If you’re used to traditional architectural forms, you might first find designs by AAMER ARCHITECTS too unconventional. But if you consider them from the perspective of context and respect for nature, you may discover the true harmony of these unexpected curves and architectural gymnastics. The firm’s works show that creative freedom and revision of typical guidelines can generate aesthetically appealing and functional building projects. The dedicated team of professionals has been demonstrating its  commitment to excellence for more than 25 years.

AAMER ARCHITECTS is headed by acknowledged architect Aamer Taher, born in 1962 in Singapore. His professional career started in 1987 when he graduated from the National University of Singapore. In 1990 Aamer completed a Master of Architecture degree at the Architectural Association in London and, after two years of practice, returned to Singapore.

Following the founder’s views, the firm considers design as a combination of factors including site, climate, culture, structure, services, and aesthetic. Backed by high-quality service and management support, these factors must result in an unconventional architectural project and complete client satisfaction. Aamer’s recognisable tropical architecture addresses light, shade, landscape with sculptural forms reflecting the Master’s subtle artistry.

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Our professional fees are always reasonable, based on the Singapore Institute of Architects’ guidelines and depend on the project type & complexity. The value and return on our design & service will far outweigh the cost, that we can assure you!

ming architects is a design-focused architectural firm in Singapore known for creating well-crafted contemporary homes suited for modern living. Over the past years, the firm’s projects have rapidly become known for bold and elegant spaces and have been widely featured in prominent publications such as Singapore Tatler Homes, Cubes magazine and D+A magazine, as well as international online architecture journals Archdaily and Houzz. The practice has a strong focus on both the building exterior as well as the interior design, arising from the view that holistic architecture has no boundaries between the two.

Cher Ming, a registered architect in Singapore and member of the Singapore Institute of Architects, takes great pride in each of his projects, and is passionate about the process of creating well-designed homes together with his clients. He seeks to create architecture that is well-suited to each individual homeowner, guiding them through the whole process from the start of conceptual design to the completion of the building project.

Design – Starting with the concept design, we develop the main architecture schematic through the use of hand-built models, sketches, CAD software and 3D rendering programs in three dimensional space. This helps our clients to understand clearly the spaces that we create, involving them in the design process.
Submission – As architects in Singapore, we have extensive experience in the process of government authority submissions and obtaining the necessary clearances. We also assist in the recommendation of other consultants such as the structural/mechanical engineer and quantity surveyor as required.

Detail – The development of each individual detail from the overall building façade down to the smallest joinery handle is crafted with utmost care and passion. We believe that good design comprises both aspects of aesthetics and performance, as well as practicality and ease of maintenance.

Tender – The open tender process ensures a detailed breakdown and fair comparison of costs for the client’s benefit. We invite, evaluate the tenders and award the contract on behalf of the client. Over the years, we have built good working relationships with many reputable and established builders. Selecting a trustworthy builder is critical to the success of the project.

Interior – Our experience in high-end luxury project interiors shows in all our houses. The interior design is as much an essential component of the home as the exterior. Our passion for design results in highly tailored and personalised outcomes for each of our projects, specific to the individual client.

Instruction – During the construction period, we administer the building contract as the project lead and conduct regular site meetings and inspections. Co-ordination between the builder, consultants and specialists/suppliers on behalf of the client is handled by us, up to completion & handing over of the project upon TOP/CSC.

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We are a leading full-service architecture practice headquartered in Singapore, designing and delivering people-oriented architecture that connects communities with their urban environments.

Guided by our core values of being Urbanistic, Humanistic, and Optimistic, our practice delivers projects that engage seamlessly with the built environment—creating meaningful relationships by placing people, their culture, and their communities at the centre of our designs.

Over the last decade, our focus on surpassing expectations in design and service delivery has allowed us to create and deliver works diverse in scale, typology and complexity. Today, our consultancy has grown to include Master and Urban Planning, Interior Design, and Medical Planning; strengthening our vision to positively shape the world around us.

Key Capabilities:

Transit-Oriented Development
Commercial & Mixed Use
Rail Transit
Business Park/Industrial
Urban & Master Planning

Key Services:

Feasibility Study & Land Bid
Urban Design
New Build
Asset Enhancement Initiative
Medical Planning
Master Planning

ADX Architects-ADX stands for Architectural Design Collaboratives.

We are an integrated architecture firm based in Singapore. Our design approach is collaborative in nature- working closely with Clients, engineers and builders to bring creative visions to reality. Our passion is to craft meaningful spaces.

Our work is grounded in the appreciation of site context, owner experience and design excellence. At the same time, we value our natural environment and seek to develop solutions that will be sustainable and timeless in aesthetic.

Founded by Casey Chua who is a registered architect with the Board of Architects Singapore and an active member of the Singapore Institute of Architects, our firm consists of a young and energetic team who are driven by dedication for design.

Over the years, we have completed an extensive body of work that includes hotel projects, commercial spaces and bespoke landed residential homes. We are humbled to have won both local and international awards. Our projects have also been recognized in the Business Times, and magazines such as Habitus Magazine, as well as local and international online journals such as Home & Décor and Archdaily.

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Space Planning

Interior Design

Project Management

TA.LE ARCHITECTS was founded on the belief that brilliant Modern Architecture and Interior Designs are integral in ensuring the comfort of anyone utilising the space, since well-designed spaces have the ability to exert a positive influence on society.

Here at TA.LE ARCHITECTS, we strongly believe that we can only conceptualise remarkable designs through thorough and excellent communication with our clients. With our passion and commitment, we can help all our clients make their visions for their home or office spaces become a reality.

Our work culture is that of an organic and dynamic one, hence no exceptional design will be complete without the human touch. In order to achieve the best results, we work very closely with both our clients and the top building contractors in Singapore. We are confident that this way of collaboration will ensure the synthesis of a high-quality architectural design product guaranteed to improve our clients’ standard of living!

  • Architecture and interior designs for
    • Residential
    • Commercial and institutions
    • Conservation
    • Product design

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HYLA Architects is an award-winning architectural practice headed and founded by Principal Architect Han Loke Kwang. HYLA’s work seeks to be timeless, unique and personal. Our experience lies strongly in designing high end landed residential projects. The design belief has won the firm numerous awards including the Singapore Institute of Architect’s Design Award and Architectural Heritage Awards by URA. Our work is regularly featured in monographs and magazines internationally, including the Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture. To be selected as one of the 1,000 exemplary works of architecture around the world is indeed a humbling accolade.

  • Residential and commercial architecture

DP Architects practices as a multidisciplinary design group, One Global Studio, with 1,100 staff, 16 strategically linked international offices from Shanghai to London, 8 associated specialist companies, with a reach of 77 countries around the world.

Our design work benefits from the close collaboration and synergy among the various disciplines to strengthen our delivery of fully coordinated, context-appropriate and innovative design solutions. Our headquarters in Singapore houses the specialist companies and 10 typology research teams that perform as a consolidated resource for our designers around the world. With diversified talents and extensive specialist knowledge, our interdisciplinary approach is driven by a common design belief and methodology.

  • Residential and commercial architecture

We’ve become an interdisciplinary global design firm by expanding our team beyond architects and interior designers to include researchers, urban designers, nurses, anthropologists, graphic designers and more. At HKS, we view design as a process of discovery. Design research enables us to experiment, to improve — and to design smarter solutions. That’s particularly important as we strive to create a more resilient future.
We deliver designs that inspire, connect and perform.

Whether we are creating memorable experiences for sports fans; providing a world away to resort guests; or enabling teens living with cancer to support one another — we believe design can change people’s lives for the better.

  • Residential and commercial architecture

We live to design bold and inspiring spaces for people. We believe that strategic design starts with careful listening + insight. B+H is a global design and consulting firm.

At B+H we believe in the power of design to transform spaces, communities, and economies. We enable our clients’ visions through customized designs that exceed their business goals and inspire the people that live, work, heal, play, and learn within them. We view every challenge as an opportunity for learning and never lose sight of the people we’re designing for – regardless of the type of development, scale, scope, or geography involved.

Our bold design solutions are inspired by the confidence that’s derived from honed insight, active listening, fearless entrepreneurialism, and a collaborative fusion of perspectives. Design performance achieved through constant innovation, accountability, hands-on service, cultivating talent, and being a champion for diversity in all its forms – these are the things we value.

  • Advance strategy
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Planning and landscape
  • Renewal
  • Compliance

“We make our buildings, and then they make us,” said Winston Churchill. Lekker is a group of designers, architects, and social scientists who explore how built environments can make us feel and experience. We are fascinated by the power of space to engage us, to create formative moments, and to provide a stage for public life. And even more—how it enables us to learn and imagine.

We take on projects with big ambitions: buildings that promote inclusion, neighborhoods that encourage walking and socializing, retail experiences that are dreamlike and exciting and transformative. We engage in multi-year qualitative and quantitative research projects—for public and private clients—to gather unique information about how the built environment influences experience, wellness, and behavior. We use this data to drive our clients’ ambitions into form, and look for clear results that we can learn from and carry forward.

  • Architecture designs for
    • Education centers
    • Public and arts center
    • Residential
    • Landscape