10 Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore

Away from Katong’s vibrant neighborhood, Jalan Besar is home to magnificent shophouses and intriguing architectural structures. There’s also an unusual mix of restaurants and cafés within them if you know where to look. The region has something for everyone’s taste: get your caffeine fix at a trendy coffee shop, learn about local history, or eat big dishes at a restaurant.

If you wish to spend a day here, there are many great restaurants, vivid artwork, and boutique hotels to choose from. Continue reading this list; you never know when you’ll need it for your coffee cravings.

Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore


Black Fairy Coffee

10 Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Black Fairy Coffee – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsDrinks, Food
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6909 3518
Address131 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207553

Black Fairy delivers simple delights with a magical twist, combining the finest ingredients and the best of flavors. Black Fairy Coffee is a growing star in Jalan Besar, serving coffee, all-day brunches, Asian fusion cuisine, bar snacks, and more during the day and a happy partying hangout during the night. Popcorn Latte, Soy Chicken, Rustic Beef Stew, and a variety of hearty bentos are some of their hallmark dishes.


  • Ingredients
  • Freshness
  • Precision
  • Consistency
Customer Review

Love this place. Delicious beef stew with crispy well buttered ciabata bread slices. Coffee is good too. Nice ambience with pretty paintings on the wall. A great place thats pleasing to both eyes n stomach. Good place to chill n chit chat with friends. – Dragco L

Fun and friendly staff, happy to share their recommendations. Outdoor and indoor seating available. – John A

Café small and warm, easy to hangout with friend with the enjoyable breakfast! – Yu-Feng Chen


Riders Cafe

10 Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Riders Cafe – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsBreakfast, Lunch, In-Between, Dinner, Desserts, Beverages
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6466 9819
Address51 Fairways Dr., Singapore 286965

Riders Cafe was born in 2007 when they were given the opportunity to build a restaurant in this beautiful location. Their primary goal was to introduce visitors to this largely unexplored part of Bukit Timah. Our menu is based on a combination of cherished classics and continuous improvement. They prepare their dishes using high-quality, fresh ingredients and spend hours experimenting to perfect each recipe.


  • Take-away
  • Island Wide Delivery Services
Customer Review

Remember to make your reservation because is usually fully booked on weekend. Love the food!! Staff are very attentive and friendly too! – Andrew Chong

Nice ambience, if you are sitting outside. Great food, specially the dessert. – Varun Sahai

What a quaint little restaurant. A beautiful setting for dinner. The food was delicious and professionally crafted and the staff are fantastic. Extremely nice and energetic. – Mark Azzopardi


Wimbly Lu

10 Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Wimbly Lu – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsSnacks, Sweets, Dessert, Coffee, Non-Coffee, Booze
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6291 8138
Address166 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207570

Back in 2011, two funny sisters, Wimbly and Lu, opened the doors of a modest cafe in the tranquil Braddell Heights Estate, bestowing Singapore with wonderful homestyle pastries and, of course, handcrafted chocolates!

Wimbly Lu has found a home along Tyrwhitt Road and a smaller concept store on Greenwood Avenue since then, with a constant commitment to deliver amazing desserts, good coffee, and fascinating meals. All three cafés provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that is ideal for a sweet get-together with friends and family over sweets, cuisine, and coffee.


  • Delectable Homestyle Desserts
  • Homely
  • Comfortable Environment
Customer Review

Friendly staff recommend their signature dessert-waffles. Yes! Simple is the best! – Y深海泥

Have been to this place more than once. I guess that explains it all 🙂 it’s a cozy little cafe with awesome dessert. – Germaine Koh

Walk har walk har mou la la find dou a cozy cafe. Not bad for chill chill yixia.. Nice coffee nice ice cream and few can of craft beer zai – Wang Jun Seng


Antea Social

10 Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Antea Social – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsArtisanal Teas
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6493 0120
Address9 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207528

Every pleasant sip of your tea at Antea Social is the result of our commitment to delivering you the best from all around the Orient. They encourage you to slow down, be present in the moment, brew a cup of tea, and indulge in an experience that transcends ordinary reality with their tea.

They hope that, in the midst of all the chaos in their world today, you will take some time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. When possible, they obtain their teas directly from the tea growers, allowing them to pass on stories from the growers to the users.


  • Modern tea experiences
  • Custom tea blending
  • Wedding Favors
  • Events
Customer Review

Discovered this little gem of a place for tea lovers. The experience was really authentic as well as the taste and aroma of the tea. Definitely a must visit for people who loves to savour different oolong tea. – Justin Teh

Pricey but good tea and vibes! – Fann Chong

Quaint and zen atmosphere with fragrant fruits oolong teas. We had lychee and kyoho grape ones. – Pam Kong


Asylum Coffeehouse

10 Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Asylum Coffeehouse – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsCold Brew, Boutique Sandwiches, Cake & Pastry, Coffee Beans
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8921 9875
Address311 Jln Besar, Singapore 208970

ASYLUM Coffeehouse, located in an iconic blue and red heritage shophouse on Jalan Besar, will serve as a home away from home for guests looking to escape the rush and bustle of the city. The décor is designed to welcome outsiders and make interactions with the baristas and employees as easy as possible.

Keluak, ASYLUM Coffeehouse’s proprietary Espresso blend with dominating chocolate, nutty, and earthy overtones, will be served. The Peranakan dish Buah Keluak and its qualities influenced Keluak.


  • Islandwide Delivery & Pickup available
  • Relaxing Ambiance
Customer Review

Fantastic new coffee place. The team working there are really savvy, gentle and will give you the details of each blend/single origin. – Beñat G. Aberasturi

Friendly and very passionate staff, great selection of coffee, tea and food, nice minimalist interior design creating a cosy ambiance. – Alex Szabo

Jalan Besar is a haven of cafes but this place is amongst the best for good aroma for coffee lovers. Too bad I do takeaway today and love to try out the rest of the coffee there one day. – Anthony Lee

Finest Cafe at Jalan Besar in Singapore

Enjoy Eating House and Bar

Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Enjoy Eating House and Bar – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsFood and Beverage
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9299 1601
Address383 Jln Besar, Kam Leng Hotel, Singapore 209001

Singaporeans will say “Wah Shiok” after tasting the cuisine. That is the standard for superb Singaporean cuisine. And there’s nothing like sharing this experience with your friends and family to make it even more enjoyable.

Thus, ENJOY began in 2018 as a modest eatery in JlnBesar, formed by two childhood friends, James and Joel, on the concept of making the most of the precious moments you have by indulging in some of life’s greatest pleasures – wonderful food and great company!


  • Quality as a Cornerstone
  • Chef’s Promise
  • Support Local
Customer Review

They have great food. Their food selections appeal to both younger and older generation. The taste of each food we ordered was above my expectation. – Alaric Yip

Highly recommended to anyone that wants a Chinese style fine dining experience! – Weiwen Chz

Had an awesome and satisfying meal at Enjoy. Truly enjoyed the food and the services rendered. The wait staffs were particularly friendly. – Choon T


1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar

Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsSalad, Meat, Fish, Pizza, Dessert, Drinks
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6341 5167
Address1 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207522

1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar, located on the intersection of Tyrwhitt Road and Kitchener Road, is just a football’s throw from Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore’s increasingly popular Lavender neighborhood. It also doesn’t hold back when it comes to the mostly Italian cuisine on offer, as well as the extensive drink menu. It’s all perfect for a pre-game warm-up or a simple wind-down, whatever the occasion.

1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar is all about amazing pizza, pasta, and more at reasonable pricing. Indeed, the happy hours at this Singapore Italian restaurant take up the majority of the restaurant’s overall opening hours, offering huge discounts on already-low-cost food and drink from 3pm to 9pm. This isn’t to imply that quality isn’t sacrificed in the name of saving money. No, Lavender’s young and hip people, in particular, would catch on to it right away. Only the best will do in this situation.


  • Very Affordable Price
  • Great Discounts
Customer Review

Delicious foods, excellent service and friendly staffs. – Benedict Ong

We love this bar, it has become our usual chill night destination. Amazing pizzas! Amazing food! Good place for beer night! – Professional Tummy

Our fav Italian place! Great pizza and pasta with really good prices. Service is also always super fast and friendly. Would definitely recommend it! – Jas Obias


Petite Menu @ Aqueen Hotel Jalan Besar

Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Petite Menu @ Aqueen Hotel Jalan Besar – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsFood, Desserts, Drinks
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6426 0998
Address230 Jln Besar, Singapore 208906

Petite menu offers a delectable culinary experience that is sure to satisfy your taste senses. Each item, from appetizers to main courses and desserts, has been meticulously chosen to provide customers with a well-balanced menu.


  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Brand Direct Promotions
Customer Review

Good food, great service, and a nice location to reach anywhere in Singapore. – Sandeep C Pawar


Old Hen Coffee Bar

Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Old Hen Coffee Bar – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsCoffee, Tea, Beverage, Craft Beer, All Day Food
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6341 5458
Address88 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218374

Farmers, producers, coffee traders, roasters, and brewers put in a lot of effort and attention to produce great-tasting coffees. Only honest and dedicated coffee specialists who respect this relationship and share a similar attitude to coffee quality and sustainability are chosen to work with them.

They’re delighted to collaborate with local roaster Nylon Coffee Roasters as well as internationally renowned roasters Koppi Roasters (Helsingborg) and La Cabra Coffee (Aarhus) to bring you high-quality coffees. They believe that by cultivating coffee plants to their maximum potential and then carefully processing them to preserve their intrinsic quality, they can produce the best-tasting cups of coffee that are clean, bright, sweet, and terroir-reflective. This is what they want to share with you.


  • Great Tasting Coffee
  • High Quality Products
  • Humble Family-Run Business
Customer Review

Hearty breakfast. Chanced upon this cafe while walking down Rangoon road. Not disappointed. Great service and reasonable pricing. – Sam

The ambient of this small cafe is nice. It also serve tasty apple cinnamon waffles and nice coffee. – Wesley Wong

The taste of the food and drink is great, strongly recommended “Cold Brew Coffee with Cream White”. Excellent customer service. – Jun Hol Yam


Catopia Cafe

Best Cafes at Jalan Besar In Singapore
Catopia Cafe – Cafes at Jalan Besar
ProductsCoffee and Snacks
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9388 8893
Address46A Dunlop St, Singapore 209375

Catopia Café was founded with the goal of bringing people closer to cats via contact and education in a secure social setting. They aim to provide a venue where people who share the same interests may get together and spend time with the kitties while sipping coffee and snacking. They believe this will have numerous therapeutic effects and will ultimately improve the quality of life for both cats and humans. Their biggest joy and satisfaction is seeing a HAPPY SMILE on their cheeks with healthy and sociable animals!


  • Warm and Friendly Catopia Cats
  • Served with the Heart
  • Warm and Cozy Place to Relax
  • Interact with Cats
Customer Review

One of the best cat cafes we have been to, cats were very obviously well taken care of, the chunkiest units I have ever seen inhabiting a cat cafe. – Tan Yan Xi

Second time visiting Catopia! Made a reservation on a weekend afternoon. Cats were mostly sleeping but some were awake and walking around. – S

Highly recommend this place. Peaceful and serene with very dedicated staff who are willing to give us backstories of the cats and their quirks! – Yat

You’re all set! We have compiled a list of Singapore’s Finest cafés for your perusal. We certainly hope that you would visit these fantastic locations anytime you are around. These cafés undoubtedly provide delicious cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere that I’m sure most of you would like.

Do check out our list of Cafes in Botanic Gardens and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Jalan Besar famous for?

Jalan Besar is a blend of classic and modern, with trendy cafés and welcoming eating establishments. In addition to being a gourmet destination, the up-and-coming neighborhood has a plethora of intriguing and unique boutiques. Because of its rich history and old-world beauty, the neighborhood has been designated as an official conservation area.

Which part of Singapore is Jalan Besar?

Jalan Besar (Chinese: ; literally “Large Road” in Malay, but commonly interpreted as “Main Road”) is a one-way road in Singapore that connects Kallang’s Lavender Street with Rochor Canal Road in Rochor.

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