Otua.sg is a fresh start up founded in 2019. We are a group of professionals who understand that there is a serious need to change the automotive sales industry in Singapore. With more than 20 years of automotive trade background (combined), we are confident that we can step up and step out of the box and provide a positive change to the auto industry.

  • otua.Connect where they connect car owners to direct buyers to bring more value to them compared to a trade in
  •  provide instant cash for your cars
  • provide flexible auto loans, auto insurance and car warranty

A small success fee of $200* for every car we manage to sell for you!

Wagon Mate Pte Ltd was established in April 2014, started with consignment, buying of  scrap cars to eventually buying, selling of pre owned and parallel importing vehicles. Wagon Mate’s Founder, Ralph koh(Linkedin) believes that honesty and integrity is the business success in winning customer and friends over the years.

  • Purchase & Sales of Vehicle
  • Automotive Financing
  • Scrap Car
  • Leasing and Rental
  • Consignment
  • Carplate numbers

Beating the market price by 10 – 12%

Speedo Motoring Pte Ltd started as a small preowned car business and has since then grown multiply over the years from Preowned car business to New Imported car sales and Fleet Management services. It represents a new era of car business with finesse and expertise which stands out in the car management arena. One of the reasons that Speedo Motoring has been successful is because of the way we value all of our customers & staff, and being able to extend good credits from our finance companies to nearly all of our customers. The concentration is built on customer service which provides solutions to meet their needs in present day requirements of the 21st century. We believe in teamwork & fair business practice, both within and with the customers to ensure the best possible solutions and service provided.

  •  Wide Range of Parallel Imported of Japanese Make & Continental Vehicles
  •  Luxury Pre-owned Vehicles
  • Attractive Leasing Packages
  •  High Trade-in Value
  • Scrap & Export Services Available
  •  In-house Auto Financing & Insurance
  •  Direct Buyer & Seller Car Transaction
  • Floor Stocking Facility

Please contact Speedo Motoring for the pricing. 6763 7757

SGCarTrade is dedicated to accommodating our local clients in the most hassle-free way of selling a used car. With a simple submission of a form, or contacting us directly through our website, we provide you the highest quote for your used car within the same day!

SGCarTrade does not charge any fee if your car is sold through us, and there will be no obligations. You can also let our dealers bid for your car through auction where you can see what is the highest bid of your car! Get your car sold through us now!

  • Selling of your used car
  • Scrap car
  • Car consignment
  • Selling of your car by auction or bidding

No price range.

Buying a used car can be tricky, but you can get your hands on some of the best-used cars thanks to Das WeltAuto. Das WeltAuto has a large stock of carefully inspected used cars. Before adding a car into their selling fleet, each goes through an in-depth investigation. Only accident-free cars with clean history are presented for sale at Das WeltAuto. Cars sold at Das WeltAuto, also have a one-year warranty claim for the protection of your investment. Warranty claims can be demanded for assistance and recovery, battery jump-start, flat-tyre change and lockout service.

  • 115-point check
  • Vehicle history check
  • Minimum 12 months warranty
  • Only genuine parts
  • Attractive trade-ins
  • Certificate of quality

Republic Auto is the best when you are in search of used cars. They own an updated batch of used vehicles which are selected after going through 33 different testing procedures. A car passing all 33 checkpoints are cleared for sale at Republic Auto. Age, mileage, drive and the history of a vehicle are considered as the most critical factors in the testing process. After testing clearance, expert technicians take a drive in the potential car to assess its roading capabilities. In short, Republic Auto certified used cars are entirely safe for long-term use.

  • Certified pre owned cars
  • Exported cars
  • Aftersales services

Direct Cars act as a bridge between buyers and sellers for cars. You can buy, sell, and scrap your cars at the best prices in Singapore on this platform. Direct Car is a giant platform, and they work with more than 300 auto dealers in Singapore. Direct Car does not charge any fee for sign up. In case of a transaction, a nominal percentage as a referral reward is earned by Direct Cars. However, you must investigate the car you want to buy or sell thoroughly because Direct Cars does not take any responsibility for faulty vehicles.

  • Sale your new or used car
  • Scrap Cars
  • Consignment Cars
  • Buy Cars
  • Car Dealers

Ho Bee Group started Hin Lung Auto, and it has been in business in the Singapore automobile industry for more than 30 years. You can sell and purchase both new and used cars at Hin Lung Auto. Moreover, Hin Lung Auto also provides the facilities of auto financing, insurance services, vehicle rental and leasing, as well as car repair and maintenance services. Finally, the positive reviews from a huge number of customers show that Hin Lung Auto is on the journey of providing excellent services to their customers.

  • Auto financing and leasing
  • Auto insurance
  • Repair and maintenance

AA Trust Automotive believes in providing “Trusted & Reliable” services to its customers. They are relatively new in the Singapore automobile industry. Still, high customer satisfaction has pushed them into our list of best dealers for used cars. Along with sale and purchase, AA Trust Automotive is an accredited Consignment Agent in SGCarMart. The consignment programs give the liberty of self-pricing to the customers. You can also visit AA Trust Automotive for insurance and repairs of used cars.

  • Car insurance Singapore
  • Car rental
  • Car grooming
  • Car Repair Workshops