The Finest Experts on Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore

The Finest Experts on Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore

First of all, congrats on your freshly refurbished house! Renovations to your house can be an exciting and rewarding undertaking, but they also leave behind dust, grime, and debris that must be cleaned up. And until this mess has been cleaned up, you cannot enjoy the renovating element of your property.

In addition to the obvious benefit of clearing out all the clutter, post-renovation cleaning is crucial for several additional reasons. The reasons for this will be discussed in the parts that follow, along with the steps you can take to complete it on your own. Let’s investigate the frequent cleaning blunders to avoid after renovations in this article.

Best Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore



Obsessive Cleaning Disorder
The Finest Experts on Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore
OCD – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicePost-Renovation Cleaning Services Package
At OCD, we provide a wide range of post-renovation cleaning services to turn your home in Singapore into the heavenly abode that you have always wanted.
Price Range
Address5 Soon Lee Street #04-27 Singapore 627607

Homeowners are eager to return to their newly renovated homes, which OCD understands. They don’t want to be kept waiting any longer than necessary. Following remodeling work in your home, your renovation specialists’ general cleaning might be unpleasant, making your home feel unwelcoming or dirty to live in.

This is where they can render their services. OCD’s cleaning services can help you with your post-renovation woes and provide a thorough cleaning that removes messes such as dried cement, excess dust, and watermarks. Be it a partial or full home renovation; there will always be stains, smudges, or marks that are left behind and can’t be removed easily. Thus, thorough cleaning of your home, especially in its nooks and crannies, is necessary.

As one of the best cleaning companies in Singapore, OCD ensures that its staff is fully trained and sufficiently equipped with the right cleaning tools and materials for each kind of cleaning need. They’re well-trained cleaning teams to deal with all manner of post-renovation messes and will come with a wide range of cleaning solutions, equipment, and gear such as degreasers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, and more for each job assignment in Singapore.


A1 Facility Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Finest Experts on Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore
A1 Facility Services – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicesPost-renovation cleaning, Disposal of debris and trash
Price Range
Contact Details+ 65 6570 1874
Address50 Serangoon North Ave 4 #09-07 First Centre Singapore 555856.

You want to move into a new, clean house after your makeover. As a result, having a post-remodeling clean-up done right after the renovation and before your furniture or new appliances arrive is ideal. Bulky objects might make a decent scrape-down less effective. Take special consideration that since this is not an ordinary cleaning task, an entire day should be dedicated to getting your home ready for moving in.

Call A1 Cleaning Services to set up an appointment at a convenient time. Their team of specialists guarantees that your ideal house will be carefully cleaned and that you can enjoy it.



Top-Notch Cleaning Professionals
The Finest Experts on Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore
Helping – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
Helpling Singapore – Personal Digital Home Concierge Service for all your Household Needs

Helpling Singapore – Personal Digital Home Concierge Service for all your Household Needs

Helpling is a digital home concierge service with a vision to provide quality living for everyone through our …
ServicesPost-renovation cleaning, Move-in/out cleaning, Spring cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Home disinfection, Home cleaning
Price RangeFrom $250
Contact Details+65 3158 3871
Address120 Robinson Rd, #09-01, Singapore 068913

There is a reason why locals and ex-pats in Singapore have chosen to trust Helpling with their homes. With a team of experienced service providers and a high 4.6 stars on Google and Trustpilot from over 2700 reviews, Helpling provides the best-rated Post Renovation Cleaning services in Singapore. All cleaning sessions are also backed by a $1 million public liability insurance policy. 

The service providers have extensive experience in the field of specialized cleaning and are led by an experienced supervisor. All cleaning equipment and products are also provided. Before the team leaves your apartment, you will be given a checklist to ensure that all the critical areas have been cleaned.


Fresh Cleaning

Reliable and Affordable Cleaning Services
The Finest Experts on Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore
Fresh Cleaning – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicesPost-renovation cleaning for HDB, condo, and landed properties
Price Range
Contact Details83332999
Address1014 Geylang East Avenue 3 #05-240 Singapore 389729

Are you looking for a dependable and high-quality cleaning service? You’ve made a perfect choice here! Their motto, which they believe in offering outstanding services in exchange for client pleasure, hasn’t changed in over 5 years of being in the cleaning sector. Locally trained professional cleaners with full equipment knowledge, conduct weekly/monthly training for all their cleaners so they are always operational and ready for deployment.

Fresh Cleaning helps customers optimize their resources and reduce cleaning costs, allowing them to focus on their business success.


Arising Cleaning Management PTE LTD

Arising Cleaning Management PTE LTD -  Post-Renovation Singapore
Arising Cleaning Management PTE LTD – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicesCleaning Services Highlights:
Post Renovation Cleaning
Residential Services (one-time cleaning)
Start of Tenancy Cleaning
End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Price RangePrices upon discussion
Contact Details+65 84981216
Address23 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 23 Admiralty Industrial Building #04-04 SINGAPORE 757741

A professional cleaning company with

1) Effective Cleaning Services and Service-Oriented Culture

2) Dedicated Operations Executive is assigned for every house cleaning. With a systematic quality control checklist

3) 24hrs service warranty


MEIDE Cleaning

MEIDE Cleaning - Post-Renovation Singapore
MEIDE Cleaning – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicesPart time maid or helpers, Regular home cleaning services (monthly, fortnightly, weekly and daily available), Ad Hoc / One Time Clean, Post-Tenancy Cleaning, Post Renovation Clean, Post HIP Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Office Clean, Hourly Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Handover Clean, Sanitization and Disinfection Services
Price RangeFlat Rate of SGD $22 Per Hour!
(No weekend/PH Surcharge, No GST, No Admin Surcharge)

Alternatively, you can also choose premium helpers at $28/hr or visit their full list of services and prices at:
Contact DetailsWhatsApp (Fastest): +65 8595 8579
(For commercial or other admin enquiries:
Call / SMS: +65 8595 8579
Online Chats/Appointments:
Address682A Jurong West Central 1, Singapore 641682

MEIDE.SG is a one-stop services platform where you can engage the #1 aircon, babysitting and cleaning (“ABC”) services in Singapore! Whether you are an expat, just moved into Singapore, or a long-term resident and citizen here, trust your residences (home, office, hotel, etc) in the safe hands of MEIDE Singapore.

MEIDE.SG’s professional team of cleaners, helpers, nannies and coordinators will work round the clock to serve you your required help!

What’s more – get the BEST quotes, guaranteed LOWEST in town by MEIDE themselves for the cleaning and nanny services!

HDB, Condo and Landed Properties can all be serviced. Receipts and invoices can be provided for claims/handover/insurance purposes too. Contact MEIDE and a dedicated accounts manager will serve you ASAP.

All service providers are vetted thoroughly and professionally trained to ensure high quality cleaning and nanny help, whenever and wherever you require it! BOOK ONLINE AND GET FREE QUOTES (no payment required) now at MEIDE.SG – the highly sought-after slots are limited to hurry!

The team cannot wait to serve you here at MEIDE.SG!


6 Days

Not Just Your Regular Clean
The Finest Experts on Post-Renovation Cleaning in Singapore
6 Days – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicesPost-Renovation Cleaning, tendency handover cleaning
Price RangePrices upon discussion
Contact Details8412939
Address55 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #04-06, Singapore, 555859, Singapore

They recognize the necessity for a comprehensive cleaning that goes beyond your normal weekly service for your relocation, remodeling, and celebratory spring cleaning. Allow their team of expert cleaners to do it.

Choose the cleaning that best suits your needs. This cleaning includes full-suite equipment and detergent delivery (vacuum cleaner, mops, detergents, etc.)


Singapore House Cleaning Service

Reliable & Trusted Part-Time House Cleaning Services
Singapore House Cleaning Service – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicesPost-renovation cleaning, Standard Time Post-Renovation Cleaning Jobs in Singapore
Price Range

Making a newly remodeled house move-in ready is a difficult task. The home is still rather dusty. The dust may be seen on the window panel and track, the kitchen cabinet, the bedroom closet, drawers, and the bathroom sink and tub. Even though the remodeling contractor did the initial round of renovation cleaning, it is critical to conduct a thorough cleaning soon after.

Do not worry! With their post-renovation cleaning in Singapore services, you do not need to sweat it out!


Clean & Fix

Smile. Pick a time and we’ll do the rest.
ServicesThe following services may form a part of the Post-Renovation Cleaning Service (As required): Post, Renovation Cleaning, Plumbing and Piping Works, Interior, Painting and Patching of walls, Marble or Granite Floor Polishing, Timber / Parquet Wood Floor Grinding and Varnishing, Handyman Repairs around the property
Price RangePrices upon discussion
Contact Details+65 8950 3099

Their Post-Renovation Cleaning Service helps you remove those tiny bits of dust and debris leftover from renovation works and sanitize the entire premises prior to your move-in. It is especially important for households with young children or family members who suffer from allergy-related ailments.

Their Equipment: Quality vacuums, Ladders, Anti-bacterial cleaning solutions, Sanitizing Solutions, Microfiber Cloths, and All supplies provided. is always willing to talk to you about your domestic and end-of-tenancy cleaning needs. They work directly with property managers, real estate brokers, and house and building owners to swiftly and efficiently handle your end-of-lease cleaning and reinstatement issues.


SG House Cleaning

SG House Cleaning – Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore
ServicesPost-Renovation Cleaning
Price Range

House renovation work will cause so much dust and your house will be very dusty after renovation.

They always advise the customers to ask the renovation contractor to do the first round of general cleaning or acid washing to clear all the debris.

Their cleaners will perform a second round of thorough cleaning since the initial round of cleaning performed by the remodeling contractor would never leave your home sparkling clean.

They are happy to help in dusting/wiping all walls, floors, skirting, switches, kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, drawers, etc.,

Their post-renovation cleaning service will leave your home immaculate, dust-free, and smelling fantastic. After their expert cleaning service has done the work, their cleaners will wow you. Their cleaners are well-trained and have additional experience with post-renovation cleaning.

In conclusion, navigating the aftermath of a renovation in Singapore is a task best left to the experts in post-renovation cleaning. Our guide has illuminated the top professionals renowned for their precision, reliability, and commitment to delivering spotless spaces.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, these cleaning specialists are equipped to handle the aftermath of renovations with finesse. Bid farewell to the dust and debris, and welcome a pristine environment with the assistance of our recommended experts on post-renovation cleaning in Singapore.

With a focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction, these cleaning professionals are poised to transform your space into a sparkling showcase of cleanliness. Choose excellence for your post-renovation cleaning needs, and embark on the journey to a fresh and immaculate living or working environment.

Do check out our list of Kitchen Renovations and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the first thing to do when renovating a house?

Paint the inside and outside of the house to give it a new look. To increase value, replace the flooring, preferably with wood. Curb appeal may be improved by re-landscaping the front and rear yards. If a complete makeover is out of the question, replace the bathroom and kitchen hardware.

What is the purpose of renovation?

Renovation is the process of enhancing the performance of an existing building by changing the scope of the structure, adding more amenities, or upgrading existing facilities.

What is considered a renovation?

“Restore to a decent state of repair” is the definition of renovation. In other words, decrepit structures or residences that have been neglected are sometimes regarded to be in a condition of deterioration. Remember that rehabilitation building typically entails “restoring” or “repairing” an existing structure, rather than “replacing” the old with the new.

Why is professional post-renovation cleaning necessary?

Professional cleaners have the expertise and tools to efficiently remove construction dust, debris, and ensure a thorough clean after renovations.

What services do post-renovation cleaning experts typically offer?

Services often include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, window cleaning, and removal of construction waste to leave your space pristine.

How do I choose the right post-renovation cleaning service in Singapore?

Consider factors such as experience, customer reviews, pricing, and the range of services offered to make an informed decision.

Can post-renovation cleaning be customized to specific needs?

Many cleaning services offer customizable packages to address specific post-renovation cleaning requirements tailored to your space.

Is it necessary to be present during the post-renovation cleaning process?

It’s not mandatory, but being available to communicate specific instructions or preferences can ensure the cleaning meets your expectations.

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