The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore

Nothing can get your day off to a better start than a decent cup of coffee. There is no need to search deeper for the top cafés in Tanjong Pagar. You may satisfy your need for caffeine without having to travel far according to our selection of the top 9 local cafés.

These cafés provide everything you need, whether you’re searching for a quiet place to work or a meeting spot with friends. This list was created with input from both locals and regular café patrons. These seven eateries won’t let you down whether you’re craving a full breakfast or decadent sweets.

Best Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore


Roji Monster Ice Cream Singapore

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Roji Monster Ice Cream Singapore – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
ServicesDessert Shop, Cafe
Operating HoursDaily: 3 PM–10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6223 1023
Address52 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088473

Famous Roji Monster Ice Cream, which started in Taiwan and eventually made its way to Singapore, has a new location in Tanjong Pagar. A well-known shaved ice cream brand with locations all over the world is Roji Monster Ice Cream. The inside is decorated with wood accents and muted colors in the style of a Japanese teahouse, which gives it a very peaceful feel.


  • Premium Ingredients
  • Monster Ice Cream
Customer Reviews

Love this ice cream/bingsu place! Whilst the selection is not many, they sure do the limited menu well. There’s the season flavor too and this month it’s strawberry! My favorite Yeah! It’s really nice, not too sweet and not too milky. Most strawberry ice cream I had tasted more like Bandung due to the more milk than strawberry ratio. And whether you use real strawberries or not. I can tell one. – Cindy Poh


The Populus

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
The Populus – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursDaily: 9 AM–6:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6635 8420
Address146 Neil Rd, Singapore 088875

Singapore’s most Instagrammable cafe, The Populus Coffee & Food Co, is known for its freshly ground specialty coffee, which is sourced from Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya, Panama, and Honduras. The Monolith was created to evoke feelings of security and certainty, the Caldera to evoke feelings of elevation and rejuvenation, and the Duxton Vice to evoke feelings of a little bit of daring.


  • Gastro-cafe
  • Contemporary progressive café nosh
  • Specialty coffee
Customer Reviews

The food portions here are HUGE! This comes as a pleasant surprise as most cafes don’t serve such a generous amount. We had two sides + one main and had to take away the excess. Overall we can taste the quality and value of the food/beverages. Would definitely come back to try other dishes. Well done. – Dennis N


Mellower Coffee

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Mellower Coffee – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursDaily: 9:30 AM–8 PM
Contact Details+65 6255 0820
Address108 Middle Rd, #01-01 Bernhard Schulte House, Singapore 188967

Mellower Coffee is much more than the well-known Americano, also known as Sweet Little Rain or Cotton Candy Fog, in which melted sugar drips into the coffee. Arabica beans provide coffee with a stronger bitterness and a more pronounced nutty taste with a deeper roast. Try a Salted Caramel Cheesecake or a Millefeuille Mango to go with your beverage!

Even while their Tanjong Pagar location is one of the cozier places to work, it may not be ideal for people looking for a place where they may stay till 4:30 p.m. If you have an odd affinity for Mellower Coffee, consider visiting their Bugis location, which shuts at 8 p.m.


  • Signature Coffee
  • Coffee Cocktail
  • Latte Art
  • Speciality Coffee
Customer Reviews

Love their coffee, it’s strong and tasty! The cafe is always packed with people but has a very strong cafe atmosphere that will make chatting very vibrant! My usual coffee place after lunch! Will recommend! – Rarchelle Sy


Dapper Coffee

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Dapper Coffee – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 10 AM–5 PM
Contact Details+65 8742 8908
Address73A Amoy Street Second Floor, Singapore 069892

When compared to the oppressive heat in Singapore, a little trip to Dapper Coffee on floor 2 of 73 Amoy Street was a small inconvenience. However, the relaxing environment is perfect for enjoying a perfect afternoon with a cup of good coffee. A chic British pub may be seen in the café’s elegant décor. We were thankful for the variety of coffees available since the lovely fragrance of coffee that pervaded the air was irresistible.


  • Offers gift cards
  • Ideal coffee afternoon
  • Delicious aroma
Customer Reviews

Super cool coffee place. Very a unique interior and a vibe different from other coffee places. Was slightly difficult to locate as it is on level 2. But good coffee and good service. Though want to try one of their outlandish drinks. Hopefully next time. The shop transforms into a pub in the evenings it seems. Need to visit again. – BV


Canteen by Trapeze Rec. Club

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Canteen by Trapeze Rec. Club – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursDaily: 8:30 AM–4 PM
Contact Details+65 6518 4927
Address27 Tg Pagar Rd, #02-00, Singapore 088450

TRAPEZIE REC. The services available are chosen by Club, a Tanjong Pagar wellness club with a membership model. Additionally, there is their on-site café called the “Canteen,” where guests are welcome if they so like.

TRAPEZIE REC. Club’s Canteen is a breakfast, coffee, and smoothie bar that offers wholesome cuisine made with organic ingredients. Along with bakes from Pickle Bakery and other regional partners, the menu also offers a range of sweet and savory Ayurvedic yogurt bowls.


  • Club that has a coffee shop
  • Serves healthful and organically sourced food
  • Yogurt bowls
Customer Reviews

The food is great, homemade almond butter and hummus are tasty. Açai bowl portion is generous. No additional service or GST charge was added to the menu price. – Isabella Chen

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore

Nestled within the bustling district of Tanjong Pagar in Singapore, you’ll discover a vibrant café culture that’s not to be missed. The area is brimming with charming cafes that cater to every taste and preference. Tanjong Pagar’s restaurants have everything, whether you’re ready for artisanal coffee, delectable brunch options, or unique dessert creations. And while you’re savouring the local café scene, don’t forget to explore our listing of Dempsey Hill cafes in Singapore for a different but equally delightful culinary experience. Dempsey Hill, with its serene ambience and colonial charm, offers a unique contrast to the urban energy of Tanjong Pagar, making it the perfect complement to your cafe-hopping adventure in Singapore.


Lunar Coffee Brewers

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Lunar Coffee Brewers – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 8 AM–4 PM
Contact Details+65 6224 4500
Address6 Shenton Way #01-49/50, #2 OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068809

You’re probably aware of the adorable astronaut design on the cold brew bottles from Lunar Coffee Brewer. If you didn’t notice, Apollo Coffee Bar, Columbus Coffee Bar, and Atlas Coffee Bar all produced the same cold brew.

An alternative to the standard cold brew is the Milky Way Cold Brew. very powerful nut taste that may be mistaken for hazelnut syrup and a rich, velvety texture brought on by the use of the cream. Customers can select from espresso-based choices if they like a traditional cup of tea.


  • Cold brews
  • Milky Way Cold Brews
  • Great customer services
Customer Reviews

Met up with an old friend for lunch. Has walked past this place a few times. Lunch here is quite good. Coffee did well. – Harry Lee



The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Alchemist – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursDaily: 9 AM–6 PM
Address100G Pasir Panjang Road #03-03/04/05 Interlocal Centre Singapore 118523

Long thought to be a very exact science, coffee making. To brew that one-of-a-kind cup of coffee, the best in the business must be used, including selecting the ideal brewing temperatures down to decimal places and water with the right quantity of total dissolved solids.

Each new brew is meticulously perfected at The Alchemist, a small, contemporary nook in the middle of a busy working population. Customers can anticipate the same lab-like method of coffee preparation at this Upper Thomson Road location of the well-known Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, which uses a single mix of Arabica coffee supplied from Thailand and freshly roasted every day.


  • Seasonal espresso blends
  • Approachable
  • Cost-effective
Customer Reviews

Best place to get your coffee fix! – Evonne Huang



The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
CAFE KREAMS – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursMon-Sat: 9 am-11 pm
Sunday: 12 pm-10 pm
Contact Details+65 6226 2369
Address32 Maxwell Rd, #01-07 Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115

Many people adore the Cafe Kreams’ golden and maple canopy. In addition to roasting its own coffee beans, this garden-themed café offers the greatest service to its patrons. The Special Blend’s fruity undertones are present in the Long Black, which is acidic and contains beans from Kenya and Colombia. The Iced Latte produced with the House Blend, meanwhile, had a nutty aftertaste and a rich chocolate aroma.


  • Proudly roasted in Tanjong Pagar 
  • Beans are sourced ethically
  • Four different blends are developed by own baristas
Customer Reviews

The service was great. All the ladies were so bubbly and friendly! The cake was good – soft and spongy. Beer comes with a complimentary snack too, how sweet 🙂 We’ll definitely return again! Keep up the good work. – Yerg Su


Equate Coffee

The Finest Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Equate Coffee – Cafes in Tanjong Pagar Singapore
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Address1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-25, Singapore 082001

On the second level of Tanjong Pagar Plaza, in a corner, is Equate Coffee. One of Singapore’s most well-liked coffee cafes is this one. They provide a variety of breakfast and lunch options, but their coffee and bread are particularly well-known.

At Equate Coffee, artisanal coffee and baked goods are given more prominence on the menu. The entryway is undoubtedly eye-catching, with its enormous grey wall made of unfinished, raw concrete. The opposite end features a modern, golden coffee bar counter with an industrial feel, along with a long bench and flooring.


  • Coffeehouse
  • Provides a place of comfort, rest
  • Safe space for you to take a break
Customer Reviews

The coffee is superb!!! The space is beautiful, and the machines, cups, and everything is deliberately labeled. I always feel that design and aesthetics say a lot about the owner’s vision. And Equate is so so so beautiful. My photos will do the description. – Goderic Tia

It might be challenging to know where to begin with so many fantastic cafés to select from. We advise starting with one of the 9 cafes on this list if you’re searching for a café in Tanjong Pagar. These eateries provide something for everyone, from filling meals to decadent sweets.

Do check out our list of the Tiong Bahru Cafes and have time to try their delicious food.

Frequently Asked Question


What was Tanjong Pagar famous for?

Since a decade ago, Tanjong Pagar Distripark has gained a reputation as an alternative arts centre. With the National Artists Council’s announcement that it will further develop the area as an arts cluster, there is little question that this industrial area will continue to thrive.

Is Tanjong Pagar a good area?

One of Singapore’s most delicious neighborhoods must be Tanjong Pagar. Living here will be a delight during mealtimes, with renowned hawker centers, cozy cafés, renowned restaurants, and a full stretch of Korean restaurants.

Is Tanjong Pagar a city in Singapore?

Tanjung Pagar, also known as Tanjong Pagar, is a historic neighborhood that is part of Singapore’s Central Business District and is between the Downtown Core and Outram Planning Area, all of which are under the jurisdiction of the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

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