The Finest Kaya Toast in Singapore

Welcome to the busy streets of Singapore, where the delicious fragrance of toasted bread and freshly brewed coffee entice you to try Kaya Toast, one of the city’s most cherished culinary gems. This mouthwatering local delicacy is more than simply a breakfast choice; it is a cultural institution profoundly ingrained in Singapore’s history and tastes. Join us on a gastronomic adventure as we explore the fascinating history and delectable flavor of Kaya Toast, a traditional Singaporean treat that has been capturing the hearts and palates of residents and tourists alike for decades.

Best Kaya Toast in Singapore


Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

Price$2.20 (Kaya Toast)
$1.60 (2 Soft Boiled Eggs)
$4.90 (Kaya Toast Set with eggs and drink)
Address204 East Coast Road, Singapore 428903

Established in 1925 as a modest bread delivery service by Mr. Tan Hui Dong, it was conveniently located in the Katong to serve the local population. After shutting in 2018, it has recently reopened and is better than ever with a new menu but the same delicious sweet and savory delicacies! However, today we’re focusing on its kaya toasts. Let’s begin, then!

Made with a square of butter on top, their handcrafted creamy but silky kaya is spread over soft brioche that has been grilled over a charcoal fire. Simply fantastic. Order some soft-boiled eggs as well. Once it’s been cooked to perfection, combine it with some pepper and black soy sauce before spreading it over your bread.

Customer Reviews

A very traditional place for breakfast and the venue is often used as a backdrop in local movies. The breakfast toast set is reasonably priced, and the toast is very different from other chain restaurants that sell kaya toast. Besides the toast, the Gula Melaka Coffee Chiffon Cake is a must for me. Expect a queue if you are visiting on weekends, but do come early to avoid the queue. – Joshua Wong


Heap Seng Leong

Price$3.60 (Kaya Toast Set)
Contact Details+65 6292 2368
Address10 North Bridge Rd, #01-5109, Singapore 190010

Enter the modest area of Heap Seng Leong, which has been called a museum exhibit of a 1950s kopitiam that has been frozen in time.

Expect pieces of conventional white bread that the proprietor, an old guy, will prepare to order and toast on a charcoal burner until perfectly browned. two pieces of butter, placed together, and sliced into triangles, along with ample amounts of their distinctive orange Hainanese-style kaya. Just very delicious, oo! Drink a Kopi Gu You along with your lunch for an unusual twist on coffee that has butter dissolved in it for a wonderful toffee-like sweetness. You did hear correctly. Butter!

Customer Reviews

Loved this experience I am so glad I went. It was in a more local area and it felt like real Singapore. An old traditional shop filled with locals without the manufactured glitz and glam like the rest of Singapore.
Make sure you bring cash. We had the set menu. Kaya butter toast, soft-boiled egg ( make sure to add soy sauce), and Iced coffee. It was super cheap and delicious. Highly recommendable for an authentic experience
. – rebeccapnb8


Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Price$2.60 (Ala Carte, 2 slices Kaya Toast with Butter),
$5.60 (Set A, 2 slices Kaya Toast with Butter, 2 Soft Boiled Eggs & 1 Regular Hot Coffee / Tea)
Address71 outlets, islandwide including Far East Square and Raffles City Shopping Center

Ya Kun, the go-to breakfast spot in Singapore, was established in 1944 when Loi Ah Koon launched a coffee shop in the Telok Ayer neighborhood. It has been serving classic Kaya Toast with soft-boiled eggs, coffee, and tea for almost 90 years.

What motivates Ya Kun to offer one of Singapore’s most well-liked Kaya Toasts? The key is in its special toast-making technique and proprietary recipe, Kaya. What sets it apart from other kaya toasts is its innovation of the well-known crispy thin brown toast. Biting into bread that has been grilled over charcoal is similar to eating crackers and kaya but with a crisp, airy quality. So crunchy.

The mix of textures produced by the cold butter and their secret recipe kaya, which we refer to as jelak, is creamy and not excessively sweet. It gets much better when you dip it into salty, spicy soft-boiled eggs!

Customer Reviews

One of the best things in Orchard. The soft-boiled eggs taste really good. And the coffee C kosong is my muse. God bless all the ladies who work here. – Lind Bud


YY Kafei Dian

Price$1.60 (Kaya Butter Bun)
$4.30 (Kaya Butter Bun Set)
Contact Details+65 6336 8813
Address37 Beach Rd, #01-01, Singapore 189678

YY Kafei Dian is a throwback Hainanese coffee shop with a modern aesthetic that offers a variety of vintage delicacies for affordable pricing. One of the best in Singapore, their Kaya Bun is renowned for being made with in-house, freshly baked bread.

Imagine fluffy, soft buns with a hint of crispness on the outside, generously slathered with kaya and a slab of butter. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Who. Doesn’t. Like. Soft. Buns. Get the set to make your supper better! For the ideal breakfast, it includes two soft-boiled eggs and a fragrant cup of kopi.

Customer Reviews

Good toast and teh. They also have good coffee if you are a coffee drinker. Seats are available even during lunch time. We managed to find seats even though it was a big group. The price is decent though I can’t seem to find their menu. – Yingying

The Finest Kaya Toast in Singapore

Toast Box

Price$2.30 (Traditional Kaya Toast)
$2.60 (Multigrain Traditional Kaya Toast)
Address79 outlets, islandwide including two locations within 313@Somerset mall (B2 & L5, 313 Orchard Road)

Toast Box is a Singaporean modern coffee chain that was established in October 2005 with the goal of reviving the renowned coffee and toast culture of Nanyang in the 1960s and 1970s. The foundation of Toast Box is the preservation of the social tradition of sharing kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs for breakfast.

Do you like thicker, fluffier toast? You should use Toast Box! Kaya is lavishly spread between the two slices of toast, which are made with fluffy white bread and lightly toasted. The sweet kaya spread and crisp toast work together to produce the ideal harmony of tastes and sensations.

Not to be forgotten is their famed Nanyang coffee, brewed from a special mix of coffee beans. You surely don’t want to miss it because it was brewed and pulled the old-fashioned method using a cotton coffee sock. Dip your kaya toast into it for a more refined flavor. It is rich, and bitter yet with just the perfect amount of sweetness.

Customer Reviews

Delicious fast food restaurant. They provide kaya toast, noodles, and chicken chops. To talk about the toast itself, Yakun is better but we can enjoy other side dishes here, too! – Charlie Cha


Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee

ServicesHawker Stall
Price$2.40/2pcs (Kaya Bread Toast)
$4.00/2pcs (Kaya French Toast)
Contact Details+65 9710 2907
Address7 Maxwell Rd, #02-95, Singapore 069111

They are steadfastly committed to upholding the heritage of the traditional breakfast at their family-owned company, which is run by a mother-and-son team carrying on the legacy of the late patriarch. They are renowned for serving one of Singapore’s greatest kaya toasts, and all praise must naturally go to their magnificent green kaya.

It is well known for its Kaya French Toast, which mixes the traditional Singaporean kaya toast with a toast with a stronger egg flavor. served with two times as much creamy, pandan-scented kaya: one dollop on the side and one between the slices of bread. It certainly screams indulgence and shouldn’t be had every morning for breakfast.

Customer Reviews

Decent coffee and great kaya toast. Butter slathered on thick and melts to blend well with the kaya and eggs. Eggs are cooked to perfection. – Mweru


Killiney Kopitiam

ServicesCoffee Shop
Price$3.30 (Butter Kaya Toast)
$2.60 (2 Soft Boiled Eggs)
$6.40 (Butter Kaya Toast Set)
AddressKilliney International Private Limited 1 Sims Lane #04-06 Singapore 387355

Mr. Woon, a devoted client, first brought over a Hainanese Kopitiam, rebuilt it, and changed its name to “Killiney Kopitiam in 1991” because of his enthusiasm for traditional charcoal-grilled toast and well-brewed coffee.

What makes Killiney Kopitiam unique is their kaya. It tastes strongly like an egg with a touch of pandan. The best choice for egg lovers is the kaya toast from Killiney Kopitiam since it is made with plenty of eggs and just the proper amount of sweetness! In the luscious coconut jam, the kaya is also chunkier and has a much grainier and gratifying texture.

Customer Reviews

I walked in without much expectation and then left with 200% satisfaction. Curry chicken is a must-have… probably one of the best curry-related dishes I’ve ever had. I am definitely coming back! Oh and of course the coffees are absolutely perfect too. – Emma Kim


Tong Ah Eating House

Price$5.40 (Thin Kaya Toast Set)
$6.70 (French Toast with Kaya)
Contact Details+65 6223 5083
Address35 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089142

The renowned Tong Ah Eating House, Keong Saik’s primary draw, is something we mustn’t overlook. It’s a typical coffee house that has been established since 1939, once housed in a famous red and white structure.

One of the most popular places for kaya toasts. Watch them toast the bread while you’re there, and feel free to ask for an extra crispy toast if you like! The Crispy Thin Kaya Toast Set and French Toast with Kaya are two examples of the classic breakfast items offered by Tong Ah. Although its visual appeal may not be its strongest suit, their kaya has a powerful coconut flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness that dances around your tongue.

Customer Reviews

Best tasting Chinese zichar food in the vicinity. Famous for their coffee with butter and toast breed. But their dishes are really awesome too. Do check their schedule as they dun serve Chinese food every day. Yums – TzeMeng Ng

In sum, Singapore’s Kaya Toast is a delicious culinary experience that captures the spirit of the city’s vibrant culinary tradition. A hot cup of regional coffee or tea with its distinctive blend of sweet and savory flavors combine to produce an unforgettable culinary experience. Kaya Toast is a must-try treat that will leave you hankering for more of this well-loved Singaporean dish, whether you’re an adventurous tourist or a resident seeking solace in tradition.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is kaya toast from Singapore?

When Hainanese immigrants arrived in Singapore at the beginning of the 20th century, they brought with them their culinary methods and recipes. It is notably attributed to the creators of Killiney Kopitiam’s forerunner, Kheng Hoe Heng Coffeeshop, and Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Is kaya toast Malaysian or Singaporean?

The meal is thought to have been created by Hainanese cooks who served aboard British ships. They then relocated to Singapore and began selling their meals to the locals, who later substituted local coconut spreads for the British jams.

What does kaya mean in Singapore?

A traditional Singaporean breakfast is built around kaya, a custard made of coconut milk, eggs, and sugar that is scented with pandan leaf, which gives the jam a scent of recently cut grass. Kaya means “rich” in Malay, but the richness extends beyond the jam.

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