National Orchid Garden: A Place to Enjoy Nature

For horticultural and environment lovers visiting Singapore, the National Orchid Garden is a must-see attraction. One of the largest orchid collections in the world, the National Orchid Garden is housed within the Singapore Botanic Gardens and features over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrid orchids.

National Orchid Garden
Address1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
Opening Hours8:30 AM–7 PM

The VIP Orchid Garden, the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House, and the Cool House are just a few of the parts of the garden that each feature various species of orchids. Visitors might also be astounded by the Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower, for its striking hues and distinctive forms.

The National Orchid Garden not only has lovely orchids, but it also has beautiful scenery that is ideal for photographers. The National Orchid Garden is a must-visit location in the Lion City whether you’re wanting to unwind in a serene setting or learn about the beauty and diversity of Singapore’s flora.

National Orchid Garden

Visitor Information

  • Cluny Road is where the Singapore Botanic Gardens are situated. Private vehicles, taxis, buses, and the MRT can all get to there.
  • The orchid garden is accessible every day from 8:00 until 19:30. Adult entrance is S$5 (US$4), while student and senior admission costs are S$1 (US$0.75). 12 years of age and under are admitted free of charge.

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