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Invisible Grille

Meridian Invisible Grilles started with its primary product – Invisible Grilles a few years back. A lot of time has been invested into consideration and research and development has been implemented before Meridian decided to bring this product to Singapore’s market.

With todays’ parents, everything is about kids and elderly’s safety. Following cats owners. Meridian Invisible Grille is directly manufactured at our own factory, providing customers the sense of ease and trust that we do not purchase it from other companies, hence they can get it at a price that has been proven to be trusted with and dignified.

Unlike traditional aluminium grilles (which we manufacture as well), Meridian Invisible Grille offers an unblocked panoramic view regardless of the housing types. We’ve done different projects, ranging from landed properties, condominiums, executive maisonettes to HDBs, helping home-owners to solve their odd-shaped house problems. Eg, circular balcony and zig-zag ones.

Having certified materials for the manufacturing process of our Invisible Grille, they are all coated and made with marine graded industry steel which prevents the following:

  • Corrosion (Anti-rust)
  • Being cut
  • Wire snaps
  • Thick coating (Defeats the purpose of having “Invisible grille”)
  • Peeling of coating

In a more elaborated introduction, Meridian Invisible Grilles has the following key features:

  • Kids friendly
  • Elderly friendly
  • Pets friendly
  • Environment friendly
  • Zero-to-none maintenance (Wipe with a damp cloth)
  • Higher wire counts = More sturdy
  • Fire resistant
  • Protects against Singapore’s strong sun and UV light
  • <2mm thickness of wires + coating (For an invisible, panoramic view unlike traditional conventional aluminium grilles)


We do sell solutions like Meridian ZipTrack, being one of our top sellers, for home-owners who want their personal space. Together with our Invisible Grilles and Ziptrack, both are manufactured in our factory. Customers have the flexibility of choosing the powder coating of the structure and the colour of the outdoor blinds to their liking, though, subjected to each housing management’s requirements.

Often sought after for its weather-friendly material, Meridian ZipTrack is 100% proven to help solve wet weather for outdoor areas. Here are the following features of our ZipTrack:

  • Shield against strong sun and harmful UV light
  • Rain protection
  • Controlling the ZipTrack with sense of ease (Remote control and mobile application enabled)
  • Air ventilation (Able to leave your A/C on with no worries!)
  • Creepy crawlies/ flying insects and pests

Each and every of Meridian’s ZipTrack are thoroughly inspected and goes through a final round of quality check to prevent any mishaps and ensure top-notch quality for our customers.

With a warranty of 5 years on all products and a lifetime of dedication of customer support, we offer a 1-1 exchange* should any of our customers require.

And if you ask why you should choose us?
Trust, value, quality and our commitment to you. For being in this industry and still one of the top leading specialists in Singapore, Meridian has since long established a reputation for itself.

Here at Meridian Invisible Grille, every of our customers are treated with warmth and respect. We do offer free site consultations with no obligation.
Preserving ourselves as a small company with only 20 staff, we pride ourselves humbly on our products’ quality, customer centric service and the wide array of housing and commercial projects we take up despite being a small company.

Today, we remain passionate in serving solutions to our customers, following through each and every of our projects and eventually seeing our products blend in with every home’s theme, receiving heartfelt compliments from our clients.

We don’t just sell products, we offer you solutions.

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Meridian Invisible Grille and Zip Blinds – Modern Living, Refined
Meridian Invisible Grille and Zip Blinds – Modern Living, Refined

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