The Finest Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore

The Finest Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore’s top suppliers of vegetables! We take pleasure in offering the highest-quality veggies that are always fresh to satisfy the various demands of our clients. We guarantee a consistent supply of seasonal and year-round products thanks to our vast network of domestic and foreign farmers.

We at Vegetable Suppliers recognize the significance of sustainable sourcing and healthy eating. We closely collaborate with reputable farmers who use moral and environmentally sustainable farming methods because of this. Every vegetable that makes it to your plate has been carefully chosen, examined, and handled with the utmost care as part of our dedication to quality.

Whether you run a restaurant, offer food service, or operate a retail business, we have a vast selection of veggies to meet your needs. You can always find the ideal produce for your culinary masterpieces thanks to our extensive collection, which includes everything from leafy greens and root vegetables to exotic delicacies.

We take great satisfaction in providing timely and dependable delivery services that guarantee your veggies will reach your house fresh and on schedule. Every step of the way, our devoted team of experts is committed to delivering great customer service and guaranteeing your pleasure.

By selecting Vegetable Suppliers as your dependable partner, you may embrace a sustainable and healthy lifestyle with us. Discover the difference in each vegetable we supply in terms of quality, dependability, and freshness. To learn more about our wide selection and to begin successful cooperation, contact us right now.

Best Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore


Quan Fa Organic Farm

From Farm to Table
Quan Fa Organic Farm - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Quan Fa Organic Farm – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesDelivery, B2B, Retail
Price Range
Contact Details+6567937693
Address2G Neo Tiew Lane Plot 119, Singapore 719095

At Quan Fa Organic Farm, we subscribe to ecological agrarian methods of farming, abstaining from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers, to produce only the freshest food crop that is both nutritious and healthy.

Since their inception in 1999, they have been cultivating organically grown vegetables for the large masses of Singaporeans. Over the years, they have grown from the humble beginnings of a small organic vegetable retailer to one of the leading distributors in Singapore today.

To ensure the freshness of their produce, they ensure that all harvesting and packaging are done in the morning.


Kok Fah Farm

Life is Better on the Farm
Kok Fah Farm - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Kok Fah Farm – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesSupply Fresh Vegetables to Retail Stores/Cafes/Restaurants etc, Weekend Market, Educational Farm Tours, Greenhouse Construction/Consultancy Services
Price Range
Contact Details+6567656629
Address18 Sungei Tengah Road Singapore 698974

Kok Fah Technology Farm is a local family-owned business that sells leafy vegetables in Singapore for the past 40 years. Having recognized the importance of investing in technologies, KFTF introduced various high-tech machinery and equipment to assist in the farming processes so as to bring about an improved level of efficiency and productivity to ensure a consistent level of production.

To ensure the freshness and quality of their local produce, KFTF has incorporated and perfected the cold chain process according to industry standards to deliver the best local leafy produce to their customers.


Yili Farm

A Singapore Farm
Yili Farm - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Yili Farm – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesLeafy Greens: Cai Xin Hua, Xiao Bai Cai, Sharp Spinach, Round Spinach, Kang Kong. Additionally, Lettuce and Nai Bai are seasonal products.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6684 0600
Address51 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 Singapore 718840

Yili Farm is a family-run business established in 1996 by the owner, Mr Alan Toh. Mr Toh’s passion and drive towards vegetable farming allowed Yili to prosper to become one of Singapore’s leading local vegetable farms. Through many years of perseverance and resilience, the farm managed to produce and distribute vegetables to major supermarket chains like FairPrice Finest/Xtra and selected Sheng Siong outlets and on online platforms like Amazon and Redmart.

Yili places great emphasis on ensuring that its customers are receiving vegetables of the finest quality. Beyond the strict and comprehensive processes, which follow industry standards and SFA regulations, that it practices, Yili also provides value-added services such as washing and packaging before handing their produce to their trusted distributors.


Hwa Seng

Delivering the Finest Vegetables and Fruits since 1990
Yili Farm - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Hwa Seng – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesSourcing, Labelling and Packaging, Storage and delivery
Wide selection of over 200 vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6778 6003
Address11 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre#01-577 Singapore 110011

Hwa Seng is a vegetable & fruit wholesaler based in Singapore. Over the last three decades, they have built a strong reputation as an excellent and reliable supplier to some of Singapore’s top restaurants, cafes and hospitality destinations.

The produce never stays in their warehouse for more than a day! They take pride in their expert inventory management system and rigorous hygiene standards, which ensure that their clients are guaranteed the freshest harvest at all times.


Thygrace Marketing

Thygrace Marketing - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Thygrace Marketing – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesPacked and labelled products are available in the following supermarkets: Cold Storage, Isetan and NTUC FairPrice. We also provide wholesale purchase options to supermarkets, caterers, hotels and restaurant businesses.
Alternatively, you can opt to have our Easy Ready-To-Eat DIY salad packs, Fresh crisp vegetables and fruits, and whole kernel sweet corn (Cup Corn) conveniently delivered right to you (minimum delivery applies).
Price Range
Contact Details+6567740098
AddressBlock 22 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, #01-168, Singapore 110022

Thygrace Marketing is a leading fruit and vegetable supplier in Singapore. They import and supply high-quality fresh produce to supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. They have been serving Singapore with fresh homegrown and imported vegetables and fruits since 1985.

Thygrace Marketing is committed to being the best Singapore vegetable and fruit supplier. They offer quality and freshness that goes beyond getting their products to their customers – they are dedicated to ensuring that their customers receive the best. And this means being part of the supply chain, from start to end.

Finest Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore

Lim Thiam Chwee Food Supplier

Lim Thiam Chwee Food Supplier - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Lim Thiam Chwee Food Supplier – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesLTC Food Supplier specializes in imports and distribution of all Farm fresh vegetables, fruits and wet provisions (e.g Tofu, Noodles etc). Over 40 years of experience ensures their ability to handle huge contracts and deliver fresh farm produce every day, including Sundays & Holidays (subject to delivery amount). They directly import from reliable growers and suppliers who have a good credit rating which ensures a wide range of products will be covered at a very competitive price.
They supply to major resorts, high-end hotels, restaurants, airport caterers, government agencies, ships and established clients in the F&B industry.
Price Range
Contact Details+6567781884
AddressBlock 6 Wholesale Centre #01-222/223 Pasir Panjang Singapore 110006

WHOLESALE FARMS PRODUCE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLE DELIVERY IN SINGAPORE. LTC specialize in imports and distribution of all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits and wet provisions (e.g. Tofu, Noodles, etc) for Singapore’s food and beverage industry. LTC has established a sizable clientele such as restaurants and hotel chains, food caterers etc., in both public and private sectors of the F&B industry. With quality and reliable services, LTC is now a household name in the Fresh Vegetables & Fruits Supplies industry.


Aries Fresh

It’s Fresh. It’s Safe. It’s Daily.
Aries Fresh - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Aries Fresh – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesImport and Export
Aries Fresh imports a wide range of products from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia (including Cameron Highlands), and is constantly expanding into new products and territories. They are the pioneer in importing from Vietnam and are now one of the largest importers of chilli padi and oyster mushrooms. Distribution
Whether you are an institutional buyer, retailer or wholesaler, they can fulfil your needs with assured quality at competitive price points. Their current portfolio of customers includes major wholesalers, major supermarkets, and grocery stores in Little India. Processing
Fitted with the latest systems and technology, their food factory in Singapore processes fresh fruits and vegetables to cater to all your processing needs.
They supply ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook fruits and vegetables, packaged with their advanced modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system to ensure that your food is kept fresh, from farm to fork.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6773 6273
AddressBlock 10 Wholesale Centre #01-417 Singapore 110010

Established in 1990, Aries Fresh has grown steadily over the years to become one of Singapore’s largest importers of selected fresh produce – Oyster Mushroom, Chilli Padi and Japanese Sweet Potatoes, amongst others, with an annual supply capacity of 5,000 metric tons. They are committed to ensuring that their produce is fresh and meets the stringent food safety standards of international bodies and authorities – that means they only source from premium farms and growers for the highest quality products.

Their thorough and strict management of their supply chain ensures that client requirements are met, from packing, transportation, and storage to delivery. Today, they supply to over a hundred NTUC FairPrice supermarket outlets daily. Their growing clientele base of wholesalers, supermarkets, grocery stores and more speaks of the trust their clients have in them.


Choon Vegetables & Fruits Trading

A good meal begins with fresh produce
Choon Vegetables & Fruits Trading - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Choon Vegetables & Fruits Trading – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesThey provide island-wide delivery of produces to their customers. Their stringent quality checks ensure that the delivered product will be fresh and in good condition.
Price Range
Contact Details+6567524666
AddressBlk 8 #01-255 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre Singapore

They started business as a vegetable shop in a traditional wet market. Being in the business for more than 20 years, their experience and the know-how to select the best produce became second nature to all in the company. It also ran in the family, and it wasn’t before long that the new generation took over the helm and led the company to venture into supplying vegetables and fruits instead of just selling them.

In the few years that Choon has started to supply products direct to customers, their reputation has grown rapidly, and they are now supplying to restaurants, market shops and kitchens islandwide.

Their stringent quality checks ensure that their supplies are always of the best quality and no sub-standard products will ever bear their name. Choon is dedicated to growing its good name from strength to strength.



Quality and Freshness
Ever Shine - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Ever Shine – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
ServicesImport & Export of Fresh Vegetables & Fruits, Wholesale & Supply of Fresh Vegetables & Fruits, Supplying Fresh Vegetables & Fruits to Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, etc.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6776 0729
AddressBlk 8 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-257 Singapore 110008

Established in 2003, Ever-Shine Fruits & Vegetables Supplier is a leading fresh produce import and export company with over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Their source of imports is from neighbouring countries, mainly Malaysia and Thailand.

At Ever-Shine, they aim to provide freshness. Fruits & vegetables are carefully selected before being dispatched to their customers to ensure quality and freshness.


Ugly Food

Ugly Food - Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
Ugly Food – Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore
UglyFood gives fruit and vegetables a second chance

UglyFood gives fruit and vegetables a second chance

Here’s how a startup in Singapore saves excess food As per the National Environmental Agency a shocking amount of …
ServicesSupport flexible eating with our surprise grocery bundles. The bundle product mix differs every week. They provide educational workshops to impart knowledge about the food ecosystem.
Price RangeTheir bundles range between $20 for the small bundles and $45 for the large family bundles. Contact them for customized pricing on educational workshops.
AddressUglyFood Store Singapore University of Technology and Design Building 2 #01-202 Singapore 487372

Its mission is to eliminate food waste and revamp the food ecosystem. Their aim is to make sustainability a part of people’s everyday lives, and they create content that promotes their cause. They want to tackle the surplus in the ecosystem caused by inflexible eating and fluctuations in consumer demand and fix misconceptions around edible food perceived as being inedible.

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