The Finest Halal Cafes in Singapore

Singapore is home to a rich and thriving Muslim community, and its good influence on the overall population of Singapore is quite obvious. One well-known fact about Islam is that Muslim followers must ensure that any meat they consume is considered halal. Luckily, Muslim families and other locals have taken it upon themselves to increase the inclusivity of this wonderful island, establishing eateries that are 100% Halal.

But wait, what is considered halal?

Halal is Arabic for the word “permissible”, meaning that the religion allows the consumption of a certain dish. This certification of sorts is accompanied by a long list of guidelines outlined by the United Nations that are to be followed before certification is given. Often concerned with the process of butchering meat, the guidelines state that the chosen lawful animal must be prayed over before the butchering begins. This makes the process rather lengthy and strict, but all with respect to Islamic beliefs.

Because of the extra care put into their food, it’s important that we outline the Singaporean cafes that took the time to create meals that are not only halal but also very delicious.

Best Halal Cafes in Singapore


Pancake Place

PriceS$15.90 – S$21.90
Contact Details+65 6518 9368
Address56 Kandahar Street Singapore 198904

Who doesn’t love a good pancake to go along with their coffee? Pancakes might just be the most versatile breakfast food out there, and Pancake Place makes full use of this neutral vessel. Pancake Place is 100% owned by Muslims, which means they take special care to serve dishes that are fully Halal. From the stacked pancakes to the gigantic shakes, this restaurant has it all.

Pancake Place’s specialty is, you guessed it, pancakes! This restaurant offers a wide array of pancakes, ranging from savory to sweet. If your sweet tooth’s aching, then I highly recommend their sweet and tangy Mango De Coco pancakes, or maybe their s’mores pancakes are more to your liking. If your tongue is craving something more savory, then you could never go wrong with the strong flavor notes of the salmon royale. of the Pancake, Place is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a hot plate of fluffy goodness.


Lola Faye

PriceS$6.00 – S$12.90
Contact Details+65 8860 8248
Address35 Hamilton Road #01-03, Singapore, Singapore

Who doesn’t love a good dessert? Something sweet to wash down the rich and savory flavors of your main entree will always be much appreciated, and no other cafe understands this quite like Lola Faye. Featuring an elegant black and pink aesthetic, this Muslim-owned cafe offers a wide variety of meals to sate your sweet and savory cravings.

Their menu consists of savory salad wraps and sinfully sweet frappes and waffle + gelato combos. Their salad wraps are highly customizable, including your choice of add-on ingredients and sauces. After you eat their fresh salad wrap, you have the choice of capping off your meal with a scoop of gelato, a serving of their charcoal waffle, or even both at the same time!


State of Affairs

PriceS$6.00 –  S$19.00
Contact Details+65 8033 4575
Address183 Upper Thomson Road, Longhaus 01-02 Singapore 574332

What is a cafe without coffee? I don’t know, and I don’t think I would ever want to know. The reason that the State of Affairs finds itself on this list is that it takes its coffee very seriously. Nestled in a little industrial cubby, this coffee shop invites its customers to take a seat and slow down for a moment to enjoy their house blend. This Muslim-owned coffee shop roasts its own blend of beans day in and day out, resulting in a coffee blend that is uniquely theirs.

Although the State of Affairs prides itself on its coffee, the cafe also serves Halal entrees to accompany its warm java. From pasta to croquettes, this cafe’s savory selection of meals is perfect for the Singaporean looking for a chance to hide away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, even just for a moment. When you do find yourself in-store, make sure to try their affairs of the cup espresso shot to get a coffee that is uniquely theirs. If coffee isn’t your thing, then maybe their selection of teas would fit you best instead.


Kōhī Roastery & Coffee Bar

PriceS$4.00 – S$7.50
Contact DetailsN/A
Address46 Kim Yam Road

Being a halal cafe doesn’t always mean that you serve meat, sometimes it just means that your coffee is free from any unlawful ingredients. Kohi’s Roastery and Coffe Bar is a small hole-in-the-wall Thailand coffee chain that has found its way to Singapore. This coffee bar makes sure to avoid any unlawful alcoholic additives to their coffee, making the coffee completely halal and easy to enjoy by Muslims and non-muslims alike.

Its bright yellow panels are as bright as the flavor profiles themselves, often choosing to mix their coffee with ingredients such as tonic water or coconut to bring out the natural fruity notes of coffee. This cafe does not have a dining option, instead encouraging you to grab your coffee to go or hang out with friends around the main serving window. If you’re looking for a tasty drink with friends or simply just looking for that drive-by coffee buzz, then Kohi is the cafe for you.


Mother Dough

PriceBaked good start at S$3.00
Contact Details+65 6909 6604
+65 8725 7110
Address3 Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199259

Named after their homemade sourdough starter, Mother Dough is a bakery that values quality above all else. This Muslim-owned bakery is headed by chef Naadhira after studying baking in New York for 4 years. Opened in 2018, this halal bakery has only gotten more and more traction among the community for its amazing selection of dishes.

Made fresh every day, their viennoiseries are light, flaky, and packed with flavor. Their menu is split amongst the days of the week, offering a staple list of bread throughout the week and a list of dishes that are only offered on the weekends. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or something savory, Mother Dough never fails in giving its diners an amazing dining experience. All their baked goods are best paired with their coffee to balance out the sweetness and give you that extra buzz to get you through your day.

Best Halal Cafes in Singapore


PriceS$10.80 – S$20.90
Address16 Hamilton Rd, #01-05, Singapore 209186

Get your ooey gooey cheese cravings satisfied when you visit the newly-opened Missus cafe in Singapore! This Muslim-owned cafe gives you a halal-certified dining experience that is as refreshing as the atmosphere in the cafe itself. This is a great place to bring your friends for a hearty halal meal or even just to talk amongst yourselves. Missus also offers the takeaway option in case you want to bring a box of sweet or savory dishes home with you.

The star of their menu has to be their selection of grilled cheeses, my favorite being the classic Missus Melt. The Missus Melt consists of 4 kinds of cheese and a truffle paté that packs a flavorful punch in each bite, accompanied by grilled cheese’s other half: the tomato soup. If you aren’t in the mood for a savory treat, then a serving of their homemade churros or french toast might do the trick! Either way, eating at Missus will be an experience that you and your taste buds may never forget.



PriceS$16 – S$23
Contact Details+65 8030 8393
Address32 Dunlop St, #01-01, Singapore 209360

When I think of a cafe, I immediately think of the relaxing and calm vibes that it brings. A cafe should aim to give its customers a relaxing dining experience, and Steep has perfected this. Steep is a Muslim-owned minimalist cafe that opened in mid-2022 with the sole goal of providing a warm and inviting environment for its customers.

Steep offers a wide variety of dishes for both brunch and dinner, and thankfully all of them are halal. One of the dishes that caught my attention was their colorful Fish Problems dinner entree, putting their own twist on fish & chips. Not only does their rendition of Fish & chips look absolutely beautiful, but it also uses locally-sourced ingredients for sauces that are made from scratch in-house. If the home is where the heart is, then Steep is definitely home.


La Fez Bakery

PriceS$20 – S$35
Contact Details+65 8322 5939
Address907 East Coast Road, #01-03A, Singapore, Singapore

Immerse yourself in the Moroccan culinary world through this wonderful Muslim-owned cafe. La Fez Bakery is a colorful cafe and bakery that takes all the colorful aesthetics and flavors of Morocco and introduces them to Singapore. Pink walls and cutlery lined with gold all give this cafe a refreshing feel.

Not many restaurants serve Moroccan cuisine quite like La Fez. La Fez’s specialty lies in its lamb dishes, particularly the Tagine and the Green Harissa Lamb Shank. The lamb tagine consists of lamb meat that has been stewed in the cafe’s signature spice mixture, creating a pungent and impactful flavor profile that is immediately cut by the sweet tartness of apricots. If this meal may be too filling for you, then I suggest trying out one of their colorful tea time towers that are decked with treats.



PriceS$4 – S$12
Contact Details+65 6814 8822
AddressBras Basah Complex #01-75

Taste the flavors of Japan through this small bakery! Being a Muslim-owned and Japanese-inspired bakery in Singapore, Gamo deliciously serves up examples of just how culturally diverse Singapore can be. From croissants to matcha cakes, this shop serves dishes with flavors that are light and refreshing, much like the shop’s interior itself. The interior design of this cafe takes inspiration from Japanese minimalist design, making this cafe a cozy hangout spot.

This cafe’s breakout dish is a viennoiserie called the “Croon”, which are circular croissants topped and filled with flavors such as kaya toast and black sesame. These croons provide all the flaky buttery goodness that normal croissants offer, but double the amount of crunchy filo exposed. These croons are only available on the weekends, so make sure you drop by so you can taste this iconic viral dish. If your sweet tooth is taking a backseat, feel free to try one of their many savory croissants as well! A standout pic for me would be their crab stick salad croissants, creamy and mixed with sweet bits of corn.



PriceS$4.00 – S$23
Address8 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199320

Oh Mondays, are probably one of the most hated days in the week. To some, it could be when work starts and a sign of impending doom that they have to wake up early, but to Singaporeans, it could be a sign of delicious caneles. Mondays is a Muslim-owned cafe in Singapore, serving up delicious pasta and skillet crepes to fill up any craving you need, turning the concept of Mondays on its head.

If you happen to find yourself in the area of this beautiful cafe, why not try one of their specialty caneles? Coming in a variety of flavors, this can be a great treat for yourself or your loved ones. If you’re looking for a heavier meal then look no further, Mondays offers plenty of filling entrees that are both halal and delicious. Start the work week right by dining on Mondays!

Singapore has a lot to offer in terms of Halal cafes and restaurants. It’s amazing seeing how much a community can do as a whole in order to support each other’s beliefs, and it really speaks to the inclusivity of Singapore. These are cafes that you wouldn’t even know were halal if you weren’t looking, but the fact that they put in the extra care to be halal and be fully inclusive of the Muslim community is quite heartwarming. Next time you eat at a cafe in Singapore, whether you’re Muslim or not, try checking to see if it’s halal! You’d be surprised at just how much love and effort they put in.

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