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Execute Pest Control is a scientifically-backed and highly experienced pest control Singapore based company that offers solutions for different industries. We offer both residential and commercial pest control solutions that are tailored for different project requirements. Whether you need to eradicate termites, bed bugs or have a problem with the pests in your home, Execute Pest Control is a one-stop solution provider. We were previously renown for being a reliable bed bugs control Singapore specialist.

How Do We Work

1. Preliminary Examination

Our technicians first conduct a study of your property to determine what pest control is required. They then devise the most effective plan based on the data they gathered in the study.

2. Implementation Of Solution

After an examination, our technician will know what kind of treatment is needed to exterminate the pest. They’ll ensure that a complete and effective procedure for eliminating the targeted pest is followed.

3. Monitoring And Maintenance

After our treatment, we will follow up with you regularly for a checkup to ensure that the pests do not reappear.

The Problem With Certain Pest Control Solutions

Some applicators only deploy one method of treatment which can be very ineffective and at times harmful to the environment or occupants. Others are unscrupulous in their practices, using a cheap shot at a problem rather than providing effective solutions to pest-related woes.

The wrong strategy or implementation can cause damage to your property and cause infestations to spread further.

We Can Help You Out!

Our pest control methods are safe for your health and the environment. We use non-toxic chemicals and sustainable solutions to help keep your surroundings healthy. We can handle a wide variety of pests! If you have a pest problem, no matter how big or small it is, we’re here to help. Rely on our extensive expertise and experience when it comes to helping you solve your pest problems – time and time again!

We’re reliable, honest and responsible in our services. We never compromise on quality, and we do the job right the first time. You can be confident that you are getting excellent value for your money with us.

As a certified pest control company, we are registered with local government agencies. This gives you peace of mind that are pest control packages are covered with proper coverage and warranty.

We offer the following services for both residential and commercial properties:

We are able to assist residents in general pest control, which range from ants to cockroaches and rodents, etc. We can treat any kind of pests with our professional pest control treatment methods.

Our pest control solutions are customised for factories, schools, resorts and more. We offer both commercial chemical-free solutions and asthmatic-safe misting systems. We’re discreet and our compliance with local regulations assures your needs will be met quickly.

Commercial pest control requires expertise on a larger scale than residential pest control. From factories to restaurants, hotels, schools and many more places besides, commercial spaces require constant attention from those who know where pests live and breeds.

In our line, it is advised to engage a pest control company that is certified by NEA and have the necessary licenses to carry out the commercial pest control services. In accordance with the guide from NEA, it is mandatory for restaurants to undergo commercial pest control on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. When it comes to schools and hospitals, they must undergo the service at least every three months or more frequently if there is a pest infestation. It really depends on the premise’s environment and requirements.

All in all, these are some of the steps that you can follow in order to make sure your commercial building or company is clean and free from any form of pests. Remember that a good pest control management program will not only keep the cost down, but it will also help in helping operations and daily living to resume as usual.

Telephone Number: +65 8752 7277

Email: enquiry@executepestcontrol.sg

Website: https://www.executepestcontrol.sg/

We are located at 201 Henderson Road, #07-02 Singapore 159545

Execute Pest Control
Execute Pest Control

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