The Finest Reunion Dinner in Singapore

In Singapore, a reunion dinner is a unique event when family members gather together to celebrate and deepen their relationship. On the eve of the Chinese New Year, families come together to share a lavish feast and catch up on one another’s lives as part of a long-standing custom.

The reunion supper is a major occasion in Singapore, where family bonds and values are valued highly. Singaporeans customarily prepare and offer delicacies at this time that stand for luck, wealth, and happiness.

Family members can reunite and reaffirm their love and respect for one another during the reunion supper. It provides a chance to forge lasting memories, transmit cultural customs, and deepen family bonds. The reunion meal is an opportunity for everyone to get together and share in the happiness of family, whether it is a sizable gathering or a more private one.

Best Reunion Dinner in Singapore


Madame Fan

The Finest Reunion Dinner in Singapore
Madame Fan – Reunion Dinner Singapore
ServicesReunion Dinner, Cantonese Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM, 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6818 1921
Address32 Beach Rd, The NCO Club, Singapore 189764

During your 2022 reunion dinner gatherings, savor international Cantonese food. You may serve the exquisite Shunde-style yusheng with halibut sashimi or with a vibrant assortment of vegetables. There are four Lunar New Year dinner packages available, including specialties like pan-fried marble goby fish fillet with shaved black truffle and Hokkaido lobster soup.


  • Mouth-watering cocktail Dim Sum Brunch at the weekends
  • A contemporary, luxurious fine-dining restaurant
  • Live bands on select days for fine-dining entertainment
Customer Reviews

Tried their CNY menu. The aesthetic of the dessert was really very pretty. The glutinous rice was very fragrant. The fats and the meat of the pork neck were just nice which makes the texture of the right balance. The fried rice was served with a generous serving of crab meat as well. The ambiance was chill, elegant, and stylish. Waited for the food for quite a while the staff did take the initiative to come over to tell us that it would be served soon. – Madeleine Tan



The Finest Reunion Dinner in Singapore
Jade – Reunion Dinner Singapore
ServicesReunion Dinner, Restaurants and Bars
Operating HoursDaily: 11:30 AM–3 PM, 6:30–10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 3129 8330
Address1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

Jade has more than lived up to the reputation of the precious gemstone that bears its name by providing authentic Chinese cuisine of the highest caliber and a friendly welcome. The restaurant raised the bar with its renovation in 2017 by introducing new decor and a more concentrated culinary approach by Executive Chinese Chef Leong Chee Yeng, increasing the dining experience for aficionados.

The 120-seat venue, which has two private rooms and two partitioned spaces, is exquisitely decorated with a color scheme that mimics the sheen of jade, specifically commissioned wallpaper, and overhead lantern lighting, among other fine design features. Jade symbolizes a blend of legacy, design, culture, and excellent eating that is exclusive to the Singapore culinary scene and is housed within the venerable and magnificently preserved Fullerton Hotel Singapore, itself a National Monument.


  • With two private dining rooms and two partitioned areas
  • The restaurant has a 120-seat capacity
  • Helmed by Executive Chinese Chef Leong Chee Yeng
Customer Reviews

I had my daughter’s wedding dinner at Jade, it was excellent! Joyce and Alan coordinated so well and gave us many tips so that we are better prepared for both the tea ceremony and dinner. The food was superb and the quantity was more than sufficient! – Lina Lek


Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

The Finest Reunion Dinner in Singapore
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant – Reunion Dinner Singapore
ServicesReunion Dinner, Chinese Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11:30 AM–3 PM, 6–10 PM
Contact Details+65 6831 4605
AddressSingapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865

The Christmas season is all about eating, with a wide variety of opulent dinners and excellent foods available. Choose from six different yusheng forms and throw them with lobster, swordfish, Hokkaido scallop, sea urchin, caviar, salmon roe, and crispy fish skin for a prosperous year. If you’d rather have something else, you could also try the smoked duck breast or the pear and avocado options.

Enjoy a delightful pot of pen cai with the family that has 14 distinct ingredients, such as abalone, crispy dried oyster, goose feet, and fish maw, all floating in a flavorful stock. To finish your dinner, order a novel dish like ginseng Irish roast duck, bird’s nest dumpling with superb crab roe soup, or crispy pig trotters with spicy sesame sauce.


  • Award-Winning
  • Authentic
  • Classic Cantonese Delicacies
  • Premium and Fresh Ingredients
Customer Reviews

Really enjoyed my dinner at Wanhao (inside Marriott). We had Peking duck, beef cubes, abalone & sea cucumber (this one is not so good), pork ribs, and truffle prawn. I’d say 80% of the dishes really hit the mark. Also had the mango 楊枝甘露 with coconut ice cream, really good. Will be back for more! – Deon Lim



The Finest Reunion Dinner in Singapore
Racines – Reunion Dinner Singapore
ServicesReunion Dinner, Authentic French Cuisine and Local Chinese Dishes
Operating HoursBreakfast: 7:00hrs to 10:30hrs
Lunch: 12:00hrs to 15:00hrs
Dinner: 17:30hrs to 22:00hrs
Contact Details+65 6428 5000
Address9 Wallich Street, 078885 Singapore

Start with a deep-fried crab basket filled with marinated crab meat, shredded vegetables, ikura, and pie tee shell, then move on to a filling ginseng soup that has been double-boiled and features black chicken and wolfberries. The must-try main dishes include braised Australian pig belly served with Chinese mushrooms, knotted beancurd, and Jasmine rice, as well as locally produced barramundi with pickled vegetables, glass noodles, and a special chili sauce. Mandarin orange or pineapple dessert will round out the meal. What a delightful treat!


  • Best New Concept Restaurant Special Award – Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2018/19
  • Helmed by the award-winning Executive Chef Jean-Charles Dubois
  • The restaurant uses seasonal local produce and organically grown ingredients
Customer Reviews

Go there to Try their chef selection menu and it is not disappointing. Modern and chic ambiance, overlooking the greenery of the Tanjong pager area. – James Tai



The Finest Reunion Dinner in Singapore
Yan – Reunion Dinner Singapore
ServicesReunion Dinner, Chinese Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11 AM–1:30 PM, 5:30 PM–8 PM
Contact Details+65 6384 5585
Address1 Saint Andrew’s Road #05-02 National Gallery, Singapore 178957

Your lunch will begin with the restaurant’s famous abalone and salmon with gold foil lo hei, which is topped with crunchy vermicelli, slices of fresh salmon, braised abalone, and gold flakes. Then savor delectable dishes like wok-fried local lobster tail with ee fu noodles, steaming soon hock with preserved lemon peel sauce, and more. The Yan harvest pen cai, a great way to end your reunion dinner table, should not be overlooked. 18 exquisite dishes will be served to you, including roast pig, 6-head abalone, prawns, hog tendons, king grouper fillet, and more.


  • Dress Code: Smart casual, strictly no slippers and flip flops.
  • Singapore Tatler Best Restaurant 2016–2022​
  • Established in 2015
Customer Reviews

Tried the hairy crab set for dinner the other day and it was good! The food here is exquisite and the seats are so comfortable. I liked that hor fun was well fried and had a nice wokhey. The cod fish was also well fried – crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Would come back again to try their other items. – Janice Mok

The Finest Reunion Dinner in Singapore

Chinese reunion meals are a significant community custom, and no one does them better than Singaporean eateries. We’ve listed the top six places in town for a reunion meal in this blog article. These are the greatest locations to go if you want a wonderful and unforgettable experience!

Do check out our list of Christmas Dinners and have time to try their delicious food.

Frequently Asked Question


What date is reunion dinner?

The Chinese New Year supper, or tuan nien fan or nian ye fan as it is known in Chinese, is also known as the “Reunion Dinner” and is arguably the most cherished part of the Spring Festival. It occurs on the eve of the Chinese New Year (January 21st in 2023).

What is the lucky food for 2023?

Traditionally, people would eat fish during the Chinese New Year in 2023. It is frequently served whole to indicate a family’s good fortune in the upcoming year since it is said to reflect abundance and surplus. Fish can be steamed, fried, braised, and in other types of cooking.

What is the purpose of reunion dinner?

Every year, at the reunion supper (tuan’nianfan), family members renew their commitment to one another and the love and respect that binds them as a unit. It can alternatively be translated as “gathering around the family hearth” (tuanyuan, or weilu).

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