The Finest Murtabak in Singapore

Murtabak, a mouthwatering meal that tantalizes the palate with its luscious aromas and fragrant spices, has solidly cemented itself as a treasured culinary jewel in Singapore’s dynamic culinary scene. This scrumptious treat, which is frequently praised as a genuine culinary masterpiece, captures the spirit of Singapore’s cosmopolitan past by fusing inspirations from Malay, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines to provide a genuinely distinctive and delectable experience.

on this introduction, we’ll explore the history, preparation, and pure joy of eating murtabak on Singapore’s busy streets and hawker centers. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Murtabak, where tradition and creativity combine to produce a dish that has won over the hearts and palates of both residents and tourists.

Best Murtabak in Singapore


Zam Zam Restaurant

ServicesIndian Muslim Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 7 AM–11 PM
Contact Details+65 6298 6320
Address697-699 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198675

Since opening in 1908, crowd favorite Zam Zam Restaurant has amassed more than 7,000 positive Google ratings, making it one of Singapore’s oldest eateries today. You might eat their murtabak for breakfast and dinner because they are open from 7 am to 11 pm every day. You may get a murtabak stuffed with deer meat at Zam Zam (starting at $12), which is believed to have a deeper, meatier flavor than the typical fillings of mutton, chicken, and other things. Choose Mutton (starting at $7), Chicken (starting at $6), or Tuna (starting at $9) if you want a more traditional option.

Customer Reviews

One of the best places for biryani you can find in Singapore. A must-have for travellers to savour traditional Indian Muslim food. – Eugene Nodtviedt


The Roti Prata House

ServicesIndian Muslim Restaurant
Operating HoursSun-Thurs 7 AM to 2 AM, Fri-Sat 7 AM to 4 AM
Contact Details+65 6459 5260
Address246M & 246K Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574370

The Roti Prata House, which is open until 4am, is a popular place for Friday night get-togethers. There is something for every taste at the restaurant, which is located immediately outside Upper Thomson MRT Station. There are 14 distinct murtabak flavors available.

If it’s your first time here, the most popular flavors are Mutton Cheese (starting at $8), which is rumored to be packed with plenty of meat, and Tuna (starting at $9). For those who are feeling very daring, you may also try their Pizza Chicken ($13). In contrast, they provide vegetarian choices such Veg Murtaba (starting at $6). Have it with their tangy, spicy, and widely acclaimed fish curry!

Customer Reviews

I recently tried The Roti Prata House, and I must say, it’s not a bad place for Prata enthusiasts. If you’re a fan of crispy prata, this is definitely a spot to check out. They have a very unique way of making prata that adds to the experience. Overall, I found it to be a decent place to satisfy your prata cravings. – Benjamin


Sin Ming Roti Prata Faisal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food

ServicesIndian Muslim Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 6:30 AM–6 PM
Contact Details+65 6453 3893
Address24 Sin Ming Road, #01-51, Singapore 570024

Sin Ming Roti Prata, another location where you may satisfy your craving for murtabak, is located farther along the Upper Thomson stretch. Be prepared to endure lengthy lines at this eatery because they are known for its coin prata. Here, Mutton (TBD) and Chicken (TBD) are common options. The most popular dips online are fish or mutton curry, which go well with their murtabak.

Customer Reviews

One of the best if not the best roti prata I have tried in Singapore. The coin prata was crispy and fragrant, and the plain prata was equally crispy with slight chewiness. The curry has a hint of tangy taste. Overall a nice combination. – MK Lim

ServicesIndian Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 7 AM–11 PM
Contact Details+65 64559093
+65 69009093
Address136, 138 Casuarina Road (Off Upper Thomson) Singapore 579524

One of the top prata restaurants in Singapore, Casuarina Curry, is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. According to reviews, they do equally well in their murtabak. In their broad menu, the Ultimate Power Murtabak (starting at $10.50), which includes spicy tandoori chicken, mozzarella, and portobello mushroom, stands out as part of Casuarina Curry’s Chef’s Innovation series.

Customer Reviews

Ordered 4 egg pratas and 2 plain pratas. There are plenty of seats but sometimes it’s very packed here as people who visit the park will come here to have breakfast or lunch. The waiter gave us 2 different types of curry. One is fish curry and the other is chicken curry. The fish curry seems to be tastier. A mix of both curry and you get a new type of curry. The prata is quite nice. – Nel Y



Operating HoursDaily: 7 AM–11 PM
Contact Details+65 6285 9001
AddressBlock 303 Jurong East Street 32, Singapore 600303

Since 2008, Enaq has been serving crispy prata in Jurong, tucked among HDB buildings. Over time, they expanded their selection of intriguing prata flavors, but they are also renowned for their distinctive-looking triangle-wedged murtabak.

The servings of murtabak are believed to be ample even though they are only available in single-size amounts here. A cheese murtabak costs $5.50, but their cheese mushroom ($7) is the more popular choice. You may get freshly produced sambal to go with your murtabak here, unlike at other murtabak establishments.

Customer Reviews

Crispy type of prata, very generous portion, and great service. The shop is kind of small and cramped, I usually prefer the sit outside. Consider sharing if the dishes of u want a light meal. – Wai Chan

The Finest Murtabak in Singapore

Victory Restaurant

ServicesIndian Muslim Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 7 AM–11 PM
Contact Details+65 6298 6955
Address701 North Bridge Rd, #701, Singapore 198677

Victory eatery, which opened its doors in 1910, is a different murtabak eatery two doors down. They are one of the city’s oldest murtabak establishments and are only two years younger than Zam Zam. They start charging $5 for their murtabak in an effort to be competitive.

Reviews compliment the crunchy dough and suggest the Mutton (starting at $7), which is stuffed to the brim with flavorful chopped meat and onion. They also offer spicy tuna starting at $9. You may also choose a Mushroom murtabak, a recent addition to the menu, which costs $6.

Customer Reviews

After an afternoon and evening of exploring Singapore, we had developed quite an appetite. My friend suggested this place for murtabak. There were several size choices and we shared the second smallest – wow – there was a tonne of food and we even had to take the leftovers home as we couldn’t get through it. – David Maddison


Mr & Mrs Mohgan Super Crispy Roti Prata

ServicesCoffee Shop
Operating HoursDaily: 6:30 AM–1 PM
Wednesday: Closed
Contact Details+65 6453 3893
Address300 Joo Chiat Road, Tin Yeang Restaurant, Singapore 427551

The iconic crispy prata of Mr. & Mrs. Mohgan Super Crispy Roti Prata is a favorite among East Asians; on weekends, wait times frequently exceed an hour. Murtabak is one of their lesser-known, but no less delicious, menu items. They offer two varieties. Because they sell out so quickly, be sure to arrive early.

In case you were unaware, Mrs. Mohgan now manages the business alone following the death of her husband at the beginning of the year. Her Mutton ($8) murtabak, which uses the same crisp dough as their renowned prata, is nonetheless well-reviewed despite this. Otherwise, if you want anything with fish, pick Sardine ($7).

Customer Reviews

The Roti Prata at Mr Mrs Mohegan in Joo Chiat Road is a delightful treat! The egg and plain Prata are crispy and irresistibly yummy, delivering a delightful crunch with every bite. The curry gravy complements the Prata perfectly, adding a burst of flavor that’s just the right fit. The charming coffee shop atmosphere adds to the overall experience, making it a go-to spot for anyone craving these delicious, mouthwatering Pratas. – M_T “Marg”


Julaiha Muslim Restaurant

ServicesIndian Muslim Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily 24 Hours
Contact Details+65 6743 2773
Address538 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368222

You should definitely try the Julaiha Muslim Restaurant, which is a dinner venue and is open every day around the clock. When you eventually delve into their murtabak, which has received praise for its consistently high quality in reviews, the 10-minute walk from Tai Seng MRT Station will have been worthwhile.

The Mutton variant, which costs $8 and is popular, is claimed to have a crispy exterior with a stuffing of soft, flavorful meat. Chicken with onion accents (starting at $8) is a decent alternative. Otherwise, you might sample their sardines, which go well with their sour and sour curry dip and cost $7.

Customer Reviews

At Julaiha Muslim Restaurant located at 538 Macpherson Road, S 368222. Famous for Brani (chicken, mutton, fish). Various type of Pratas, Mee goreng maggi and famous soup kambing and many many more. Wow! Not forgetting the teh tarik!! Recommended for family, friends, business partners etc etc. – andy1122


Al Tasneem

ServicesIndian Muslim Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 8 AM – 11 PM
Contact Details+65 6291 0709
Address709 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198681

Al-Tasneem is an Indian Muslim restaurant in the same neighborhood as Zam Zam and Victory Restaurant. Its murtabak is frequently compared to those of the previous two restaurants. Their standard beef, chicken, mutton, sardine, tuna, and vegetable murtabak selections start at $6. For the whole experience, be sure to dunk it in their homemade curry gravy!

Customer Reviews

This place is Good for dining and group functions. I had my best mutton murtabak so far as compared in the North Bridge area and Serangoon garden way. – Caleb Chui


Springleaf Prata Place

ServicesIndian Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 8 AM–12 AM
Address5 Mandai Link, #02-01 Mandai Food Link, Singapore 728654

The nine locations of Springleaf Prata Place, which are dispersed around Singapore, are known for their renowned prata. Their murtabak collection, which offers creative takes on the stuffed prata, is also nothing short of impressive. Similar to Enaq, this restaurant offers a dish called the Ultimate Murtabak ($16.90), which is packed with tandoori chicken, portobello mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese.

Try their Magic Meatless Murtabak ($8.90), which is stuffed with lentils, mushrooms, curry leaves, vegan mayo, and Korean sauce, for a change of pace. Alternatively, get their best-selling Chicken murtabak (starting at $9.90). Even more toppings are available, including mushrooms ($1.40), cheddar ($3.40), and mozzarella ($3.40).

Customer Reviews

My go to place in the West when I craves for prata . Springleaf prata place at Sunset Way has both indoor and outdoor seating . We had the Mutton Briyani , Plain Prata and Ultimate Murtabak for sharing. The plain prata is really crispy and nice . The ultimate murtabak is big enough for two to three Pax sharing . It’s loaded with chunky tandoori chicken, portobello mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Very flavourful and nice ! It’s no wonder that they even got featured in the 2023 Michelin guide! – Chewy Jas

As a result, murtabak in Singapore is more than simply a dish; it’s a mouthwatering illustration of the diverse range of ethnicities that make up this thriving city-state. It remains a favorite delicacy for Singaporeans and a must-try for anybody discovering the rich and varied world of Singaporean cuisine because to its delectable combination of spices and fillings.

Murtabak continues to be a legendary culinary treat that exemplifies the cosmopolitan nature of this vibrant island nation, whether you’re having it at a crowded hawker center or enjoying a contemporary variation at a hip restaurant.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is inside murtabak?

As a spicy folded omelette pancake with pieces of veggies, murtabak is frequently characterized. The most popular type of murtabak is formed with pan-fried crepes that are folded and cut into squares after being filled with minced meat, beaten eggs, leeks, chives, or green onions.

What is the difference between prata and murtabak?

A filled roti prata on steroids is what a murtabak is like. Using the same dough, the Muslim-Indian dish is stretched, tugged, and strengthened with a cooked prata kosong in the center, acting as a plate inside a wrapper. It is then filled, folded into a square with overlaps, and placed on the kavi to brown.

What is the origin of murtabak?

Mutabbaq translates to “folded” in Arabic. This implies that Murtabak may have come from Yemen, which had a sizable Indian population, and spread to Indian traders’ home nations. Muslim Tamil traders brought Murtabak to Southeast Asia.

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