Chinatown Wet Market: Singapore’s Most Exotic Wet Market

Located in the center of Singapore, Chinatown Wet Market is a thriving and busy market. This ancient market is a veritable paradise for food connoisseurs and culture seekers alike because of its rich history and numerous gastronomic options. Enter a world where locals and visitors alike converge to taste the very best of Singaporean street food culture.

Tantalizing fragrances, brilliant colors, and energetic banter fill the air. Find a wide selection of fresh foods, unusual spices, and mouthwatering seafood, all of which are acquired from nearby farmers and fishermen. Experience Chinatown Wet Market’s sights, sounds, and flavors for yourself. Here, tradition and modernity collide, and gastronomic treasures are to be found around every corner.

Chinatown Wet Market: Singapore's Most Exotic Wet Market
Chinatown Wet Market, Singapore
AddressChinatown Complex, 335 Smith Street, Singapore 050335
Opening HoursDaily: 08:00 to 12:00

One of Singapore’s most unusual wet marketplaces is the Chinatown Wet Market. This wet market, which is located in the renowned Chinatown Complex on Smith Street, still exhibits Chinese culture and ancestry.


  • A part of Chinese culture in Chinatown: Chinatown Wet Market in Singapore’s Chinatown offers a lively ethnic neighborhood feel. In addition to having the opportunity to see how Chinese people do business, you may find ingredients for typical Chinese cuisine such as Chinese herbs, veggies, and spices.
  • A place to buy live shellfish: At Chinatown Wet Market, you can buy anything from pricey items like crabs and lobsters to less-priced ones like cockles, clams, and prawns. It’s fascinating to see the variety of large, live lobsters and crabs in plastic crates.
  • A market for exotic meats: Some regional specialties include meat from live frogs, eels, and even turtles. Try the well-known frog porridge at these locations if you want to experience something novel and delectable without learning any uncommon recipes.
Chinatown Wet Market: Singapore's Most Exotic Wet Market
Chinatown Wet Market, Singapore
Google Reviews

Clean place, with lots of shops and food options. Interesting find. A lot of fruits are sold on the street, all very tasty! Prices are very reasonable for everything! Overall a great experience. I recommend anyone who visits Singapore to come here at least once. I liked this better than Little India. There is also a hawker center close by with lots of Asian cuisine options. – Abdulrahman Alhussain

It use to have super-squeezed crowds. However, it is still vital to keep this place alive for future generations and we usually will come here with friends or family to just soak into the atmosphere even though now lesser crowds but overall still must come. – Yazoo Spandau

Love the Chinatown in Singapore! A Must visit the place and recommend it. Lots of wall art murals, temples, foods, and souvenirs! – Jessica Quah Sheow Chiun

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