Tekka Wet Market: Singapore’s Culturally Rich Market

In the center of Singapore, there is a thriving market called Tekka Wet Market. This historic market has long been a destination for locals and visitors alike and is renowned for its buzzing atmosphere and a great selection of fresh vegetables. For food lovers and interested visitors, Tekka Wet Market offers a distinctive and immersive experience thanks to its rich cultural legacy and a broad choice of sellers.

The market is a wonderland for anyone looking for premium ingredients to make traditional Singaporean dishes, offering everything from fragrant spices and exotic fruits to freshly caught fish and tender meats. Tekka Wet Market is a must-visit location that highlights the vibrant flavors and customs of Singapore, whether you’re a seasoned chef, a curious eater, or just looking to soak up the local culture.

Tekka Wet Market: Singapore's Culturally Rich Market
Tekka Wet Market, Singapore
Address665 Buffalo Rd, L1 Tekka Centre, Singapore 210665
Opening HoursDaily 06:30 – 17:00

Tekka Wet Market, which was constructed in 1982 and closed in 2008 for a large restoration, reopened in 2009. Since then, it has been a spotless, well-kept location that provides a pleasant retail experience. It has a good advantage over Tekka Market thanks to its position in Little India, a bustling and colorful part of Singapore.


  • Singapore’s most culturally rich market: If you want to learn more about Singaporeans and our way of life, visit Tekka Market. You will hear a murmur of voices in many languages, from English to Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil, as soon as you enter this most vivid and colorful wet market. This market is a location to see and gain more knowledge about living in Singapore because each of the ethnic communities still upholds its distinctive way of life and culinary traditions.
  • Almost anything for your grocery needs is available here: The largest wet market in Singapore, Tekka Market has 284 stalls and provides a wide range of fresh and dry goods, including shark fins, which are uncommon at wet markets.
  • Long operating hours: Tekka Market is open till late in the day, unlike the majority of Singapore’s wet markets, which close at about noon. We have more options to meet our various demands the longer it is.
  • A 3-in-1 destination: Tekka Market is a one-stop store where you can shop, eat well, and buy groceries all in one location. It is part of the Tekka Centre, which also has a wet market, a food court, and a shopping area.
Tekka Wet Market: Singapore's Culturally Rich Market
Tekka Wet Market, Singapore

What to Offer:

  • Fresh vegetables & herbs: There is a vast and exquisite variety of Asian vegetables and herbs available, including those used in Chinese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and other cuisines.
  • Fruit: Pineapples, bananas, mangoes, jackfruit, rambutans, guavas, starfruit, longans, mangosteens, and durians can all be found there, making it a tropical fruit lover’s paradise.
  • Fish & seafood: Huge Sri Lankan crabs, various-sized prawns, squid, tuna, salmon, mackerel, sea bass, and a wide range of crustaceans are also available.
  • Meat & poultry: Sale items include mutton, lamb, goat, beef, hog, and chicken. The diligent butchers at Tekka Market are happy to carry out your instructions, such as chopping the meat into the appropriate sizes.
  • Spices: Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and Thai spices are available.
  • Fresh flowers and pots are on offer.
Tekka Wet Market: Singapore's Culturally Rich Market
Tekka Wet Market, Singapore

Food Court at Tekka Wet Market

When visiting Tekka Center, the large food court located on the same floor as the wet market is a great spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or drinks. You may find the typical Chinese, Western, Indian, and Muslim food vendors there, just like any other hawker center in Singapore. The standouts among such are the Indian cuisine vendors. It is strongly advised to eat chicken biryani, fish biryani, tandoori chicken, roti prata, and ginger hot tea. Simply choose a large line to join if you are unsure of which stalls serve delicious meals. In Singapore, a long line is frequently an indication of mouthwatering food.

Google Reviews

The sights and sounds of Tekka Market are just amazing. A place for cooked food, raw food and clothes and knick-knacks, and various little things! A great place to visit! From ladies’ dresses with matching masks to menswear of all colors. Well worth a visit! – Darren Koh

The most radiant, bustling with people from all walks of life. It’s so colorful and the smell of spices lingers everywhere. And if you are looking for good Indian food, this place is the haven for it. All sorts of Indian food there is, can be found here. I just love this place. The Tikka market has a high number of concentrated Indian food stalls. You will be spoilt for choice. – Suresh Perumalu

Ohhh i really excited i found Indian food here. The first time i ate dosa and masala tea. You can find all about Indian food descend from India because most of them are made by Indian people. Even if you are Indonesian we can find nasi Padang also. – Retno Muninggar

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