The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore

For those in Singapore adhering to halal dietary rules, the vibrant culinary scene offers an array of delightful halal buffets. Whether craving a casual lunch with loved ones or planning a grand celebration, these buffets provide a feast for every occasion.

Beyond the delectable dishes, many halal buffets in Singapore offer a welcoming ambience. Whether you prefer a luxurious setting for a special celebration or a casual spot for a laid-back meal, the options are as diverse as the cuisine.

Singapore’s halal buffets boast a rich tapestry of flavours, featuring halal-certified dishes from Malay, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Western cuisines. From aromatic spices to international delicacies, these buffets cater to diverse palates.

Indulge in Halal Culinary Delights: Discover the Best Halal Buffets in Singapore

For those pursuing the “best halal buffet in Singapore,” the city presents many choices. Each buffet has unique offerings, allowing you to tailor your dining experience to your preferences. The best halal buffets ensure a memorable culinary journey from expansive spreads to curated menus.


Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 12–2:30 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Address405 Havelock Rd, Level 3 Furama RiverFront, Singapore 169633

Nothing short of a feast can describe the enticing buffet at Kintamani. Enjoy Indonesian delicacies like remis sambal, udang goreng mentega, and ayam panggang rica rica. Bring the family for a satisfying supper because the buffet is really delectable.

Customer Reviews

This Indonesian restaurant is amazing! Love the buffet lunch. The food is deliciously authentic. The ambiance makes you feel like you are in Indonesia. The staffs were super helpful, courteous, friendly and attentive. Highly recommended! – Din Neo


Tiffany Café & Restaurant

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Tiffany Café & Restaurant – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 6–10:30 AM, 12–2:30 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6531 5366
AddressLevel 2, Furama City Centre, 60 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059804

Unable to identify your cravings? Save the day by calling on Tiffany Café & Restaurant. You get a taste of everything at this delectable smorgasbord. Receive a variety of Western and Asian foods, such as sashimi, seafood on ice, a salad bar, and a noodle station. Finish it off with mouthwatering desserts that will please any sweet craving, including durian pengat, chocolate truffle cake, hot chng teng, creme brulee, waffles, and bread and butter pudding.

Customer Reviews

Sashimi was in very thick slices, and mussels and prawns are also pretty fresh. The staff was very helpful as well. The selection was a little limited. But decent enough. Everything was well topped up. The place is also very spacious. – Fu Shiyong



The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Carousel – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 7–10 AM, 12–2 PM, 6:30–9:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6737 7966
Address25 Scotts Rd, Royal Plaza, Singapore 228220

This is arguably the most well-liked halal buffet in the area. Carousel has a wide-ranging, comprehensive array. It contains everything, including Japanese, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisines. Fresh sushi, traditional Korean fare, substantial beef meals, pizza, and regional favorites like laksa and chicken rice are all on the menu. not to mention a lavish dessert buffet. The restaurant is renowned for its seafood selection and superior quality. It’s not surprising that the restaurant is often booked during the weekends and throughout the holiday season when combined with excellent customer service.

Customer Reviews

Celebrating hubby’s birthday at Carousel on Father’s Day. Despite the crowd, the service crews did a good job, they were patient and friendly and also managed to clear our empty plate promptly. The food variety is excellent, we love the sashimi. Suitable for friends & family gatherings. – Ling Tan



The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Peppermint – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursWeekdays: 7–11 AM, 12–2:30 PM, 6:30–10 PM
Weekends: 7–11 AM, 12–3 PM, 6:30–10 PM
Contact Details+65 6845 1112
AddressLevel 4, Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

This Peppermint buffet restaurant with halal certification specializes on healthy Asian and international dishes. We adore the fact that the urban farm even grows its own vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs for salads, components, and infused drinks. Have a seat and savor delicious steak, fish, vegetarian fare, and desserts.

Customer Reviews

The buffet spread seem limited at first but fully surprised at the satisfying small portions. Keep ordering whenever you need more. A 2-hour chit chat with family and friends at Peppermint seems short; time sure fly fast. Comfortable! – Ewan Mcridz


Jinshang Yipin Halal Buffet Hot Pot

ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6979 7332
Address3 Simei Street 6, #01-20, Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833

Finding a nice halal steamboat might be challenging, so we did the research for you. A halal hot pot and barbecue buffet with a wide selection of proteins is called Jinshang Yipin. You may select the soup flavor you want thanks to the individual pots. Choose from hearty mala or the incredibly calming mushroom soup. The barbeque stove set-up gives you the best of both worlds! You’re ready to start once you’ve placed your sauce and marinated meat orders. And if you need to pray, there is a place accessible for that as well.

Customer Reviews

Halal Chinese Hot pot. I love that we have our own individual pot. We chose tomato, herbal chicken, tom-yam and mala soup for four of us. Love their sauces and marinated meat. There’s also ice cream for dessert. Staff are also attentive. We had an enjoyable dinner there. – Lovekitty

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore

Charlie’s By Rise and Grind

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Charlie’s By Rise and Grind – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Catering
Operating HoursMonday – Friday & Eve of PH 11: 30 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday, PH 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:45 pm, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Last order: 9:00 pm
Contact Details+65 8014 7338
Address377 Hougang St. 32, B1 – 15, Rivercourt 530377

There is no need to go further for outstanding halal catering in Singapore. We take great satisfaction in offering a truly halal culinary experience that is unmatched. Our menu offers a variety of delectable flavors, from rich Halal bento boxes to a scrumptious Halal mini buffet. Our halal catering services are created to make an impact, whether you’re holding a corporate event, a family gathering, or a special occasion.

Customer Reviews

Enjoyed my dinner. The service staff were friendly and helpful. It’s very hard to find Halal cafes that serve good food, and I think Charlie’s by Rise and Grind is worth trying. Their menu offers many options- sides, mains, pastas and desserts. Food is affordable and delicious. – Fatg Lim


Atrium Restaurant

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Atrium Restaurant – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 9 AM–9:30 PM
Contact Details+65 3138 2530
Address317 Outram Rd, Singapore 169075

Here’s another popular halal buffet location. We are already excited by the variety! Start with seafood selections like raw salmon and fresh oysters. Afterward, go on to major dishes like laksa, Hainanese chicken rice, chili crab, and fresh spaghetti. And if you like to conclude your meal with something sweet? The delicious pastries and ice cream should be enjoyed last.

Customer Reviews

Top-notch restaurant crews! You’ve got to go there to experience their service. Quality food served in small food portions (similar concept like Peppermint’s). There’s wafer biscuit ice cream too. – Nur Rashidah Amren


21 On Rajah

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
21 On Rajah – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 7–10 AM, 12–3 PM, 6–10 PM
Contact Details+65 6808 6847
Address1 Jalan Rajah (Located at Days Hotel) Singapore 329133

This Balestier buffet restaurant offers a fantastic feast and is halal-certified. At reasonable costs, get Southeast Asian delicacies, local specialties, and Mediterranean cuisine. The Sunday brunch buffet has our attention. Before filling yourself on pasta and shellfish on ice, start with the grilled meat and egg station. For dessert, there are delectable pastries and cakes, as well as pancakes or waffles with any toppings you choose.

Customer Reviews

Service was on point! Every staff that attends to our table informs us which is which dish. They were accommodating and patient with us. Even gave us a complimentary cake for Mom, Brought my fam out for Iftar, and celebrate mom’s birthday. – Bellyjay88


Royal Palm @ Orchid Country Club Restaurant

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Royal Palm @ Orchid Country Club Restaurant – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 12.00 PM to 2.30 PM, 6.30 PM to 10.00 PM
Contact Details+65 6555 2165
Address1 Orchid Club Road, #01-21/22, Social Clubhouse Orchid Country Club Singapore 769162

You might not want to share this delicious secret with everyone. The Royal Palm provides a substantial buffet experience. Before moving on to the live barbeque, pizza, and bread stations, start at the salad bar. Avoid overeating since there are delicious meals in the local, western, seafood, and Indian corners if you do. Don’t miss the full roasted lamb carving if you’re dining there on the weekends. Simply said, you’ll get really fantastic food.

Customer Reviews

We took table near pool side, if you have some kids who need a bit of extra space I suggest to sit out as inside it could become crowded and kids not having space they need. However, be very careful with kids and net the pool as it’s a bit risky. – Aakash


The Landmark

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
The Landmark – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 12–10 PM
Contact Details+65 6299 7786
Address390 Victoria St, #05-01 Poolside, Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore 188061

Have a noteworthy event coming up? At The Landmark, treat yourself to a delectable buffet meal. You may tuck into regional specialties, dishes from other countries, and fresh fish. Even better if you drop over for supper on the weekends since there are extra delights! Take a bite out of Korean fried chicken, Italian chicken sausages, and grilled prawns. That is definitely a good investment.

Customer Reviews

Lovely hospitality from the good staff! Despite being so busy, the staff were professional and hardworking. So pleasantly surprised too by the lovely desserts -i loved the red velvet cheese cake and the ondeh ondeh. My sister enjoyed the big black pepper prawns. Value for money. Except it was pretty crowded and abit noisy. But if you are here for the Food, you will Love it. – May Foo


Asian Market Cafe

The Finest Halal Buffets in Singapore
Asian Market Cafe – Halal Buffets Singapore
ServicesHalal Buffet Restaurant
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 12–2:30 PM, 6–10 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 12–4 PM, 6–10 PM
Contact Details+65 6431 6156
Address80 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189560

The name speaks for itself. For lunch and supper, this hotel restaurant serves up a delectable range of pan-Asian treats. while enjoying meals such as Singapore mee rebus, various satay, mutton rendang, and new age roti john. And, don’t overlook the sushi and fresh seafood options. Prawns, scallops, mud crabs, and venus clams are some of your alternatives. Just keep in mind to take it slow!

Customer Reviews

Value for money came here for lunch with a credit card discount at 1 for 1. They do serve crab, sashimi, and nice cooked food too. Generally, the pricing is quite affordable with such a good range of food. The service staff is always very helpful in clearing the plates. I will definitely be back again to try their dinner for more variety. – Samantha Lee

In conclusion, for an unparalleled halal dining experience in Singapore, immerse yourself in the diverse and delectable world of halal buffets. From flavorful cuisines to inviting atmospheres, these establishments ensure every meal becomes a celebration.

Extend your Halal culinary exploration by checking out our curated list of Halal Cafes. These establishments offer a diverse range of delicious halal-certified treats. Take the time to savour their delightful offerings and experience the rich tapestry of flavours they have to offer.

Frequently Asked Question


How do you know if food is halal?

Items with the halal emblem on their packaging have been verified as being free of any prohibited ingredients or components by a governing body. The name of the certifying agency must be included with any halal claims made on the nutrition label or packaging.

What are the rules for halal catering?

The dish cannot contain any pork or products derived from pig. Alcohol and other intoxicants are not permitted. Gelatine and other animal products must be made from animals that were killed in line with Islamic Shariah.

What is halal products and services?

The Arabic term halal, which meaning permissible, is used. When a product is certified as Halal, it signifies that it complies with Islamic law and is acceptable or lawful. Products must come from an approved source, such as a cow or chicken, and be killed in accordance with these rules in order to acquire this certification.

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