3 Nightmares Parents face Renting Mascots for a Party

Mascots at children birthday parties are Golden. Most of us enjoy the company of a special guest to take photos and cut cake with. These happy moments will then be immortalized on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few unexpected scenarios that parents face repeatedly and we’ll share tips on how to prevent them. Now, let’s jump straight in!

Did you know that schools do not allow strangers/outsiders to visit a class celebration in a post-covid era? Yes, parents can no longer outsource the wearing of the mascot to a paid talent. Please check with your child’s school before confirming any talent services (non-refundable). Fret not, papa and mama are still allowed to rent and wear a mascot themselves to join in the class birthday celebration. And since papa and mama are not trained talents, we recommend that you check the sizing and ease of mobility of the mascot before renting – it is always wise to find time to test out the mascot in person before confirming the mascot rental.

Many parents have also been shocked to witness the birthday girl or boy running away from their favourite cartoon mascot – crying. It is a big disappointment after all the effort the parents have put into organizing the party. So… a preschool teacher shared this valuable piece of advice, and we have been enlightened ever since.

Children are so used to seeing their favourite cartoon on small screens like mobile phone, tablets and tv screens – that is the size of the cartoon that children accept, it is not supposed to be so big! Nonetheless, simple repeated reminders (warnings) to the children attending the party like ‘a really BIG and special guest will be joining us at the party!’ from one week before, the day before, to the moment just before the mascot appear can turn any possible fear into excitement. It becomes a win.

Hiring mascot talent can become complex budget issue when your vendor asks about appearance timings, paying for a mascot minder as well as additional transport. How can parents do it themselves and not end up using a rented mascot for only ten minutes at the party? A little bit of planning goes a long way. Plan multiple 15 minutes appearances with sufficient breaks for a non-trained talent – welcoming guests <REST>, singing birthday song and cake-cutting segment <REST>, final farewell with group photo. That way, your volunteer will not exhaust himself/herself in one session. Putting some effort into scouting a good volunteer would also help create better party vibes for the guests. A good profile is usually the father or an energetic teenage cousin. 😛

We hope the tips we’ve shared have given you more confidence to make your child’s birthday party special! We are also happy to share our experience working with vendors like balloon deco, customized cake, etc to make your party planning fuss-free and, most importantly – enjoyable.

Get inspired by some characters here [https://ccm.com.sg/collections/character-mascot].

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