5 Best Pandan Chiffon Cake

Some of the tastiest and prettiest dishes we’ve ever had have benefited from the green sweetness of pandan. From traditional kuehs to contemporary artisanal cakes and egg tarts with pandan infusion, its distinctive flavor has stood the test of time.

The pandan chiffon cake, a longtime favorite in Singapore, is the ideal combination of fluffy chiffon and the aroma of pandan. Below is the list of the best places where you can try this famous chiffon cake.

Best Pandan Chiffon Cake in Singapore


Bengawan Solo Cake Shop

5 Best Pandan Chiffon Cake
Bengawan Solo Cake Shop – Pandan Chiffon Cake Singapore
Price$1.90 / Slice
$20.00 / Cake
AddressBengawan Solo Pte Ltd
23 Woodlands Link
Singapore 738730

With Over 40 outlets across Singapore
Contact Details+65 6756 9088

Bengawan Solo Singapore, which takes its name from a well-known song that Mrs. Liew enjoyed about the Solo River and is the old Javanese word for river, has developed into a famous Singaporean brand associated with high-end cakes and confectionery.

Even more than 40 years later, the confections still have the same handcrafted quality since they are still made with the best and freshest ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Because of its enthusiasm and dedication to excellent flavor, quality, and freshness, Bengawan Solo Singapore has become a well-known brand name among locals and a top choice among foreign tourists searching for a distinctively Singaporean premium food gift.


  • Kueh
  • Asian Speciality Cake
  • Pineapple Tarts
  • Sweet and Savoury Cookies
Customer Reviews

My family loves Bengawan Solo so much! We have their delightful hearty Peranakan desserts every week ranging from Kueh Kueh to Chiffon Cake to Peanut Butter Cookies. Convenient locations, easily accessible, and friendly helpful staff. Highly recommend more people to experience their products!


Pure Pandan

5 Best Pandan Chiffon Cake
Pure Pandan – Pandan Chiffon Cake Singapore
Price$1.70 per Slice
$15 per Cake
Address264 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058813, Singapore
Contact Details+65 6588 5788

As its name implies, the patisserie Pure Pandan specializes in pandan-only treats such as pandan chiffon cakes, swiss cream rolls, and specialty drinks. Their Pandan Puffs, a bite-sized pastry sandwiched between homemade pandan-caramel kaya and fresh whipped cream, catch our attention.


  • Flavoured Chiffon Cakes
  • Swiss Rolls
  • Muffins
Customer Reviews

For those of you who like all things soft and fluffy, this is the best place to get your chiffon cakes. They are made without additives, no artificial flavors, or colors. Popular flavors are the D24 durian, chocolate, and of course pure pandan

5 Best Pandan Chiffon Cake

Dulcet & Studio

Dulcet & Studio – Pandan Chiffon Cake Singapore
Services$10.50 per Cake
Address391B Orchard Road
B2-33 Takashimaya Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238872
Contact Details+65 6235 2318

By combining chopped pandan leaves and hand-pressing their juices to obtain the vivid green liquid, the pandan chiffon cake uses the truest essence of the tropical pandan plant. Japanese flour and imported Hokkaido milk are among the high-quality components that give it its buttery texture and will make you want more after every bite.


  • Flavoured Chiffon Cake
  • Short Cakes
  • Cake Rolls
Customer Reviews

My first time here. The pandan chiffon roll is very nice. Strong pandan aroma and the roll is soft. Good for breakfast or tea time. You can eat in or take away


Joe & Dough

5 Best Pandan Chiffon Cake
Joe & Dough – Pandan Chiffon Cake Singapore
Price$7 per Slice
AddressPaya Lebar Quarter Mall
10 Paya Lebar Road, #02-25/26
Singapore 409057
Contact Details+65 6909 5680

There is no need to introduce the Gula Melaka Pandan Cake, a fan favorite at Joe & Dough. They have been offering this dessert since 2014, and it is one of their best sellers. Each day, they prepare and handcraft all of their baked delicacies using only the finest ingredients.


  • Breakfast Fry up
  • Signature d.r. Joe 1914
  • Pastries and Cakes
Customer Reviews

The food was very good and so was the coffee



5 Best Pandan Chiffon Cake
Primadeli – Pandan Chiffon Cake Singapore
Price$14.90 per Cake
AddressPrima Food Pte Ltd
PrimaDéli Division
201 Keppel Road
Annexe Block 2nd Floor
Singapore 099419
Contact Details+65 6276 3333

This locally owned bakery chain, best renowned for its pandan waffles, also offers a simple, fuss-free pandan chiffon cake. The cake is flavourful and light in taste, with a faint savory undertone of coconut. With 39 locations spread out around the island, PrimaDeli is a convenient and cost-effective option for warm pandan cake.


  • All-time classic Cakes
  • 3D & Decorated cakes
  • Wedding Cakes
Customer Reviews

This Pandan Cake was very very soft and fluffy like cotton.

This concludes our list of Singapore’s finest Pandan Chiffon Cakes. The next time you crave this national cake, you will now have plenty of choices to choose from. If you know other places that offer delicious and unique pandan cake, let us know so we can update this post.

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