11 Best Eggless Cakes In Singapore

Keeping healthy doesn’t always mean giving up desserts; sometimes it just involves making a few changes to your eating habits. When you have a sweet tooth, don’t hold back because there are plenty of options in Singapore, especially for those who are managing their calories, and sugar intake, or are lactose and gluten intolerant. You’ll finally be able to eat (partially) guilt-free thanks to these eggless sweets.

Indulge in Eggless Cake Bliss: Discover Singapore’s Top Bakeries

If you’re searching for delectable eggless cakes in Singapore, your search ends here! We’ve carefully curated a list of the finest bakeries in the Lion City, renowned for their exquisite eggless cake creations. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply craving a sweet treat, these bakeries offer a mouthwatering array of eggless cake options to satisfy your every dessert desire.

  • Variety of Flavors: From classic chocolate and vanilla to exotic fruit-infused delights, these bakeries craft eggless cakes in various flavours to tickle your taste buds.
  • Custom Creations: Looking for a personalized touch? Many of these bakeries offer custom eggless cake designs, allowing you to create a cake that’s uniquely yours.
  • Cupcakes and More: Besides whole cakes, you’ll also find a delightful selection of eggless cupcakes, mini cakes, and other sweet treats.
  • Fresh and High-Quality Ingredients: These bakeries are committed to using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to ensure your eggless cakes are a slice of perfection.
  • Special Occasions: Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration, these bakeries craft eggless cakes that add a touch of sweetness to your special moments.

Explore our handpicked selection of the top bakeries in Singapore offering eggless cake options, and treat yourself to a delightful dessert experience like no other. It’s time to savour the eggless cake bliss that Singapore has to offer!

Best Eggless Cakes in Singapore



11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
Whyzee – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsEggless Cake
Contact Details+65 9773 2434
Address11 sin ming road Thomson V, Two, #01-30, Singapore 575629

Whyzee, Singapore’s one-stop online cake delivery platform, was founded with the objective of providing the best-tasting and freshest artisanal bakes to everyone. When developing each of their products, they insist on using only the highest quality, wholesome, and nutritious ingredients. Their consumers will experience the actual flavors of our work thanks to our high-quality taste standards. They have a large assortment of cakes, with over 50 to choose from to suit any occasion.


  • Same Day Last-Minute Cake Delivery
  • Keeping it Affordable
  • Healthy yet Delightful
  • Freshly Baked right to your Doorstep
Customer Review

This is my repeated order, we love the cake, they are all delicious and so is the service, very prompt with their delivery. Thank Whyzee. – Ruth Chan

This Cheesecake just melts in the mouth. My dinner guest loves it and somehow it becomes advertising for Whyzee as they seem to be taking photos on their Facebook. By the way, the cake is quite heavy, so reserve some space in your tummy for it. – June Chan

The efficient delivery and smooth ordering process make Whyzee my go-to for cake orders, especially at the last minute. I can count on them to make the delivery on time within mere hours of my order! – Emily Winters


Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsVegan Cakes, Eggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 6282 2951
Address34 Whampoa W, #01-83, Singapore 330034

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes, which opened in 2009, was the first in Singapore to bake and sell healthier cakes. The creative bakery stands apart from conventional ones as a pioneer of delightful treats and cakes for health-conscious consumers and those with diabetes or allergies, using largely organic low-GI plant-based products. The bakery’s commitment to crafting tasty and nutritious cakes that are egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and cane-sugar-free sets it apart. They’re also cholesterol- and trans-fat-free by nature.


  • Same-Day Urgent Delivery
Customer Review

We ordered a cake for a birthday celebration (separate decorations added in later by us). The cake was professionally done and tasty! Would definitely recommend it to those looking for a vegan and baby-friendly cake! – Dominic and Grace In Love

The go-to place for vegan cakes that are baby-friendly and diabetic-friendly! Good for kids and the elderly alike. – Hwee Hwee ANG

Wonderful selection of vegan cakes and desserts. Must visit if you are looking for healthy choices in desserts! – Ankita Gupta


25Grams Bakery

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
25Grams Bakery – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsVegan Cakes, Eggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 9236 0448
Address12 Kallang Avenue, Aperia Mall #01-14, Singapore 339511

25Grams is a unique bakery that specializes in creating unique, soulful cakes and pastries. Nicole, our founder, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2008 and began by making micro cupcakes for parties, which measured 25 grams before frosting. With their vegan and gluten-free collections, they’re becoming more inclusive, thinking that everyone should be able to design and enjoy their cakes!


  • Custom Bakes
Customer Review

The cupcakes here have fillings, which is my personal favourite type of cupcake! The cake is moist and light, while the frosting and fillings are very well balanced and not overly sweet. Very reasonably priced as well. – Colin Kwan

Beautiful and decadent chocolate cake that was egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free! The cake looked exactly like in the photos and it was perfect for the whole family. the best part was we didn’t have to worry about allergies! – Mabelline Tan

We googled vegan cakes for our son’s first birthday -he has an egg and milk allergy. We tried the vegan chocolate mud cake here and absolutely loved it! Will definitely order it again. Good work team! – Jos Jos


Yes Natural Bakery

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
Yes Natural Bakery – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsEggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 6547 8438
Address55 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388183

Yes, Natural began as a small retail store in 2006 to provide natural, plant-based food and lifestyle items to the general population. They believe that you can enjoy nourishment in a natural way that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They utilize a strict selection process for the products they carry and the ingredients we use, so their clients can feel safe buying with them. At their bakery and restaurant, they now offer healthy bread and wholesome, delicious plant-based meals.


  • Natural and Plant-Based
Customer Review

Organic sliced bread can be bought here. Other bread is not organic flour. 2 types of Vegan muffins are available Handsome muffin n choc muffin. – May L

The only best bakery if you are a vegetarian and vegan. We ordered cakes for a Birthday celebration. The coordination, delivery, and quality of the cakes were unbeatable. Highly recommend! – Ishwariya Balan

Nice place for vegetarian and vegan cakes and bread. – Saraswathy Mahendra Joshi


Cedele Bakery Cafe

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
Cedele Bakery Cafe – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsEggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 6258 5991
Address238 Thomson Rd, #01-01/02/03/04, Singapore 307683

Cedele, a pioneer in Singapore for quick, informal dining concepts filled with the goodness of robust and original flavors, was formed in 1997 with a passion for cooking and baking using fresh, natural ingredients. In addition, they were the first in Singapore to incorporate superfoods into your daily meals! It took the founders’ vision to see the potential of making bread a lifestyle concept, presenting unique selections and sleek outlet stores that revolutionized the food and beverage industry to what it is today, in the early days of incorporating Cedele, the brand found itself scattered with bakeries throughout various Singaporean neighborhoods offering run-of-the-mill items.


  • Authentic Flavours
Customer Review

Heavenly bakeries! Great coffee pastries and teas. Great Street view. Delicious cake to go with nice aroma coffee for high teas. Authentically prepared healthy ingredients with tender loving caring skillful baking and professional warm services. – H2 O

Great food! Healthy and nice place. – Eunice Hannah Lim

Nice atmosphere and fairly friendly staff. Really lovely all-day breakfast which is well balanced and a bit heavy meal. Good start to a big day. – Sudheera Roshan

Finest Eggless Cake in Singapore


11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
Emicakes – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsEggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 6891 0801
Address1 Woodlands Square, #B1 – K32, Singapore 738099

Their specialties include Durian and Eggless cakes, and they’ve re-invented the traditional chiffon cake with their CHIFFON+ cakes. CHIFFON+ is an upgraded recipe with up to 30% LESS CHOLESTEROL than other ordinary chiffon cakes, and is fortified with Milk Protein for a healthier you! When compared to normal cakes, their eggless cakes have up to 80% LESS CHOLESTEROL. Emicakes is continually re-inventing its products, including recipes, flavors, and designs, in order to provide you with quality, variety, and satisfaction in every bite!


  • Quality
  • Variety of Flavors
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this writing


Riz Delights

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
Riz Delights – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsEggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 8269 6961
Address430 Upper Changi Rd, #01-78 East Village Mall, Singapore 487048

Their families and friends began to recognize Riz for our delectable Halal cakes and pastries. In June 2010, they decided to make their cakes available to the public via their website. They received such a positive response that their decision to expand their business by building their own baking studio in 2014, complete with an NEA food license. Following the inauguration of their baking studio, they had a lot of requests to build a retail location where fans could sample their baked goods on a daily basis. As a result, they opened their first retail location in JCube, Jurong East Central, in 2016. Riz has relocated to East Village Mall after two years.


  • Customized Cakes
Customer Review

Tried its Vanilla Nutella as a birthday cake. Strongly recommended. They also sell various cupcakes n pastries. – Sham Abdullah

One of the better ones I’ve tasted. Thumbs up! – Daniel Ihara


The Cake Delights

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
The Cake Delights – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsEggless Cakes
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8186 9580
AddressPunggol Central, Block 293, Singapore 820293

Cake Delights began in October 2015 with the goal of producing fresh, spongy, and eggless cakes. I’m a home baker who founded Cake Delights to share my passion for baking by producing fresh eggless cakes for my friends and family. “You Dream It, We Bake It,” as their tagline says. You can choose your own design and flavors, and I will assist you in baking your ideal cake. My goal is to deliver the highest quality, design, taste, and experience while making you smile. “Happiness is always produced from scratch.”


  • Best Quality
  • Best Design
  • Best Taste
Customer Review

The eggless cake was delicious. The kids liked it a lot…Neena was very helpful to customize the cake as per need… Highly recommended… I will order more in the future 🙂 – Sekhar Ch

Neena has always been my first choice in bringing life to our celebrations through her beautiful and delicious cakes. She understands your mind so well and creates them into a cake. Much love to you Neena. – Riju John

Boom. 5 stars for your awesome cake! – Manimala Sevanathan


Roa The Midnight Cake

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
Roa The Midnight Cake – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsVegan Cakes, Eggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 8790 4780
Address183 Jln Pelikat, #B1-40, Singapore 537643

When their Chief Artisan Jane Tan developed the midnight cake, it was purely a labor of love. Emma, her goddaughter, deserved a gorgeous and tasty cake, so she set out to make one. It was difficult for her to locate a nice cake every year for her birthday because she was allergic to eggs, dairy, and gluten from a young age.


  • Quality Organic
  • Vegan Ingredients
Customer Review

Ordered the Floral Grand cake and was impressed by how beautiful the mung bean paste flowers looked! Super pretty! The mint chocolate cake base was great too 🙂 – Tay Jean

We got the trio mix of cupcakes, I and my husband really enjoyed it! We’ll go back for the original flavor. – Vaishu One

Thank you so much, Christina. Appreciate the prompt response. Ordered this cake as a gift and I’m really glad they love the cake so much! <3 – Elena Tan


The Ugly Cake Shop

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
The Ugly Cake Shop – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsVegan Cakes, Eggless Cakes
Contact Details+65 8228 8300
Address535 Kallang Bahru, #01-06, Singapore 339351

They are a bakery café and online cake shop in Singapore that bakes delectable artisanal cakes while also assisting with the feeding of starving children in Timor-Leste. Artificial coloring, artificial tastes, fondant (too sweet), and gum paste are not used at Ugly Cake Shop. While these additives make for lovely cakes, we like cakes that are well-balanced (not overly sweet) and believe that the more natural ingredients (and fewer chemicals) you consume, the better! 🙂 However, if you want it, they can use artificial food coloring to create specific colors.


  • High-Quality Ingredients
Customer Review

We stopped by Ugly Cake Shop to get dessert for our daughter’s birthday. The cupcakes and cake were delicious! – Jen Sullivan

The Big Daddy cake hit the spot, rich and luscious chocolatey taste in every slice. – Sean Lee

Outstanding Big Daddy Chocolate Nutella Valrhona cake, so moist, chocolatey, and not too sweet. One of the best chocolate cakes in Singapore. – Jeffrey Low


The Durian Bakery

11 Best Eggless Cake In Singapore
The Durian Bakery – Eggless Cakes Singapore
ProductsDurian products like cakes and patisseries
Price RangeFrom $68 – $108
Contact Details+65 8875 1069
AddressThe Commerze @ Irving #02-26 369546 (Pickup only)

A unique combination of the most nutritious flour blend and a careful selection of the best quality components. Only zero-calorie sweeteners are used!

Delicious food should also be nutritious!
They’re durian connoisseurs who devote their lives to testing out uncommon durian varietals.

They will never compromise quality since they like durians! Only fresh durians transported straight from the plantation are used in the baking at The Durian Bakery!

This concludes our list of the best and finest Eggless Cakes in Singapore. Please let us know if you know of any other fantastic Cake Cravings that you think should be included on this list.

Do check out our list of Halal Cakes and have time to try their sweets.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between eggless cake and normal cake?

Eggs are known to make batter smoother with more stable air bubbles while baking a cake. They are responsible for the cake’s structure and consistency. In the absence of eggs, stick to the same eggless cake ingredient ratio; baking soda, applesauce, mashed bananas, flax seeds, and vinegar may all be used as alternatives.

Is there a difference in the flavor of an eggless cake?

Eggs are used in most desserts to give them their fluffy, cloud-like texture. The good news is that the same spongy texture may be achieved without the use of eggs. Eggless desserts, such as banana cake, truffle cake, or even a decadent, eggless chocolate cake, are just as delicious as egg-based cakes.

Is there a difference in the flavor of an eggless cake?

To prepare a delicious eggless cake, you’ll need a variety of items to substitute the eggs. This selection of substitute components may not always be easily available, making them more expensive. It’s no surprise that these cakes cost more than ones produced using eggs.

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