Vesak Day

Buddhists in Singapore and all across the world observe Vesak Day, also known as Buddha Purnima, as an important holy festival. It honors Siddhartha Gautama, the man who founded Buddhism, at his birth, enlightenment, and demise. Vesak Day is observed on the day of the full moon of the Vesakha month, which typically falls in April or May.

Vesak Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

202422 MayWednesdayVesak Day
202512 MayMondayVesak Day
202631 MaySundayVesak Day

These dates are estimated. We will update this page once the official announcement is out.

Vesak Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Singapore and has both religious and cultural importance. Buddhists congregate at temples and monasteries to take part in ceremonial rituals, worship, and make sacrifices. One of the most well-known customs is the “bathing of the Buddha,” in which followers wash Buddha images with fragrant water as a representation of rejuvenation and purity.

Processions are frequently organized around the nation by temples and Buddhist groups. During these processions, believers walk together in adoration while holding candles, flowers, and incense. There are often colorful floats and traditional entertainment.

On Vesak Day, a lot of Buddhists participate in charitable deeds and give money to various charities in the spirit of compassion and generosity. Additionally, certain temples and groups could provide aid to individuals in need, host blood donation drives, or hand out free meals.

The Singaporean government has aggressively promoted the commemoration of Vesak Day in recent years after becoming aware of its cultural and religious significance. Among other things, this entails establishing the holiday as a public one and allocating funds for setting up celebrations that both Buddhists and the general public may learn about and take part in.

For Singaporean Buddhists, Vesak Day is a day of introspection, thanks, and spiritual practice. It’s a day when people gather together to honor the fundamental Buddhist teachings of compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness as well as to promote harmony and understanding among the nation’s many populations.

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