Shopping on a budget in Mustafa Center

Mustafa Center is the best location to go if you want a fantastic shopping experience in Singapore without breaking the bank.

Shopping on a budget in Mustafa Center
Mustafa Center, Singapore

Mustafa Center is a 24-hour department store with a large selection of goods at reasonable rates that is situated in Little India. At the Mustafa Center, you may get anything you require, including electronics, food, apparel, and cosmetics. It’s no surprise that Mustafa Center is a well-liked shopping destination for both locals and tourists due to its handy location and wide selection of goods. To help you make the most of your shopping experience at Mustafa Center without going overboard, we’ll give you some advice in our guide on how to buy there on a tight budget.

Address145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704
Nearest MRTFarrer Park
Opening Hours24/7
Contact Details+65 6295 5855

Mustafa Centre is a popular spot for both visitors and locals since it is well renowned as one of Singapore’s largest and most affordable shopping centers. This retail center is open around-the-clock and provides a wide range of goods.

Shopping on a budget in Mustafa Center
Mustafa Center, Singapore


  • The most affordable pricing is provided for all product types: Prices in Mustafa Centre are consistently reasonable. To obtain reduced pricing, Mustafa Centre buys goods in unusually big quantities in order to pass the savings along to its clients.
  • Nearly anything may be purchased at Mustafa Center: Shoppers will be astounded by the enormous selection of goods at Mustafa Centre, which includes jewelry, gold and silver, consumer electronics, clothing, shoes, and watches as well as cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, medications, household goods, stationery, furniture, hardware, books, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Singapore’s only 24-hour retail center: Instead of the narrative of a typical 24/7 convenience store, this is the tale of a very large retail center that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One of the reasons people adore Mustafa Centre is that it opens to serve late-night consumers whereas hundreds of other Singapore retail malls are closed at night.
Shopping on a budget in Mustafa Center
Mustafa Center, Singapore

The Mustafa Center Shoppers Guide

It is difficult to locate items without knowing their positions in the 6-story building’s combined 400,000 square feet of retail area. You can quickly locate popular goods using the quick guide below.

  • Level 1: In the level 1 stores, you may buy gold, silver, jewelry, watches, cellphones, cameras, gadgets, portable devices, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, medical supplies, medications, cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances, sunglasses, electrical products, and much more.
  • Level 2: Food products including dried goods, grains, spices, herbs, and notably Indian spices and herbs are displayed at this level. You may buy sweets and chocolate there as well as Singaporean souvenirs, silk, home goods, children’s clothing, infant supplies, and many other things.
  • Level 3: This level provides indoor furnishings such as dishes, utensils, bed linens, blankets, curtains, and decorative items.
  • Level 4: There are books, stationery, hardware, furniture, and DIY supplies here.
  • Basements 1 & 2: Here, a wide variety of fashion is available, including shoes, purses, and accessories in addition to men’s, women’s, office, and sportswear. On these two floors, there is also a selection of luggage, sporting goods, and household appliances.

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