The Finest Tau Huay in Singapore

Tau Huay, sometimes referred to as tofu pudding, is a cherished delicacy that has a particular place in many Singaporeans’ hearts. A monument to the many different culinary influences that have molded the island country is this delicious dessert, which has a long cultural heritage.

Tau Huay has become a crucial component of Singapore’s thriving food culture, whether it is consumed as a warming dessert or a cool treat. The history, cooking techniques, and wide variety of tastes and toppings that make Tau Huay a must-try culinary experience in Singapore will all be covered in this article. Come with us as we explore the world of Tau Huay and learn the secrets of this smooth, sweet treat.

Best Tau Huay in Singapore


Lao Ban

ServicesDessert Shop
Operating HoursAlways Open
Contact Details+65 9088 1028
Address51 Old Airport Road, #01-107 Old Airport Road Food Centre, Singapore, Singapore

30 Woodlands Ave 2, #01-23 Woodlands MRT Station, Singapore 738343

1 Kadayanallur St, #01-91, Singapore 069184

Lao Ban’s version of soy beancurd and tau huey gained popularity for its texture, which is similar to milk custard and is delicate when consumed but flavorful. Mr. Li Hui Shing and Mdm. Hui Ywai Kwai, a husband and wife combination, founded Lao Ban, which is known for its almond beancurd in addition to its distinctive flavor. Since then, dozens of businesses have popped up all over the island offering this silky soy beancurd, including Maxwell Hawker Centre, Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, and Redhill MRT Station.

Customer Reviews

Visited Commonwealth branch . I brought 2 cup of drink. I felt disrespected and unpleasant that the old lady staff unhappy and show face due to I gave her the folded mark 10 SGD , teaching me not fold cash and ask me to buy bigger wallet to keep cash in front of other customers. Won’t visit anymore! May I ask this how the staff treat customers ? and and I hope Lao ban beancurd give me an explanation. – Stepheny Yang


Selegie Soya Bean

ServicesDessert Shop
Operating HoursDaily: 7:30 AM–10:45 PM
Contact Details+65 6281 0933
+65 6280 5711
AddressNo.171, Kampong Ampat #04-09 KA Foodlink Singapore 368330

One of the greatest beancurds in Singapore, Selegie Soya Bean’s is best described as being soft, flexible, and wonderfully smooth. No matter whatever location you visit, the chain brand maintains the smoothness of the dessert. If you choose, you can top your beancurd with gula melaka, tapioca cubes, and glutinous rice balls in addition to eating it plain. Exotic flavors like Honeydew and Mango are also present in another variant, the Soya Pudding.

Selegie Soya Bean also provides delivery for its menu items, which include crispy fried dough fritters that are ideal for soaking up the leftover beancurd when you’re finished, in case you have a need for a bowl but don’t want to leave your house. Hougang Street 21, Upper Serangoon Road, and Towner Road are only a few of the island’s shopping areas.

Customer Reviews

This place is a great find in this neighborhood! I was there on a weekday night at 10 pm and there was a queue. The queue was slow but this place is worth the wait. Really surprised by how smooth the classic beancurd is! The sugar syrup is also not overly sweet and the dough stick fritter was still warm, crispy, and not overly oily. Their menu has a wide selection of items. Will definitely go back to try out other items! – Li Yun


Whampoa Soya Bean and Grass Jelly

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursDaily: 7:15 AM–8 PM
Monday and Friday: Closed
Contact Details+65 9138 7800
Address91 Whampoa Dr, #01-52 Makan Place, Singapore 320091

The famous beancurd from Whampoa Soya Bean & Grass Jelly Drinks is the finest when it’s steaming hot and is notable for being the first soy beancurd pudding stall in Singapore to be listed in the Singapore Michelin Guide. The stand frequently has a lengthy line for its tau huay, which is still traditionally prepared using gypsum coagulant rather than the lactone form used in commercial production.

Even though the stall is now run by the second generation of the original owner, nostalgia is appropriate since the beancurd still has the same flavor as when it first opened for business. While you’re here, add a generous helping of gingko nuts for a heartier, healthier version of the dessert.

Customer Reviews

Dou Hua for only $1.20 anyone? There are many Whampoa Soya Bean stalls all over Singapore, but this is with additional Grass Jelly! The soya bean curd is super smooth! And it tastes good also, quite rich, and very value for money with the amount of ingredients added. I was there at 8 pm and it’s the only stall that remained open. Not easy during covid period so pls support locals! – Black Raven


Mr Bean

ServicesDessert Shop
Operating HoursDaily: 6:30 AM–7 PM

Singapore’s Mr. Bean is a franchise, it continues to offer some of the greatest bean beverages and beancurd sweets in the city at the most convenient locations. Along with the traditional beancurd flavor, the chain brand now sells beancurd in surprising flavors like sea salt gula melaka and ginger soup.

Customer Reviews

Fresh soya bean in the morning – staff are always friendly if not always that clear. Fast-moving and efficient. – Celine L

The Finest Tau Huay in Singapore

DDSD Dessert

ServicesDessert Shop
Operating HoursDaily: 9:30 AM–2:30 PM
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Address#02-53 Hong Lim Market and Food Center, Singapore 051531

The DDSD (derived from their nicknames) allows customers to choose their own toppings to the silky smooth beancurd base or have them in its original flavor. It is run by a young husband-and-wife dup who are so into all things beancurd that they even gave themselves the nicknames “da dou” (big bean) and “xiao dou” (small bean). Beancurd is made in-house by DDSD using Canadian soybeans free of GMOs.

The standouts among them include unusual choices like black sesame beancurd, peach gum topping, chrysanthemum syrup, and ginger sugar.

Customer Reviews

The queue was long but clearing at a constant speed. The price was reasonable and can be considered very value for money for the quality and quantity. We love the bean curd, it was one of the best tasted in Singapore. It was very smooth, soft but firm (not mushy), the taste was fragrance and I especially love the ginger syrup and chrysanthemum syrup. Would definitely come back again! – Felicia Lim


Teck Seng Soya Bean Milk

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursDaily: 4:30 AM–12 PM
Monday: Closed
Contact Details+65 9786 5103
Address30 Seng Poh Rd, #02-69 Market, Singapore 168898

You’ll need to get up early if you want to enjoy the silky and aromatic beancurd from Teck Seng Soya Bean Milk because they are frequently sold out before 10 am. The family-run stand, which consistently has a long line, meticulously prepares the beancurd by hand on site to ensure consistency. Teck Seng Soya Bean Milk furthermore offers soy milk, freshly fried youtiao, and a variety of soybean-based items.

Customer Reviews

Lovely soya bean milk stall that usually runs out before lunch. Especially their bean curd. Flavourful and thick, only $1 for a refreshing drink, and you can ask for less sweet or no sugar. – Kim Wee Soh


Rochor Original Beancurd

ServicesDessert Shop
Operating HoursDaily: 10:30 AM–11:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6334 1138
Address2 Short St, Singapore 188211

With silky smooth soy beancurd in Singapore, Rochor Original Beancurd House is the place to go, and with good reason. The restaurant, run by Mr. Xu and his wife, is hailed as one of the original booths to provide the delicious and airy tau huay. Expect the aromatic fragrance of soybeans to come through before you even take a piece of the beancurd today since they have two stores to their name, one at the old Geyland site, and the other conveniently placed near Rochor MRT.

Customer Reviews

High price-performance ratio – economical and tasty soy foods and beverages. Great for late-night supper runs. We had iced soy milk, grass jelly, and egg tart. While soy milk is a little sweet, the egg tart is fantastic, probably better than most egg tart specialists out there haha. Worth a visit. – Deon Lim


Chinese Tofu Magician SG

ServicesBubble Tea Store
Operating HoursDaily: 11 AM–9:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6983 3584
Address60 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-51 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051

Chinese Tofu Magician, a Hunan, China, establishment, created an impact when it first launched in Singapore in 2019 at Paya Lebar Square. In the store’s front display, you can observe how large stone mills are used to grind Canadian non-GMO soybeans into milk for a range of items. This beancurd melts in your tongue and has a silky, pudding-like texture. There are now locations for the soy beancurd booth in 313@Somerset, VivoCity, and Chinatown Point.

Customer Reviews

My favorite drink. Not that sweet but still tasty. Slightly sweet from the mochi/muahchee. The soymilk is also good. They got a new menu and it really gewd. Matcha and strawberry. I’d like to frequently order it if it’s near. – Viola Julietta

In Singapore, Tau Huay is more than simply a dessert; it is a symbol of the country’s storied culinary legacy. It is a popular dessert among residents and a must-try for tourists due to its delicate texture and variety of tastes. Tau Huay welcomes you to taste the sweet essence of Singapore’s cuisine culture in every mouthful, whether you want it scorching hot or cool and crisp. For a taste of heritage and a sweet memory to treasure, indulge in this silky-smooth pleasure the next time you find yourself in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tau Huay made of?

Soybean protein is coagulated to create tau huay. The ratio of bean protein to coagulant is therefore crucial. You may modify the water quantity to achieve the desired texture. Therefore, if you discover that your Tau Huay is too hard, add extra water while maintaining the same ratio of bean to water.

Is Tau Huay healthy?

In Singapore, beancurd, also known as tau huay, is a common dessert. The low-fat, high-protein soy bean pudding forms the foundation of the silky, smooth dessert. It provides calcium as well.

What is beancurd in hokkien?

The traditional Chinese dessert known as soy beancurd, also known as tofu pudding, douhua and doufuhua (in Mandarin), or tau huay (in Hokkien), is prepared from soy milk and a coagulant, but those who have tried to make it at home will know it’s not as easy as just combining the two.

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