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Newtonshow Summer Camps

Hey there! Ready for some summer fun in Singapore? We’ve got a few awesome spots just for you and your family. 

Newtonshow’s reputation precedes it as the go-to summer camp in Singapore. With a variety of programs spread across different locations, it’s no wonder families trust them year after year. This summer, in 2024, there’s something for everyone.

Whether your child dreams of attending “Harry Potter Science School,” getting hands-on with “The Most Hands-On Science,” or embarking on a “Space Adventure,” Newtonshow Summer Camps have it covered in their science camps. And for the tech-savvy, there are robotics camps like LEGO Robotics and “Mega Robots,” as well as the Newtonshow LAB camp for older kids. Culinary enthusiasts can indulge in Tomato Cooking School’s “Hits of All Times” camp, while those seeking variety can opt for Multi-STEM or Multi-Creative camps. Excitingly, there are two new additions this year: the BIG Adventure camp offering tours around Singapore and Newtonshow Outdoor for sports lovers. With such an array of options, Newtonshow ensures every child has the chance to create unforgettable summer memories. And for the whole family, there’s the BusyKidd website, offering fun adventures and chances to learn new things together. 

With science, cooking, and family activities, these spots have something for everyone. Let’s know more about these cool spots together.

Science Camps

Step into the world of discovery with Newtonshow, Singapore’s premier science camp. This season, they’re thrilled to present three captivating science programs tailored to engage and inspire young minds:

  • Space Adventure: Delve into the mysteries of space and the wonders of science. Kids explore the realms of both through exciting hands-on activities.
  • The most hands-on Science: Ignite curiosity with captivating chemistry experiments. Kids get to experience the thrill of discovery as they conduct experiments themselves.
  • Harry Potter Science School: Step into the magical world of Hogwarts! From wand-making workshops to Quidditch matches, kids experience the enchantment of Harry Potter while learning about real-world subjects like alchemy, divination, and astronomy.
  • Newtonshow Lab Programme: Imagine a week packed with thrilling experiments and captivating science adventures—that’s exactly what awaits budding scientists at Newtonshow Lab this summer! By the way, have you ever had the chance to extract DNA from a strawberry? It’s quite an experience!

Multiactivity Camps

At Newtonshow’s multi-activity camps, kids embark on a thrilling adventure that takes them through a variety of specially designed rooms each day. These rooms offer unique experiences tailored to different activities, ensuring every child has a well-rounded and exciting time.

Newtonshow offers two captivating multi-activity camps, each designed to ignite children’s imaginations and cater to their varied interests:


  • Science: Children delve into hands-on experiments spanning various scientific disciplines.
  • Robotics: They explore the fascinating world of robotics, from design to programming.
  • LEGO: Creative challenges and activities await as children build with LEGO bricks.
  • Light Up: Children learn about circuits and electronics by creating illuminating projects.
  • Engineering: Engaging in engineering challenges and activities fosters innovation and problem-solving skills.


  • Drama: Children unleash their creativity through drama exercises and performances.
  • Cooking: Culinary adventures await with cooking classes and food exploration.
  • Art: Children express themselves through painting, sculpting, and other art mediums.
  • Survival: Essential survival skills and outdoor techniques are learned in an exciting environment.
  • Maker: Hands-on creative projects empower children to innovate and experiment.

Newtonshow’s multi-activity camps aim to stimulate creativity, foster practical skills, and empower kids through independence. With a diverse range of activities spanning science, robotics, art, making, and cooking, children have the opportunity to explore new interests and discover their passions in a supportive and fun-filled environment.

  • In the science room, kids dive into captivating experiments across various fields like chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering. From creating colorful chemical reactions to building simple machines, they explore the wonders of science in a hands-on and interactive way.
  • The robotics room offers a glimpse into the future as children design, build, program, and test their own robots. Here, they develop logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for innovation that will serve them well into adulthood.
  • In the art room, creativity knows no bounds as kids unleash their imagination through painting, sculpting, and drawing. Learning about famous artists while creating their own masterpieces boosts their self-esteem and enhances their dexterity.
  • The maker room is a hub of creativity, where kids bring their ideas to life through hands-on projects. From constructing innovative inventions to experimenting with materials, they cultivate ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and a sense of accomplishment.
  • In the cooking room, budding chefs explore the culinary world under the guidance of experienced chefs. Mastering basic cooking techniques and exploring global cuisines teaches valuable life skills while tantalizing taste buds with delicious creations.

Outdoor Camps 

Discover two exciting outdoor camp programs offered by Newtonshow: the BIG Adventure Camp and the Newton Outdoor Camp.

The BIG Adventure Camp is tailored for kids who thrive on exploration and new experiences. Throughout the week, children will embark on thrilling adventures across five exciting locations in Singapore. From delving into prehistoric times at the Natural History Museum to immersing themselves in hands-on science at the Science Center Singapore, every day promises excitement. Additionally, visits to farms and outdoor activities like archery and modern art at Artground ensure a week packed with fun. Experienced teachers will lead groups of five children, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

For active kids who love the outdoors, the Newton Outdoor Camp is the ideal choice. Designed to provide a space for running, competing, and making new friends in the open air, this camp offers a range of activities, from archery to map orientation. Children will engage in science experiments under the sky and enjoy water playground fun. Led by experienced teachers, groups of five kids will explore the outdoors together in a safe and equipped environment.

Newtonshow Summer Camps’ Details

For just S$685, your child can enjoy a comprehensive and enriching experience at Newtonshow’s camps. The program runs for 5 days, Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM each day. This all-inclusive package covers everything your child needs for an unforgettable adventure, including materials, a camp t-shirt, photos, a certificate, and a limited edition cap. Additionally, bus transportation is available as an optional extra for added convenience.

For added convenience, Newtonshow offers a door-to-door bus service. This service can collect your child from your home address anywhere in Singapore, ensuring a hassle-free and safe journey to camp.

There are 4 different camp locations all over Singapore:

  • Central: 278 River Valley Road, 238319.
  • Novena: 273 Thomson Road, 04/01.
  • East: 229 Joo Chiat Road, Level 3.
  • West: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 16/04.

With over 11 years of experience spanning five countries and a track record of delighting over 30,000 campers in Singapore alone, Newtonshow knows how to make your child’s holiday both enriching and exhilarating.

Tomato Cooking School

This summer, kids aged 6 to 14 can dive into a culinary adventure with Tomato Summer Cooking Camp. With morning sessions from 9 AM to 12 noon, afternoon sessions from 1 PM to 4 PM, or full-day options from 9 AM to 4 PM, including lunch, there’s something to suit every schedule. Join them from May 27th to August 30th, 2024, for a summer filled with food, fun, and friendship. You can even do a birthday party for your child there!

Equipped with state-of-the-art kitchens and supervised by experienced chefs, their kid’s camp offers a safe and immersive environment for young chefs. Each child receives their own cooking station and premium ingredients to unleash their creativity. Under the guidance of their culinary experts, kids will explore the world of Italian cuisine and create delicious dishes to share with family and friends.

What makes Tomato Summer Cooking Camp special? They believe in using fresh, high-quality ingredients to teach kids healthy eating habits and valuable life skills. Cooking is not just about recipes. It’s about fostering teamwork, problem-solving, and confidence. 

Tomato Cooking Camp Plan:

  • On Monday, campers start their day with the delightful flavors of ham, cheese, and green pear mini quiche, perfectly complemented by mini éclairs. As the day unfolds, they’re treated to a savory feast of roasted chicken tacos paired with homemade crackers, roasted grapes, and a tantalizing honey cheese dip. 
  • Tuesday brings a burst of flavors with croquet monster sandwiches, mixed berry panna cotta, a sushi fiesta, and a refreshing serving of fresh fruit jelly. 
  • Wednesday mornings kick off with the comforting aroma of homemade breakfast pizza, followed by indulgent mini apple pies. Come lunchtime, campers dig into crispy fried cheese-stuffed ravioli with a tangy tomato dipping sauce, followed by the decadence of blueberry cheesecake. 
  • Thursday’s menu includes a lineup of mini cheeseburgers, chocolate brownies with creamy homemade ice cream, chicken katsu sandwiches, and irresistible baked churros. 
  • And on Friday, campers can look forward to savory sausage rolls with caramelized onions in flaky puff pastry, mantecados, three varieties of tantalizing satay/skewers, and spiced banana bread. 

Kids Camp Details:

  • 5-day sessions (Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM) with lunch and snacks included, starting at S$400 per week.
  • Each camper receives all materials, snacks, lunch, a t-shirt, and a limited edition cap. Optional bus service is available.
  • Parents receive daily updates, including photos and videos, to follow their children’s culinary adventures and engage in meaningful discussions about their creations.

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