractor specialising in residential projects for HDB flats and private developments. We were inaugurated as Chern Hock Renovation contractor in 1982. As an ISO 9001 awarded company, we strive to provide service excellence as well as design and development work to the highest standards of the industry.

We have an in-house carpentry workshop and team of renovation contractors who helps us to pass on significant cost savings to our clients. Having our own workshop also allows us to do strict quality and material control as well as a extensive range of bespoke carpentry work.

HDB Renovation Contractors

Eight Design

Our team has a strong passion for all things design, and takes pride working with a broad range of clients to help them achieve their dream interior.

We have been offering exceptional services as an interior and renovation contractor in Singapore for more than 15 years, and have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to provide comprehensive solutions in a variety of contexts.

From design and decoration to carpentry and renovation, we are a dynamic renovation contractor that can deliver the best possible result for your commercial or domestic project. Our passionate team of creative designers will always put your needs first and will take care of you from start to finish including all planning, management and construction processes.

Our team of expert designers have experience working across a diverse range of properties including offices, HDB flats, landed houses, and new condominiums. We pride ourselves on providing unique interior design solutions that are tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our renovations are flexible in terms of cost, scale, and time, to ensure quality design is accessible to everyone.

9 Creation

We provide the best home renovation in Singapore for a number of reasons. Firstly, our team are trained to the highest level possible and are required to have a number of years of experience within interior design before they can even apply for a role. This ensures that we recruit only the best team members, which allows us to complete each and every job to the highest possible level. Alongside this, our team is required to take up training on a monthly basis to ensure that they are aware of any changes within the industry and can continue to perform industry-leading services no matter how complex the job may be. This drive to learn and innovate is brought into each project and can clearly be seen in the results that we produce from every project that we have worked on.


Jaystone Renovation Contractor

Jaystone Renovation Contractor Singapore has a team of professional and responsible team to ensure the success of all our services and projects.

We are specializing in:

Renovation Works
Interior Design
Project Management
Professional Installations
Our skilled workers undergo professional training to ensure high quality standard of workmanship & service. This ensures that our clients receive only the best renovation service.

We are specializing in:

Renovation Works
Interior Design
Project Management
Professional Installations

Hua Kwang Furniture and Decoration

HKFD was established in 1980, as a carpentry works maker and progressed to a contractor till date. Owner has hand drawn drafting skills, produced on the spot within short period of time whereby quotation can be provided thereafter. Company is experienced in renovation and construction works including additional 8. alteration works, demolition works, permanent & temporary structure works, painting works, carpentry works and services as listed. Dealing projects or works for customers with various purposes such as businesses, designers, residential and investors.

With our own factory/warehouse space, we are able to cater to our customer needs with no compromise to ensuring the works completed in time with quality and at no additional costing as agreed. Appointment and consultation is managed directly by owner, he is therefore able to provide his professional suggestion and recommendation with quotation dealings services directly and make the whole process hassle free, timely and at reasonable affordable offer.

We thank and appreciate our customer for their continuous support and referring us to others. With 3 decades and on—going experience, we are constantly committed to provide best workmanship and quality materials with excellent services at reasonable price and assure satisfaction to our best as trusted always.

On the spot design. factory price quotation. selection of make materials. final finishing and decorative colors from established and reliable suppliers and us delivering and committed in ensuring good quality, durability and beautiful finishes guarantees upon installation.

  • Immediate Quotation
  • Design & Drafting Works
  • Additional & Alteration Works
  • Permanent & Temporary Structure Works
  • Exterior Painting Works
  • Exterior Feature Works
  • Carpentry & Furniture Works
  • Demolition & Masonry Works
  • Partition & Ceiling Works
  • Wall Paper Decoration & Painting Works
  • Plumbing, Electrician Works & Aircon Installation
  • Protection and Cleansing Works