15 Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

Plant-based cuisine is now available in more restaurants and supermarkets, not just for vegans and vegetarians but also for people who wish to taste meat-free recipes. Singapore’s finest covers all the vegetarian restaurants in Singapore that provide must-try meat-free dishes on the island to fulfill your appetites (and curiosity).

Best Vegetarian Restaurants


Joie Restaurant

Joie Meatless Restaurant - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Joie Meatless Restaurant – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesModern Meatless Cuisine
Price Range S$39.80 – S$69.80
Contact DetailsWhatsApp
Address181 Orchard Road #12-01 Orchard Central Singapore 238896

The modern vegetarian cuisine-focused Joie Restaurant, which is situated on the rooftop garden of Orchard Central, offers a novel idea. JOIE aims to evoke the same fervor in Singapore by emulating the new-wave dining trend in Europe and Taiwan that focuses on uplifting and inventive natural cuisine cooked with the freshest vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

This idea has been developed over the past few years by the chefs at Joie. Diners can select from an extensive six-course lunch or seven-course supper consisting of modern dishes with Japanese-European sensibilities and flavors, in keeping with the famed set menu idea, its distinctive presentation and originality, and the use of many unusual ingredients. With their sophisticated and distinctive recipes, guests will be pushed to set their preconceptions of vegetarian food aside.


  • Japanese-European vegetarian food at its finest
  • Favorite ingredients of Singaporeans dominate the menu
  • Classy ambiance
  • Enchanting views
  • Private rooms are available
Customer Reviews

Nice food, nice service! Definitely worth visiting again! The waitress will introduce every single dish when they are served and pay patience and attention to customers’ needs even if it’s peak hour on Friday night. Treat my friend to a birthday meal here, the restaurant provides a small cake, and the waitress sings a birthday song to my friend. She also offers help to take a photo for us, 5 stars service! (thumbs up) – ZY c


Whole Earth

Whole Earth - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Whole Earth – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesPlant-based Cooking
Price Range 
Contact Details+656221 6583
Address76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331

The objective of Whole Earth is to raise the bar for plant-based cookery and spread the word about it to a wider audience. Fresh vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, and grains, cooked to traditional Peranakan and Thai perfection, are adored by locals, expatriates, and visitors alike.

They strive to give you consistently high quality and taste you by using only the freshest ingredients, prepared and simmered with care. They take trips all over the world to learn about different foods and ingredients. Since 2003, they’ve had a wonderful and gratifying adventure. The entire planet is looking forward to many more fantastic years ahead.


  • Singapore’s first and only plant-based restaurant
  • Uses only the freshest ingredients
Customer Reviews

Premium to luxury vegetarian Chinese food that tastes delicious. Ask the waiters for recommendations and keep an open mind about the flavors. – M D


Greendot Vegetarian Restaurant

Greendot - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Greendot – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Price Range 
Contact Details+656702 6621

Greendot is a fast-casual Asian concept that does not serve meat. It was started in 2011 with the goal of making healthy meat-free meals more accessible, affordable, and accessible to the general public. They all believe that by just choosing what they eat thoughtfully, everyone can make a positive influence on the world.

In comparison to traditional fast food, Greendot aspires to modernize and reinvent the vegetarian business by delivering a green, healthier, and more convenient alternative for our customers. A green fast-casual idea was created to popularize traditional vegetarian cuisine among young people and women, as well as to inspire more non-vegetarians to become vegetarians.


  • Bring Love into Homes
  • Deliver Care through Food
  • Spread Hope through the Greendot Movement
Customer Reviews

Very good herbal noodles soup as always. Standard and quality are pretty consistent across their branches. – Ikustas Yat


Thunder Tree

Thunder Tree - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Thunder Tree – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesHakka-style Thunder Tree Rice and Kolo Mee
Price Range 
Contact Details+659839 6008
Address585 North Bridge Road, Heritage Food Street #B1-R8
Singapore 188770
101 Upper Cross Street, #B1-06 Singapore 058357

Thunder Tree is possibly the only food stand in Singapore that focuses on organic, local food from the farm to the table. All of their supplies come from their own organic farm in Singapore, where they grow their own vegetables. Furthermore, the farm uses a plant-based agricultural method, which means that no animal waste is utilized in the farming process, so the food provided is 100% animal-free, right down to the ingredients!


  • Uses mainly organic ingredients
  • No mock meat, no MSG, no artificial flavorings and colorings
  • Most dishes are made from scratch
Customer Reviews

Excellent thunder tea rice that tasted light and healthy. Add-ons, especially the brinjal, were very delicious too. – CK C


The Kind Bowl

The Kind Bowl - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
The Kind Bowl – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesSustainably Delicious Meals
Price Range 
Contact Details+656814 0808
Address71 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239527

The Kind Bowl was created in response to the current global “Go Green” movement and increased awareness of the health advantages of “Let food be your medicine.” To produce a modern, convenient, economical, but ethical menu, they use sustainable foods. Even if you only eat one plant-based meal a month, you can make a difference and make the planet a better place, according to the Kind Bowl.


  • Vietnamese Fusion Food
  • Global Effort to ‘Go Green
Customer Reviews

We keep going back for more. One of the best phos we have had, and we can’t believe it’s vegan. My favorite is royal spicy, followed by the kind pho with lots of chilies. The spring rolls are good but the mushroom fritter is really tasty! – Danielle Z


Green on Earth

Green on Earth - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Green on Earth – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesWide variety of vegetarian dishes, Spacious air-conditioned area
Price Range 
Contact Details+656769 2230
Address386 Upper Bukit Timah Road S678043

Green On Earth is a family-owned business that opened in late 2016 in a former alfresco dining location in the hills at 2 Phoenix Road. They’ve now relocated to our new site, which has a lot more welcoming atmosphere. They take great satisfaction in utilizing only the freshest ingredients and preparing each meal to the highest of standards. Each and every chef in their kitchen has many culinary accomplishments under their belts, earned with years of expertise.


  • Offers one of the best-rated vegetarian Ma La Xiang Guo in Singapore
  • Wide variety of Chinese dishes
Customer Reviews

Amazing Spicy Fragrant Pot 麻辣香锅 vegetarian style! Choose the monkey head mushroom! It’s an absolute must! The first we ever had, and it felt clean, healthy, and not oil. Definitely coming back here again! – Eug N.

Finest Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy dining experience in Singapore, our list of the best vegetarian restaurants is the place to start. These eateries offer a variety of meat-free dishes that are both flavorful and satisfying, making them a great choice for vegetarians and those looking to explore plant-based options. But don’t stop there; we also recommend checking out our list of Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. Their diverse and tasty offerings are sure to please your palate, even if you’re not a vegetarian. So, whether you’re a devoted plant-eater or just seeking a change in your dining routine, our lists have something for everyone to enjoy in Singapore’s culinary scene.



elemen - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
elemen – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesMeatless dishes made with natural ingredients including Breadsticks with Raspberry Yogurt Sauce, Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza, Truffle Broth Ramen, Sea Salt Coffee and etc.
Price Range Starts from $3.80++ – $33.80++
Contact Detailsenquiry@elemen.com.sg

elemen is a dining concept focused on a modern interpretation of natural and meatless cuisine. It is dedicated to fostering the well-being of its customers through its wholesome meatless recipes and use of natural ingredients.

elemen restaurants offer a pleasant dining experience and their brand motto “Love Self, Love Earth” explains their focus on serving healthy and natural food, without compromising the sustainability of the environment.


  • Respect life, our products, and stakeholders
  • Going natural with our products and service
  • To treat our products, customers, and team genuinely
Customer Reviews

This is vegetarian food done right! Recommended by a vegetarian friend & the resto did not disappoint at all. Super innovative & creative. Their staff is also very attentive & friendly. – Vanessa Tan


LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant

LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesVegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6734 3788
AddressLiat Towers, #05-01, 541 Orchard Road Singapore, Singapore 238881

Since 1991, this well-known restaurant has been serving traditional Chinese dishes. Braised spinach soup with bamboo fungus, for example, will be beautifully presented. In addition, there’s vegetarian satay, which is created with mushrooms and other greens, which is a hearty dish.


  • Pure and Original
Customer Reviews

Absolutely delicious vegetarian food that can rival the original meat versions! Don’t know what to order? Try the truffle noodle, mushroom sweet and sour ball, and Peking “duck”. – Alice T.



Herbivore - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Herbivore – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesVegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6333 1612
Address190 Middle Road #01-13/14, Singapore, Singapore, 188979

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, vegetarians have a rough time. Vegetarian ramen or cucumber and avocado maki sushi rolls are often the only options available in supermarkets. Unagi, teriyaki chicken, and salmon sashimi are all on the menu at Herbivore, but none of them contains meat. You’ll also find Jain-friendly food because the kitchen doesn’t use garlic or onions.


  • Pure Vegetarian Cuisine
  • First Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant
Customer Reviews

This is the first time I dine at a Japanese vegetarian restaurant. Omg I mind blowing the food is so delicious and the sashimi is so real. I love the tempura udon soup is so delicious. Will definitely dine again. They open at 1130am to avoid long q go earlier if you are having lunch. – Wilron Loh


Supreme Vege

Supreme Vege - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Supreme Vege – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesVegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6238 5085
Address12 Queen St, #02-03 Hotel Royal @ Queens, Singapore 188553

Four enthusiastic friends from various walks of life have got together to take over a 22-year-old vegetarian restaurant in order to promote a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. On September 1, 2016, the restaurant, which was formerly owned by Mr. Gwee Tsu Sun, was renamed Supreme Vege Pte Ltd.

To provide wholesome goodness and better eating, traditional dishes that are well-liked by frequent customers will remain on the menu while creative and high-quality dishes will be offered to ensure wholesome goodness and healthier dining for diners.


  • 22 Years Old Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Ensure Wholesome Goodness and Healthier
Customer Reviews

Delicious food with a decent variety. Clean, pleasant environment. Friendly and polite staff. Reasonable pricing for the ala-carte buffet. – XWI


Green Common

Green Common - Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Green Common – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesVegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6513 5808
AddressVivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-169/170, Singapore 098585

Green Common gives vegan cooking a new lease on life with its artistic presentation and inventive cuisine. With colorful adornments and plenty of flavors, unexpected pairings rule supreme. Green Common is a cheerful and brave place to dine a rainbow-infused, plant-packed dinner, where meat and seafood-heavy dishes are replaced with earth-friendly alternatives. Think alpha nuggets, crab-free crab cakes, and unagi-free, vegan sushi with no meat or dairy components incorporated.


  • One-stop plant-based eatery
  • Plant-Based
Customer Reviews

The place is very clean and quiet, ordered pasta, kimchi budaejigae, and fish and chips. Brought my friends to try vegetarian for the first time and they said that they love fish and chips!! I will definitely come back soon again with my others friends. – Vicsia Ang Wei Xuan


Original Sin

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore
Original Sin – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesPizza & Pasta fans
Contact Details+65 6475 5605
Address01-62 Jln Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, Blk 43, Singapore 278115

The meal at Original Sin is the result of a deep understanding of flavors in food. Its inspiration comes from a passion for fine cuisine and a love of fresh ingredients. Marisa Bertocchi, the culinary director of Original Sin, and Michael Hadley, the founding partner and managing director, blend the spirit of Mediterranean cuisine with their creativity to produce exquisite, adventurous, and healthful vegetarian dishes. We are Singapore’s first and only Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant. Original Sin is named after the well-known Sistine Chapel fresco. It stands for the zeal, imagination, and talent that go into our distinctive and flavorful food.


  • Vegetarian foods in the Mediterranean style
  • Mezze Platter
  • Value-for-money set lunch
  • Good wine list
Customer Reviews

Food are good for sharing. Serving are very fast. They make vegan food appetizing in a different way.
The king mushroom taste like barbecue meat
. – MaxDeGiraffe


Lotus Vegetarian

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore
Lotus Vegetarian – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesVegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6254 0090
Address103 Irrawaddy Road #02-07 Royal Square @ Novena, Singapore, Singapore

To delight guests with novel, enlivening selections, Lotus Vegetarian continuously innovates its menu. Every meal is made by hand from from, fusing unique fragrant mixes with health-improving herbs, mushrooms, and greens.


  • Vegetarian delicacies with a good spread
  • Oriental-inspired dining room
Customer Reviews

Beautifully set out and ease of getting to the restaurant as with most others in Singapore, I will definitely be bookmarking this restaurant for the next visit with family! – Lavin Lalwani



Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore
Marguerite – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Contact Details+65 6604 9988
Address18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-09 Flower Dome, Singapore 018953

As a result of their seasonal cuisine, it changes once every few months. Although there aren’t many vegetarian options, those that are offered are excellently cooked and tasty. Fresh herbs and veggies are available from the on-site garden.


  • Awesome vegetarian menu
  • Exquisite ambiance
  • Free access to the Flower Dome and other freebies
Customer Reviews

Had a delicious lunch at Marguerite in celebration of my parent’s wedding anniversary. Food was fantastic, atmosphere and service was great. They provide free buggy service to the restaurant and you can take a stroll within the flower dome after your meal! – Lindy L


Teng Bespoke

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore
Teng Bespoke – Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
ServicesVegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
Contact Details+65 6337 7050
Address#01-50, Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652

Teng Bespoke is not your typical Japanese eatery; it focuses entirely on promoting vegetarian cuisine in Singapore. Five species of fake seafood, including salmon, prawns, squid, scallops, and tuna, make up its most popular sashimi plate. another meal that’s popular? The maki with avocado. The maki rolls are topped with creamy avocado slices and stuffed with fake prawns, fake sashimi, fake nori, and fake cucumber. Yum.


  • Cozy Setting
  • Modern Japanese Zen Style Interior
Customer Reviews

Cozy stall with a wonderful list of options for vegetarian Japanese food. The food is very flavourful but might be a bit too strong for people who like food to be light. Word of caution: better check on the portion before ordering. Big portion servings! – Tommy Sng

This concludes our list of the best and finest vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. Please let us know if you know of any other fantastic healthy restaurants that should be included on this list.

Do check out our list of Halal Japanese Restaurants and have time to experience these Japanese treats.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Vegetarian Restaurant?

Food that complies with vegetarian standards by excluding meat and animal tissue products is referred to as vegetarian cuisine.

What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

Grain, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and eggs make up a vegetarian’s diet. Vegans are vegetarians who do not eat eggs, dairy, or any other animal products.

Can vegans have rice?

Is it possible for vegans to consume rice? Yes, in the vast majority of situations. Rice is a plant-based seed that provides a filling and generally nutritionally helpful addition to a vegan diet. Fried rice goods including dairy, eggs, shellfish, or meat are the primary exceptions.

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