Carle is also one of the most reliable dealers for new cars in Singapore. Suppose you are looking for new mid-range models from Toyota and Honda, Carle is an incredible choice. The most beneficial advantage of buying your car from Carle is the in-house customization. You can immediately alter rims, body kits, and leather seats of your purchased car without having to lose your car’s warranty.

  • Complimentary Customisation Service for your brand new car
  • Carle Shield Warranty Programme that covers customisation
  • Flexible Loan Packages
  • Low interest rate

SG Car Choice is one of the most reliable sales points if you are in search of budget cars at affordable prices. You can choose your car from regularly available models of Honda and Toyota at SG Car Choice. SG Dealers also promise money-back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the car or their services. However, we advise you to go through the terms and conditions of their money-back guarantee thoroughly before car purchase.

  • Lowest Price guaranteed
  • No deposit policy
  • Seamless transaction

Vincar is one of biggest multi-brand auto dealers in Singapore because you can find a wide range of Japanese and imported vehicles with multiple auto financing options. At Vincar, every customer is treated with special attention. You can visit their outlet as a walk-in customer or take an appointment. Along with personal car finance, Vincar also provides the financial gateway for passenger and commercial auto financing. Finally, you can also visit their newly launched E-Store for getting an overview of their car stock.

  • Luxury car dealers
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Corporate leasing

Cars and Stars are one of the premier parallel importers in Singapore, and they offer highly competitive prices for both new and used auto vehicles. As being a partner of Speed Credit, you expect a car loan at remarkably low-interest percentage — 1.68%. Cars and Stars also give you five years of warranty claim/130,000 km mileage for Japanese and Continental cars. During the purchase process, you are provided with five different insurance packages to choose as per your convenience. Furthermore, you can also apply for the retrenchment plan for your financial security during the tenure of the car loan.

  • Attractive pricing
  • High trade in value
  • Lowest interest rates

88 Motor Trading is one of the best auto dealers in Singapore. Their huge score of 5 stars reviews speaks for their excellent service. Potential car buyers can choose their car from 88 Motor Trading’s selected car list. You can buy a brand new car at the lowest 5% down payment. Cars purchased from 88 Motor Trading are subject to the highest trade-in value due to best interest rate and insurance packages.

  • Lowest interest rates
  • Flexible financial packages
  • High loan available
  • Balloon scheme available
  • In-house loan available
  • Leasing scheme available