10 Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore

As they deliver to you the peak of Arabian cuisine right here in the heart of Singapore – the Best Nasi Mandi experience – indulge your senses in an extraordinary gastronomic adventure. Their restaurant serves as a guide for discerning diners looking for the genuine tastes of the Arabian Peninsula, nestled among the bustling culinary scene of this international metropolis.

As they painstakingly prepare each plate of Nasi Mandi to take you to the hopping markets and fragrant streets of the Middle East, prepare to embark on a culinary journey that crosses borders. Every mouthful is a perfect ballet of tastes and textures thanks to the expert blending of fragrant basmati rice, a symphony of spices, succulent meats, and a variety of delightful accompaniments by our culinary masters.

You will be surrounded by an atmosphere that recalls the warmth of Arabian hospitality the minute you enter our doors. A dining experience that is as aesthetically attractive as it is enticing to the taste senses can be had in this setting, which is made up of rich tapestries, sophisticated design, and seductive scents.

Their Best Nasi Mandi in Singapore guarantees an unrivaled feast that honors tradition while embracing the modern, whether you’re an experienced traveler of international cuisines or an inquisitive epicurean exploring new flavors. We welcome you to enjoy the best Nasi Mandi Singapore has to offer as they celebrate the culinary arts, culture, and community. Here is where your journey into the world of food begins; each taste reveals the history and culture of a far-off place.

Best Nasi Mandi in Singapore


Fortune Food

10 Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Fortune Food – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 6243 2118
Address3017 Bedok North Street 5, #01-13, Singapore 486121

Fortune Food has developed from humble beginnings – a single hawker stall in Geylang Bahru – to a large business with 9 stores islandwide, with over a decade of expertise offering freshness and excellence. Quality is of the highest importance – which is why their food items are cooked from scratch daily, all 365 days of the year, to ensure that only the freshest is being provided. They specialize in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) sets, so anyone can indulge in their joys in the privacy of their own home!


  • DIY Party Sets
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted
Customer Review

Perfect for mini and large gatherings. – J*minnie

Very very nice food! Not salty or sweet. A plentiful amount is given. Fresh ingredients! Food was delivered 3:30pm. Kept in the oven. 6pm food still warm. Definitely will order again! Thank you Fortune Foods! – Lydia Lee

Thanks, Fortune Food for this fun D. I. Y popiah and muah chee! A tasty and generous portion will definitely order it for my next event! – Chen Peiyu


Marmaris Restaurant

10 Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Marmaris Restaurant – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 6291 3001
Address111 Dunlop St, Singapore 209430

Welcome to Marmaris. Marmaris was established as a quick and easy location to display a varied assortment of creative sandwiches, salads, and sides. Marmaris is a place for family, the one you’re born into and the one you make around food, love, and friendship. From start to finish, their attentive staff guarantees that your eating experience with them is fantastic. They are open seven days a week, all day. Its crew takes satisfaction in being able to deliver great-tasting Arabic and Western-inspired food to their new and loyal consumers.


  • Best Chef
  • Clean Environment
  • 150 Tables
Customer Review

Marmaris is a hidden gem in Little India. The staff is very attentive and accommodating, and the food is lovely with the perfect amount of seasoning. Will definitely be back! – Caroline Crowder

The service is very good. I always come here for special occasions with my loved ones. It’s always been a great experience. Food is always great. Consistent. – Kai

Great food affordable price. – Kris Hna



10 Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Tabbouleh – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 6292 5235
Address41 Arab St, Singapore 199740

Welcome to tabbouleh, a wonderful Lebanese restaurant with a delightful dining experience that will keep you coming back for more. Their ingredients are hand-picked and grilled to perfection, ensuring that they provide the healthiest of Lebanese delights.


  • Authentic Taste
  • Good Experience
Customer Review

Very authentic Lebanese cuisine and delicious too. Nice atmosphere with middle eastern music. Recommended to try the mix grill and the desserts platter. – Stormy Stormy

Food & Service is very good. Friendly & courteous. – Shan K6

Nice Lebanese restaurant on Arab street next to the mosque. The food has a lot of flavors and is nicely seasoned. It is spicy, salty and acidic. I highly recommend the lamb shank. – Chan Lenger


Hajjah Mariam Cafe

10 Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Hajjah Mariam Cafe – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 8840 4297
Address743 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198711

Thinking back on the moments of dining with her nine siblings while living in their kampung stays as an attachment in Ustazah Siti Mariam Rauf’s heart. Even though the food was shared while being presented on a tray, it led to a peaceful moment among them. The dinner tasted even better this time. Ustazah Siti Mariam did not hesitate to use the concept of eating a meal together as a group when she decided to create a nasi ambeng restaurant after discovering the benefits of doing so. Despite her age of 70 plus years, Ustazah Siti Mariam never fails to socialize with her clients regardless of different ethnicities or ages with her smile.


  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-In
Customer Review

Nice ambience and the same people who managed the famous Hajjah Mariam Cafe stall at Westgate Shooping Mall in Jurong. – MR. Bojenggoals

I like the place clean and good. The nasi ambeng is good as always. – Zubie D

Great cosy ambience. Love the Ambin sitting makes you feel like home. Great tasting authentic Malay cuisines. – Rina Zakariah


Islamic Restaurant Pte Ltd

10 Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Islamic Restaurant Pte Ltd – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 6298 7563
Address735 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198703

Islamic Restaurant has been in the food business for 96 years now. Islamic Restaurant was formed in 1921 by their founder, Mr. Abdul Rahiman, then Master Chef of the affluent Alsagoff family. Their restaurant is currently being operated by Mr. Kalil, who is the third generation of this family. Islam has been able to stay competitive in the F&B market by incorporating new aspects into traditional practices. Islamic’s objective has always been to provide meals of the same high quality as in the past when Islamic Restaurant was well-known in Singapore.


  • Heritage Menu
  • Course Buffet Menu
  • International Buffet Menu
  • Hi Tea Buffet
Customer Review

Fragrant tasty fluffy wonderful place to dine. Beautiful decor cost atmosphere. – Stephen Wee

Good food. Nice ambience. Great service. Don’t forget to end your meal with teh halia ie ginger tea. – Richard Tan

Nice ambience and good service. – Jegatheesan S/O Bachu

Finest Nasi Mandi in Singapore

My Spice Affair

Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
My Spice Affair – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 6702 2785
+65 8424 2182
Address12 Kallang Ave, #02-11, Singapore 339512

They strive to provide quality halal foods for everyone! They are MUIS Halal certified. Their authentic Malacca recipes are prepared using self-made pastes from a wide variety of spices and they only serve dishes made with quality ingredients.


  • Premium Dining Experience
Customer Review

OMG! Really awesome Malay Halal food! And thanks, Boss Ivan for personally making a cup of coffee for me. 5 stars for cleanliness, 5 stars for friendly staff, and 5 stars for the food of course! – Garion T

One of my favourite Malay restaurant. The nasi ambeng is really good. – Windu

Food was richly and pleasantly done. The sauces and gravy was authentic, felt so home made. The nasi ambeng has all the classic dishes which are delectable and traditional in taste. The chilli is nicely spiced and goes so well with the fluffy white rice and the dishes! – Calvin Huang


A1 Indian Curry

Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
A1 Indian Curry – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 9423 8377
+65 6291 4697
Address12/13 Pahang St, Singapore 198613

At A1 Indian Curry we offer Authentic North Indian & Lebanese meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our delicious home-taste food.

The key to their success is simple: producing quality consistent food that tastes fantastic every single time. They pride themselves on giving their customers wonderful real North Indian and Lebanese Cuisine delicacies like Butter Chicken with Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Kebabs. Eat an excellent meal and grab a drink. But most of all, relax! They are grateful for your continuing support from the bottom of their hearts.


  • Authentic Meals
  • Excellent Quality
Customer Review

Nice and peaceful ambience at 12.30pm on a sunny Tuesday noon. – Kenneth Sim

Great food and love the fruit juices and lassis. – Kawshik T

Hidden gem in this coffeeshop, very rustic and authentic Indian food. – Jun Liang Tan


Kampong Glam Cafe

Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Kampong Glam Cafe – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 6294 1697
Address17 Bussorah St, Singapore 199438

A very warm welcome awaits you at Kampung Glam Café. They serve wonderful local food with prompt and courteous service, making it ideal for those looking for a quick bite to eat as well as those looking to “chill-lax” (relax and unwind) after a long day at work. Kampung Glam Café, which is prominently located at the intersection of Bussorah Street, has been in operation since 2004. It was simply founded with the desire to create a restaurant where people from all walks of life could enjoy healthy home-cooked meals in an outdoor atmosphere of fun and creativity at very affordable prices.


  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Halal
Customer Review

Having a light dinner with friends here.. nice place to eat.. friendly server… – Siti Aminah Binte Omar

Marvelously peaceful on the Sunny Monday morning. Take a cup of local coffee, seat in front of Bussorah Street. This is a local priced cafe. – Arthur Pok

Very nice ambiance. Outdoorsy-type seating. The food is good. – Dorrianne Yeo


Al Arafa Cuisine

Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Al Arafa Cuisine – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 8454 4567
Address81 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207660

The voyage for Al Arafa Cuisine begins on May 18 (during Ramadan). It all began with a passion for cuisine. We are specialized in ARABIAN, NORTH & SOUTH INDIAN FOODS which is located at 81 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207660. Our chefs have a lot of expertise and are quite competent. To give your taste buds the best experience, they painstakingly handpick each item from the freshest produce and adopt the highest standard of culinary experience.

When you’re inundated with a plethora of mind-blowing flavors from a variety of culinary disciplines. Don’t forget to bring your significant other to our restaurant. Al Arafa Cuisine is a two-story restaurant. 1st Level is sat and dines while 2nd Level sits on the floor. What? sure they are serious. It has totally carpeted flooring to give you the feeling of an Arabian theme. You do not want to miss this at all. Come over with a friend.


  • Fresh Ingredient
  • Highest Standard of Culinary Food
Customer Review

The food ambiance and service are very good! – Noorsham Ramdzan

The food is delicious. The price is affordable. Food was served promptly. Friendly service. – Salmah Sehsaley Alkhatiri

The food is delicious. Nice atmosphere. Bought 4 pax is more than enough for 4 ppl to eat. I will look forward to coming again. – Muhammad Sofian


Haji Kadir Food Chains Pte Ltd

Best Nasi Mandi In Singapore
Haji Kadir Food Chains Pte Ltd – Nasi Mandi Singapore
ProductsNasi Mandi
Contact Details+65 6784 8313
Address820 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520820

Haji Kadir food chains” is famous for its succulent taste of the specialized soup tulang in golden mile food center stall # b1-13/14 and at blk 820 #01-534 Tampines st.81. the attractive fiery-red color makes you want more customers to enjoy sucking the bone marrow so much that most of the food magazines even elected us as the best soup tulang in Singapore.

My father, Abdul Kadir, invented our tulang soup in the 1950s. I continue to follow my father’s recipe to this day. The exterior meat and tendon of our soup tulang are soft and aromatic, while the internal bone marrow is tender and silky. Eating soup tulang genuinely requires some abilities, otherwise, it will dirty your clothes and put you like a clown. however, this is the best assimilation into the local cuisine culture as it was the best self-experience.


  • 100% Taste Food
  • Best Price
  • 100% Healthy Food
Customer Review

Nice Indian food. But at times service a bit slow, especially in the Tampines branch. – Mohd Akbar mohd sidik

Try the fried chicken rice with chili padi.. or combo meals. Solid taste. – Sam Noah

It’s tasty simple dishes delicious. – Aslam Jaffar

In Singapore, nasi mandi is unquestionably a must-try street food dish, and it can be found all across the city-state. We hope that this list of the top 10 nasi mandi booths will aid you in your search for the greatest nasi mandi. Come on down right now and test them all!

Do check out our list of Nasi Lemak and try their amazing street food.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Nasi Mandi?

Mandi is a Yemeni traditional meal made mostly of meat and rice cooked in a pit underground with a specific combination of spices. It is incredibly popular and widespread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, and many places consider it a staple meal.

What is mandi made of?

Mandi was traditionally cooked with rice, meat (lamb, camel, goat, or chicken), and a spice blend known as hawaij. To improve the flavor, the meat is normally a young and petite sized lamb.

What is mandi served with?

For a delightful weekday meal, serve Arabian Chicken Mandi with Raw Mango Raita and Pickled Onions.

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