The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore’s best collection of cafés where you can work comfortably and productively, Our best Work Friendly Cafes. These cafés provide the ideal haven for your professional pursuits, whether you’re a digital nomad, a freelancer, or simply looking for a change of scenery to push through your responsibilities. You may now accomplish your goals while enjoying the rich tastes of Singaporean hospitality thanks to their calm atmosphere, dependable Wi-Fi, and variety of delicious delicacies. Explore these hotbeds of productivity with us as we discover where a warm cup of inspiration is constantly on the menu.

Best Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore


Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Operating HoursDaily: 7:30 AM–5 PM
Address8 Rodyk St, Singapore 238216

This one should be obvious. For accomplishing everything right, Toby’s Estate earns praise. Fantastic views of the river, delicious breakfasts, killer gourmet coffees, and free WiFi to top it all off! To replicate a little of the coffee magic at home, don’t forget to get a package of the brand’s distinctive coffee beans.

Customer Reviews

Wow is what I will say for this place! Their coffee is one of the best I’ve had minus the ones I have had in Australia which were all amazing!! Found this on Google and Yelp and decided why not let’s have some good coffee, They did not disappoint!! Later to realize they get their products from Australia which made sense why the freaking Amazing coffee! It’s such a cute area to sit and enjoy brunch, lunch, or just good coffee! The service was great! We sat for a few hours and had another amazing coffee. Must try while in Singapore. – Reta Bidi


Penny University

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Penny University – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday  8.00 am – 5.00 pm
Friday – Sunday  8.00 am – 10.00 pm
The kitchen closes at 4 pm for brunch and resumes at 6 pm for dinner (Friday – Sunday)
Contact Details+65 8727 1395
Address17 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199329

Looking for WiFi-free coffee shops that are suitable for business? Weekends are often busy at this charming coffee shop in Bugis, and for good reason. Its incredible dessert assortment is something we can’t get enough of! Get an espresso and a slice before settling in for the day.

Customer Reviews

I loved this little spot for brunch. Great vibe and loved the decor. Super friendly and helpful waitstaff. I think I had the Turkish eggs and they were great. The Benedict was nice too. Loved the coffee. Highly recommend! – Melissa Eisner


Jewel Coffee

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Jewel Coffee – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Contact Details+65 6297 8143
Address10C Jalan Ampas #06-02 Ho Seng Lee Flatted Warehouse Singapore 329513

Jewel is an island-wide specialty coffee shop that offers a variety of single-origin espressos that you may match with sandwiches and pastries for a quick snack. Your best choice is definitely the Claymore branch, which has plenty of lights and power outlets in its roomy facility.

Customer Reviews

Ordering coffee at the shop is slightly different as they switch up their bean selection every now and then, which is perfect for variety but sometimes the beans served are not anything like those we buy. Generally, they offer two types – one which is fuller and one which is smoother. – Gaius Leong


The Coffee Academics

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
The Coffee Academics – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
AddressRaffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-12, S(179103)

Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-26/28/K17, S(039596)

Ocean Financial Centre
10 Collyer Quay Lobby, #01-03, S(049315)

Marina Bay Financial Centre
10 Marina Boulevard, #01-01, S(018983)

Standard Chartered
8 Marina Boulevard, Level 21, S(018981)

In addition to serving excellent coffee, this Hong Kong-based roastery also offers all-day breakfast, salads, spaghetti, and acai bowls. Get the hearty Academics Breakfast with sausages, baked beans, halloumi cheese, and more for an egg-heavy brunch. Try the Academics Coffee Churros instead, which are covered with coffee cinnamon sugar if you like more coffee with your coffee. The company has a flagship site in Scotts Square, a peaceful, well-lit area, but you may alternatively go to one of its busier locations in the CBD and complete your work there.

Customer Reviews

If you want to have your best cup of Joe, request the craftmanship from their friendly baristas, Redzzz and Ashely — thank you for the nice cup of coffee! Also, thank you to the operational team for providing a very warm and friendly experience, namely — Muzz and Alynn. Keep it up, guys! – Rhena Tan


Grids Coffee Bar

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Grids Coffee Bar – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Contact Details+65 9665 4398
Address200 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058749

The three-story Japanese cafe’s basic design makes it the ideal peaceful spot in the city to unwind on a Sunday. It provides WiFi and a comfortable space to go into work mode while being tucked away from the bustle of Chinatown. Moreover, it provides a location for workshops, gatherings, and retail therapy. Eat some Japanese food and drink some locally roasted artisanal coffee before you get to work. One standout? For just $30, you can spend an entire day working at your own speed with the Work@Grids program.

Customer Reviews

Came here at mid-day. The service crew is totally friendly and they are always ready to answer your questions. My wife and I were seated at the counter table and were curious about the way they prepared the coffee and they were so enthusiastic in answering our questions. – Justin Thong

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore

If you’re searching for a work-friendly cafe where you can combine productivity with a serene atmosphere, Dempsey Hill in Singapore is the place to be. This charming enclave offers a selection of restaurants perfect for remote work, meetings, or simply a change of scenery. Imagine working amidst lush greenery, enjoying freshly brewed coffee or a delicious meal surrounded by nature. Dempsey cafes in Singapore provide a tranquil and conducive environment for work, making it an ideal destination for freelancers, remote workers, or anyone looking to escape the office for a while. Be sure to check out our Dempsey Cafes listing for a curated selection of these work-friendly havens where you can experience a harmonious blend of productivity and relaxation.


Twenty Grammes

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Twenty Grammes – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Contact Details+65 6717 1733
Address#01-01, 753 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198721

This work friendly cafe in Kampong Glam is famed for its icy gelato swirls, homemade waffles, and pastries. It is a minimalist, industrial-chic setting. Along with the added benefit of free WiFi, you’ll experience a sugar rush from specialties like hojicha soft serve and sea salt caramel ice cream with s’mores waffles as you watch the traffic outside pass by.

Customer Reviews

Very contented with the service here by a female staff. Couldn’t get her name, the skinny and slim one. Her service was excellent and friendly. She recommended us the desserts promptly when we just sat down and provided us with excellent service throughout. – Jun Jie


Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Dutch Colony Coffee Co. – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Contact Details+65 6281 0710
AddressVarious Locations including:
#01-01, 1 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore 138632

Quick WiFi? Check. extraordinary coffee? Please confirm. cool, professional vibes? Absolutely, especially at its magnificent Fusionopolis setting, the restaurant has it all. Small quantities of beans from Kenya and Colombia are roasted to bring forth the greatest flavors in each varietal. So go ahead and get your favorite espresso, cold brew, or long black. Matcha lattes and citrus chai spritzers are other beverage options. Eat rostis, sweet or savory toast, and sandwiches prepared with bagels or croissants to satisfy your hunger.

Customer Reviews

A cozy place to chill the weekend. Juicy and tender Angus beef burger, hearty loads of paprika sweet potatoes fries and a fragrant pot of wolfberries & rose tea. We’ll definitely be back! – Gin Lee



The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Komyuniti – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Operating Hours6:30am – 10:30am (Daily breakfast)
12:00 pm – 11:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday)
12:00 pm – 1:00 am (Friday and Saturday)
Contact Details+65 6866 8067
Address366 Orchard Road Level 10 YOTEL, Singapore 238904

In addition to being a fun place to eat, drink, and party with friends, Komyuniti has a ton of charging stations and super-fast WiFi. No big surprise there, given that it’s located on Yotel’s 10th floor, a modern hotel. You won’t find the typical waffles or eggs benny here because it’s not truly a café. You will be given tasty platters of teriyaki chicken rice, carbonara, tiny sliders, and duck-fat fries instead. Coffee and organic teas may be used to wash down any of them, or you can start happy hour early by ordering a cocktail.

Customer Reviews

My go-to quiet spot with chill vibes inside YOTEL. There was a gin promo and it was just $7.50++ for a g&t with The Botanist gin. Ala carte cocktails are around $19 but they usually run pretty good happy hour deals every day. – Alicia Tan


Soul Brew

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
Soul Brew – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Operating HoursDaily: 8.00 am – 9.00 pm
Contact Details+65 6824 8888
Address10 Farrer Park Station Road, Floor 1, Holiday Inn Singapore Little India, Singapore 217564

If you’re in the Little India neighborhood, stop by Soul Brew for a lounge that’s suitable for business meetings. This cozy hideaway has free WiFi and is located in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Singapore Little India (located just above Farrer Park MRT Exit A). Visit with your friends to have a conversation or have a meeting at the community table, or pick a comfortable seat for a private workspace.

Salads, major dishes like beef burgers or the traditional club sandwich, or snacks like fries and popcorn chicken can help you refuel. Drink handmade cold-pressed juices created with superfood components to go along with your meal; we recommend “Beat the Heat,” a blend of orange, beetroot, carrot, and pineapple. Want to sleep? Coffee or tea will help you feel more awake.

Customer Reviews

I was attended by Ms Shamila on level 1 at the cafe. I ordered some cakes as a birthday surprise for my daughter on level 5 Blue Jasmine. She went the extra mile to arrange to bring the cake up to the restaurant and told the restaurant staff to bring the cake out at the right moment. – Clara Butt


An Acai Affair

The Finest Work Friendly Cafes in Singapore
An Acai Affair – Work Friendly Cafes Singapore
ServicesWork Friendly Cafes
Address617 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269718

Because you also deserve to know about this Bukit Timah cafe that welcomes business travelers, we won’t keep it a secret. In addition to the free WiFi, it is a peaceful area where you may work (or study) without interruptions. Bonus points go to the gorgeous aesthetics, which we like to pieces. The main drawback is the lack of power outlets, so make sure your laptop is charged before going there. Make yourself comfortable, get an acai bowl, and start working.

Customer Reviews

The place is tiny but it’s really cute and aesthetically pleasing, even the sitting area at the front and the GrabFood pick-up counter. There are no sitting areas inside but it has 3 small golden (only the color) round tables. My friend 10/10 recommended the cookie butter sauce to me, and it did not disappoint. A bit $$$ tho, but my friend and her roommate regularly buy it, even when their wallet and bank account are crying in broke. So, I guess it’s THAT good (it is). – JL

These comfortable places to work are havens of efficiency amid Singapore’s hectic metropolitan environment. They provide the perfect location to do duties while enjoying gastronomic pleasures thanks to their seamless integration of modern facilities and pleasant environments. Therefore, one cup of coffee at a time, these cafés are here to meet your work demands, whether you’re chasing deadlines or igniting creativity.

Do check out our list of Vegan Ice Creams and have time to try their delicious food.

Frequently Asked Question


Is it OK to work from a cafe?

When working from a coffee shop, it’s better to stay away from peak hours if at all possible to maximize efficiency. Be ready for some noise and interruptions if you must, though. A café is not a study or library, thus there will always be noisy conversations going on.

Can you sit in Starbucks and do work?

Yes, you can work all day long while seated in Starbucks. You’re usually invited to remain for a long time as long as you’re polite and don’t bother anyone. Numerous Starbucks shops include complimentary WiFi and cozy seats, making them an ideal place to work.

Why do people go to cafes to do work?

It all comes down to finding the ideal level of background noise for a productive work environment, which for an average coffee shop is 70 decibels. Otherwise, 50 dB is too low, while 85 decibels is too loud. Additionally, switching from an office to a coffee shop fulfills our brain’s need for novelty.

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