The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore

In your quest for reliable roof repair services in Singapore, discover the pinnacle of expertise through our carefully curated list of industry professionals. Our compilation features skilled experts committed to efficiently resolving your roofing concerns, ensuring that your residential or commercial space remains resilient against the unpredictable elements. Yet, our offerings extend beyond mere roof repairs

We advocate a holistic approach to property maintenance by introducing a roster of adept waterproofing specialists. This dual-focused strategy empowers you to not only address immediate roof issues but also fortify your entire property against potential water damage.

Embrace the synergy of our two-in-one solution for a secure and impervious living or working environment. Whether you’re contending with a troublesome leak or proactively safeguarding against water-related challenges, peruse our lists for a comprehensive strategy in property care and resilience.

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore

Best Roof Repair Services in Singapore



The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
ATLAS – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesRoof Repairs, Roof Painting, Roof Waterproofing, and Roof Installation
Location66, Tannery Lane, #01-05G, SINDO Industrial Building, Singapore 347805
Contact+65 8235 5452

As one of the greatest providers of roof repair in Singapore, ATLAS is a company you might want to look into if you’re searching for a roofing contractor with a strong track record. For all of its services involving roofs, it even provides free estimations. In keeping with that, it offers services other than merely roof repair. Additionally, you can ask for its assistance with painting, waterproofing, and installing roofs. Its staff of qualified specialists, each of whom has extensive experience in roof-related services, performs all of its services.


  • Experienced technicians
  • Accredited by repair institutions
  • Reasonable rates
Customer Reviews

In today’s strange weather and climate, especially in a tropical country like Singapore, waterproofing is the peace of mind we all need. Having ATLAS around is the answer to all our worries and fears. Imagine you have to worry about water leaking all over will definitely mess up your day. Thank you ATLAS! you saved the day! – Ralf Laxina


Dryproof Waterproofing Contractor

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
Dryproof Waterproofing Contractor – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesWaterproofing Membrane, PU Injection, Flood Infusion, Nano Waterproofing, Ceiling Leakage, Toilet Waterproofing, Balcony Waterproofing, Roof Waterproofing, Wall Seepage, Swimming Pool Waterproofing
Location42 Canberra Dr, Singapore 768434
Contact+65 9626 7310

If you ever need top-notch waterproofing, get in touch with Dryproof. They provide a wide range of services for you to choose from, including fixes for wall seepage, toilet leaks, ceiling leaks, and, of course, roof leaks. You can be confident that thanks to their years of knowledge and skill, there won’t be any more significant issues with roof and ceiling repairs done incorrectly. You can receive a good standard of roof repair for less money, a standard you can only get from a Dryproof Waterproofing Contractor.


  • Effective waterproofing installations
  • Waterproofing installations for residential and commercial units
  • Professional advice
Customer Reviews

No Reviews as of this writing


AllStar Waterproofing & Services

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
AllStar Waterproofing & Services – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesRoof waterproofing, Wet area waterproofing, Water leakage repair, Concrete repair, Roof repair, Rope access
Location7 Mandai Link #05-40 Mandai Connection Singapore 728653
Contact+65 8828 1913

The next business on our list has served more than 3,000 clients and has consistently delivered on their demands over the years. As the name might imply, AllStars Waterproofing & Services specializes in waterproofing roofs and other damp areas, but the company also offers other services. Additionally, the business provides rope access services and repairs for concrete, roofing, and water leaks.


  • Free inspection and quotes
  • Highly experienced and trained roof specialists
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Long-lasting results
  • Transparent work and honest rates
Customer Reviews

Wein is approachable and responsive, a professional is professional, and he knows where e problem is better than I know. Thanks, Allstar for the great work done. – Lin Yan


The Roofing Specialists

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
The Roofing Specialists – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesRoof Repairs, Roof Installation, and Roof Waterproofing
Location33D Lowland Rd, Singapore 547432
Contact+65 9002 4020

The 5-year service warranty for all services offered by The Roofing Specialists is undoubtedly the factor that makes them worthwhile for choosing. If a client is ultimately unsatisfied with their job, their team of professionals will recreate it without charging extra. The Roofing Specialists, one of the best roof repair companies in Singapore, also provides other repair services, such as ceiling repair, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, sealant repairs, and a lot more.


  • 5-year service warranty
  • Trained and skilled technicians
Customer Reviews

Another awesome job by Najmul and the team! I’m a repeat customer and highly recommend The Roofing Specialist for all your roofing and repair needs. They are professional and prices are reasonable. Thank you once again, Richard! – Chao Soo Ping


High Tech Roofing & Water Proofing

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
High Tech Roofing & Waterproofing – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesRoofing repair, Roof replacement, Rooftop leakage issues repairing
Location44 Kallang Place #1A-WPS205, Singapore, Singapore

627-A, Aljunied Rd, BizTech Centre, #01-04, Singapore-389842
Contact+65 8292 6757

The majority of building owners in Singapore are aware that any structural problems with a building, such as home roof repairs and other similar difficulties, require prompt action, especially in the case of leaky roofs. Roof leaks can never get better or fix themselves on their own. Even if the leak is only a tiny consequence, it is advisable to have it corrected right away. They frequently come to understand that folks may have spotted a stain on their ceiling or even some bubbling on the roof for some time but dismissed it as nothing serious.


  • Good Roof Repair
  • Best Roofing Contractor
Customer Reviews

Stalin was very professional right from the start when he came to inspect my roof. The price quoted was very reasonable and was very transparent about what needed to be done. The job was done in 4 days. Very efficient. – Zen Lo

Finest Roof Repair in Singapore


The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
ServicesRoof Repairs, Roof Waterproofing, Electrical Works, and Plumbing Works
Location101 Kitchener Road, Jln Besar Plaza, #03-04-A, Singapore 208511
Contact+65 8775 9011

The services of GAUSHAN are highly recommended for roof emergencies that need to be rectified as quickly as possible! It is one of the few roofers that provides roof repair around-the-clock, including in the middle of the night. The fact that all of its services are provided at an inexpensive price, despite it being one of the most in-demand contractors on the island, is another factor that makes it one of the top contractors for the best roof repair in Singapore.


  • 24-hour services
  • Affordable rates
Customer Reviews

Excellent – quick, on time, responsive, and reasonably priced. – MH



The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
J&K ROOF CONTRACTORS – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesRoof Repairs, Roof Waterproofing, Roof Installation, and Painting Services
LocationBlk 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #04-15 AMK TECK II, Singapore 567760
Contact+65 9880 5116

In Singapore, J&K ROOF CONTRACTORS is a roofing company that provides a variety of repair services for both residential and commercial buildings. It offers a variety of services, including waterproofing, painting, and roof repair. Due to the high quality yet reasonable prices of its services, it has expanded since its founding in 2000 to become one of the island’s most sought-after roof contractors. It is certain that everyone should have access to good repair work.


  • 20 years of experience
  • With service warranty
Customer Reviews

I strongly recommend J&K Roof Contractors to any house-owner who needs to repair existing roofs or install a new one. – Michael Tay


Roofing Hub

ServicesRoof Repairs, Roof Waterproofing, Roof Installation, and Roof Painting
LocationBlk #07-163 Kitchener complex, 808 French Rd, Singapore 200808
Contact+65 9068 5928

Different kinds of roof repair services are offered by Roofing Hub to residential, commercial, and even industrial locations. It is renowned for having a sizable staff of roof professionals that are skilled in handling all kinds of roofing issues. Roofing Hub not only offers the best roof repair in Singapore, but they can also help with waterproofing, painting, and installation of roofs. You can phone their hotline for a free estimate if you’re interested in finding out how much their services will cost.


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Experienced technicians
Customer Reviews

No Reviews as of this writing


M3 Multi Services

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
M3 Multi Services – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesWaterproofing services and leakage repairs
Location65 Chulia Street OCBC Center #46-00, Singapore 049513
Contact+65 6917 4966

Leading expert waterproofing firm M3M Services. In Singapore, they were experts in various waterproofing techniques. They provide an on-site study and consultation at no cost. As experts in waterproofing projects, they work hard to stay current on emerging technologies. Additionally, they offer a variety of services and flexible hours. Over the years, M3M Services has provided its clients with satisfying solutions.


  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Quick response
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Long Lasting Results
Customer Reviews

No Reviews as of this writing


Hydroseal Engineering Pte Ltd

The Finest Roof Repair in Singapore
Hydroseal Engineering Pte Ltd – Roof Repair Singapore
ServicesRoof waterproofing & Repair, Rope Access Works, External Wall Seepage Repair, Concrete Repair and Waterproofing, Residential Waterproofing (Landed & Condo only)
LocationBlk 30 Defu Lane 10 #03-78 Singapore 539211
Contact+65 6289 6811

Hydro-seal Engineering Pte Ltd has played an active role in the Singapore waterproofing industry and has served the local community as a waterproofing contractor since 1995. They specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial waterproofing and rope access services.


  • Competitive rates
  • Ensures timely and satisfactory completion of all projects
  • Offers 1 to 10 years warranties
Customer Reviews

Generally, the workers were professional to carry out the PU grouting and complete the job swiftly. Thanks. – William Hoo

In conclusion, our compilation of top-notch roof repair services in Singapore serves as your go-to resource for fortifying your property against the elements. The featured experts, committed to efficient solutions, ensure your residential or commercial space remains safeguarded. Yet, our commitment doesn’t end there; we encourage you to explore our curated list of waterproofing specialists. This comprehensive approach offers a twofold solution, not only addressing immediate roofing concerns but also providing a shield against potential water damage throughout your property. Elevate your property maintenance strategy with this synergistic two-in-one solution for a secure and resilient living or working environment. Whether tackling existing issues or proactively averting water-related challenges, our lists offer a holistic guide to ensure the longevity and protection of your property.

Do check out our list of French Doors and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my roof needs repair?

Assess signs such as water leaks, damaged shingles, or sagging areas. If in doubt, consult a professional from our list for a thorough inspection.

What types of roofing issues can these experts handle?

Our recommended professionals specialize in a range of issues, including leaks, damaged shingles, and general wear and tear.

Why is waterproofing important for roofs?

Waterproofing safeguards your property from water damage, preventing issues like leaks and structural damage. Explore our list of waterproofing specialists for comprehensive protection.

How often should I schedule roof maintenance?

Regular roof inspections and maintenance are recommended at least once a year to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

Can these experts handle both residential and commercial roofs?

Yes, the professionals on our list are experienced in both residential and commercial roof repair, providing tailored solutions for various property types.

What sets these roof repair experts apart?

Our recommended professionals stand out for their expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering efficient solutions. They bring years of experience and use high-quality materials for lasting repairs.

Do I need to be present during the roof repair process?

While it’s not mandatory, it’s advisable to be available during the repair process for any clarifications or updates. You can discuss this with the chosen professional beforehand.

What measures can I take to prevent future roof issues?

Regular inspections, prompt repairs, and proper maintenance are key to preventing future roof problems. Additionally, consider exploring our list of waterproofing specialists for added protection.

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