The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore

Are you searching for Singapore’s greatest Nasi Ambeng? Look nowhere else! The top 6 Nasi Ambeng eateries in Singapore are listed below.

Describe Nasi Ambeng. Steamed rice is combined with a variety of traditional Malay cuisines in this meal, a favorite among Malaysians. Finding a fantastic Nasi Ambeng restaurant in Singapore may be very challenging, but we have already done the legwork for you! These eateries are well renowned for their mouthwatering Nasi Ambeng dishes, which are excellent for celebrations and get-togethers.

These restaurants won’t let you down whether you’re searching for a simple dinner or an elegant dining experience. What are you still holding out for? Plan your next trip to enjoy Nasi Ambeng right away!

Best Nasi Ambeng in Singapore


Four Seasons Restaurant

The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore
Four Seasons Restaurant – Nasi Ambeng Singapore
Operating HoursWeekdays: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Weekends: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6909 9789
Address78 Airport Boulevard, B2-227/228 Singapore, Singapore 819666

There are several foods that spring to mind when you think of the Four Seasons Restaurant. For instance, their renowned Nanyang-style Chinese food or their Halal-certified Dim Sums.

Additionally, they provide a variety of Nasi Ambeng sets that are excellent for sharing with loved ones and friends. With the assistance of friends and family, eat all your favorite dishes in style in one of two sizes—for 2 people or 5 people. You might be considering what makes their Nasi Ambeng delivery so amazing. It must be the extensive selection of side dishes. When they come in such a tempting variety, combine them for the greatest results!


  • Culinary creativity
  • Great customer service
  • Located at the Changi Airport
Customer Reviews

As a tourist, I tried many of the kopi stores here in Singapore. In my opinion, it’s the best kopi in comparison, and also for a better price. Many thanks for that Singapore experience! – Matthias Breuel


Straits Cafe

The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore
Straits Cafe – Nasi Ambeng Singapore
ServicesBuffet restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 7:00 AM – 10:30 AM/11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6708 7745
Address9 Bras Basah Rd, level 1 Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore 189559

Does Malaysian food exist in enough places? The greatest dishes from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, and other Straits Settlement cities are combined at Straits Cafe, which has been dubbed a “culinary melting pot” by some.

Straits Nasi Ambeng, KL Prawn Noodles, Klang Chic Kut Teh, and more favorites will be available at reasonable prices. using premium components in each! Various Durian sweets, little pastries, cakes, and jellies can be sampled to finish the meal.


  • Aims to bring favorites from Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur
  • Variety of Straits cuisines
  • High-quality ingredients
Customer Reviews

Delicious food & value for money. Love all the items in the combo of Emperor Dulang. Would love it even more if we could order an extra bowl of the stir-fried broccoli mushroom. – Shahrulbariah Arif-Sng


Gerai Nenek Obek

The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore
Gerai Nenek Obek – Nasi Ambeng Singapore
ServicesHawker stall
Operating HoursTuesday to Sunday: 7:30 AM–3 PM
Address1 Geylang Serai Market #02-136 Singapore 402001

Known for its quick service, Gerai Nenek Obek is a popular café in Geylang Serai Market. Despite being well-known for its nasi rawon, this restaurant’s nasi ambeng is among the most affordable in town and comes with a variety of side dishes. There are several selections at the stall as well. The restaurant offers island-wide delivery so you may satisfy your ambeng cravings at these times.


  • Soul-Satisfying Flavours
  • Since 1963
  • Highest Quality Ingredients
Customer Reviews

Wow, this meal is so WORTH IT!! Worth my traveling down, worth the $ and definitely worth coming back for more! Friendly family stall with nice food! – John Koh

The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore

Enak Enak Restaurant

The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore
Enak Enak Restaurant – Nasi Ambeng Singapore
ServicesHawker stall
Operating HoursDaily 11 AM – 4 AM
Contact Details+65 9384 4686
+65 6876 5911
AddressSimpang Bedok outlet:
340 Bedok Road, Singapore 469520

East Coast Seafood Centre outlet:
1202 East Coast Park, #01-01 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 449881

Don’t worry if you’re having a gathering with a smaller party since they also offer two extra sizes: small and medium. If you’ve ever heard of Enak, you’d be familiar with their wonderful, enormous nasi ambeng, Nasi Ambeng Dulang L.

A variety of vegetables are served as side dishes on each plate, which serves as a great contrast to the other dishes’ hearty, powerful flavors. While most sides are spicy on their own, you may change the amount of heat based on what you’re putting in it by adding a belacan to the side.

Enjoy the succulent flavor of the plate with the creamy gravy that unites the tender and savory meats.


  • Authentic Malay cuisine
  • Islandwide delivery
  • Specializes in Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Padang and Nasi Lemak
Customer Reviews

Good food at reasonable and even faster service. – Decruz Lawrence


Coba Coba

The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore
Coba Coba – Nasi Ambeng Singapore
ServicesHalal restaurant
Operating HoursMonday, Wednesday to Sunday: 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6382 2622
Address156 Yishun Street 11, #01-106, Singapore 760156

Yishun has a pleasant quality. There is Coba Coba, to start. Customers go from all around Singapore to this antique eatery for its well-known nasi ambeng.

However, Coba Coba has made it simple for aficionados to have the meal. As a major side dish, pick from the two combinations of beef rendang or prawns with green chili. The most well-liked meal at this restaurant is sambal sotong, which is also available as the main course in nasi ambeng solo sets.


  • Authentic Indonesian food
  • Retro ambiance
  • Lovingly prepared food
Customer Reviews

Delicious food. Friendly service. – Stevie Mambostevie Sun


My Spice Affair

The Finest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore
My Spice Affair – Nasi Ambeng Singapore
ServicesHalal restaurant
Operating HoursMonday to Friday, Sunday: 10 AM–9 PM
Contact Details+65 8424 2182
Address12 Kallang Ave, Aperia #02-11. S339511

My Spice Affair serves Nasi Padang and Nasi Ambeng in the evening and throughout the day, respectively. Since the 1970s, you can be sure that the consistently improved original Malacca recipes will give you the true flavor of Malaysian food. They make their own pastes, including a variety of spices and premium ingredients, to produce their own specialties, assuring maximum satisfaction.

Choose from the Solo Ambeng Beef Rendang Set and the Solo Ambeng Chicken Lemak Chilli Padi Set for a self-care evening. Both include some of the best Nasi Ambeng dishes available. The Jumbo Ambeng Set is perfect for a family dinner or get-together. Everything required to feed eight people is included!


  • Best service experience
  • Food with good quality
  • Authentic Malacca recipes
Customer Reviews

Madam Salmah started as a street Warong hawker serving Nasi Padang in the 1970s along Jalan Kayu and Seletar. For years, her recipes have been developed and improved but the traditional authentic taste of Malay Cuisine is very much maintained. Our authentic recipes are prepared using self-made pastes from a wide variety of spices and we only serve dishes made with quality ingredients. – Madam Salmah

Nasi Ambeng is undoubtedly one of the many cuisines of Singapore, a nation with an amazing range of culinary offerings. You can find Nasi Ambeng eateries all across the city, but you might need to do some research ahead to make sure you can always find them. For those who wish to branch out from their go-to dish, this article lists the greatest Nasi Ambeng in Singapore.

Do check out our list of Nasi Mandi and enjoy when your craving strikes.

Frequently Asked Question


What is Nasi Ambeng Singapore?

Nasi Ambeng, an Indonesian meal that differs from Nasi Padang, is made with fragrantly steamed white rice, chicken curry, beef or chicken rendang, sambal goreng urap, bergedel, and serunding, among other ingredients.

What is the difference between nasi padang and nasi ambeng?

On a plate, Nasi Ambeng is essentially Nasi Padang: a mound of rice surrounded by a variety of foods. The one pax dish provided at Pu3 includes cuttlefish, tempeh, chilli eggplant, bagada land ikan billis, and your choice of beef or chicken.

Why is it called nasi ambeng?

Javanese in Singapore and Malaysia created Nasi Ambeng, which was inspired by Nasi Berkat and Nasi Tumpeng. The Javanese phrase ambengan, which means to sit together or to congregate in defense of something, is where the name Ambeng first appeared.

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