Welcome to Lambency Detailing. Boasting a full range of service ; such as thorough cleaning and washes, interior and exterior detailing , paint protection solutions, all to enhance and showcase your car’s finest features. Upon scheduling your appointment, you get to select from a diverse variety of services – sourced from the very best car detailing manufactures.
  • SONAX Car Spa
  • SONAX Ceramic Coating
  • SONAX Interior Detailing
  • SONAX Polish & Wax

SONAX Car Spa from $60

SONAX Ceramic Coating from $250

SONAX Interior Detailing from $128

SONAX Polish & Wax from $180

‘Klar’ is the German word for ‘Clean’ and this encompasses what our business is about – to provide professional and clean grooming and restorative services to car owners. Klar Details was formed by a group of individuals who are passionate about cars and car detailing. 30 years of combined experience has led our team to discover and develop the best practices for keeping your automobile at the peak of its condition. Our home brand, various range of KlarCoat Nano Coating has long been a customer favourite and we have been featured in sgcarmart for our workmanship too.

  • KlarSIGNATURE – Our well known 3 Stage Paintwork Restoration
  • KlarCOAT – Various grades of Automotive 9H Nano Coating from Japan
  • KlarINTERIOR – Interior High Pressure Steaming deep cleaning
  • KlarPROTECT – Interior Aircraft Grade Anti-Microbial Coating
  • KlarWAX – Premium Wax packages
  • KlarSHAMPOO – Made in UK pH Neutral Shampoo
  • KlarSHIELD – Made in UK polymer coat to enhance KlarCOAT durability and shine
  • Various NEA approved and certified products

Automobile grooming and detailing at your doorstep. Washlah is mobile, on-demand and one of the leading providers for fleet washing solutions. They provide cost effective packages on-the-move without compromising high-quality workmanship. Furthermore, they also use premium products for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle, catered to your own preference and needs every single time.

  • Basic Series
    – Eco-wash on the exterior without the need for a washing bay.
    – Rim cleaning
    – Tyre dressing/shine
    – Interior vacuuming
    – Seat wipe down and disinfectant spray
    – Everything in FXXX
    – 1 stage polishing
    – Liquid paste wax application
  • FXXX
    High pressure pre-wash on the exterior with a washing bay
    – Snow foam cannonning
    – Clay mitt scrub
    – High pressure wash off
    – Rim degreasing
    – Tyre dressing/shine
    – Interior vacuuming
    – Vinyl dressing
    – Seat wipe down and disinfectant spray
BLT (Basic Package) from $18 Waxlah from $180
FXXX from $38

MintGroom is one of the leading car detailing and cleaning centres because they pay special attention to the minute details of your car. After washing, the wax application gives a glossy look to your car. Furthermore, the wax layers also protect your car paint from scratches and damage. You can request both the interior and exterior cleaning of your car. Interior clean up involves soft scrubbing, extraction of debris from the sides of the seat. You will see an odour free, stainless interior and a shining exterior body of your car.

  • Car wash
  • Quick car detail
  • Polishing services
  • Interior deluxe cleaning
  • Paint protection coating
  • Paint protection film (Clear/Invisible)

EnGloz – derived  from the word engross, our mantra is attention & interest to Clean & Shine. We are a bunch of enthusiasts that turned professional, our lead is certified by Smart Detailing University (by renown brand: The Chemical Guys USA). We have been producing quality work thru professional technique, tools and products. Hence, we only choose the best by partnering the best brands in the industry. Try our services and I am sure you will love it

  • Main Product: SONAX
  • Services
    • Basic Bike wash
    • Premium Bike grooming
    • Bike Ceramic Coating & restoration
    • 10 Step CarSpa
    • Car Interior grooming
    • Car Ceramic Coating

Car Wash:

Small Hatchback & Japanese Saloon car less than 2L: $30

All the rest: $35

Large MPV; Alphard/Velfire: $45

Van: $50

Passenger Van: $70

Car interior grooming from $90 – $120

Detail Mania is one of the best car detailing service stations in Singapore. They use highly effective Japanese Silica Dioxide coatings for paint restoration of the vehicles, which suits Singapore’s environment best. Detail Mania brought the learning trend to the car maintenance industry. They have the USA, Australia, Japan and Taiwan qualified experts to take the best care of your car. Detail Mania also setups training programs for their staff to make them well versed with the latest techniques in the automobile industry.

  • Paint protection coating
  • Complete groom
  • Interior Detailing
  • Regular maintenance
  • Enhancement Service
  • Bike Detailing

Sometimes you do not need a fancy service station to get the best-detailing facility for your vehicle. Elite Image Detailing is one of the most progressive car maintenance service providers. Positive reviews on social media platforms and Google My Business are proof that your car is in good hands. Due to a huge customer base in Singapore, Elite Image Detailing is expanding their operations to neighboring countries as well. After an outlet in Myanmar, they plan to make their mark in other countries as well.

  • Paint treatment
  • Cosmic Paint protection coating
  • Swissvax
Elite premium polishing from $238 Elite Paint Restoration w/cosmic glass coating from $ 688
Swissvax from $150 Brand New car protection w/cosmic coating from $488

Detail Lab is a thriving detailing station, and they believe in high-quality craftsmanship, premium products, attention to detail and analysing the customer mindset. It becomes challenging to choose the right product for a car due to tropical conditions in Singapore. However, Detail Lab experts have a vast collection of tried and tested imported products. They take pride in their paint correction craft and promise to provide premium services to their customers. Due to the impressive number of customer reviews, you should believe in the quality of their service.

  • Leather/Interior reconditioning
  • Detail Lab paint protection
  • Swissvax premium wax paint rejuvenation
  • Industrial fallout spot removal
  • Detail Lab wheel spa

GK Detailing is one of the few Avery Dennison qualified car detailing service providers. GK detailing has two departments — detailing and car wash. Their prestigious services include car paint rejuvenation, car waxing, interior grooming, and Ceramic 9H Coating and Car Vinyl Wrapping. Ceramic 9H coating acts as a tough protective layer for the paint and reduces the UV damage. At the same time, Car Vinyl Wrapping can also be used to change the color of your car without a spray paint job.

  • Ceramic 9H coating
  • Paint protection film
  • Vinyl car wrapping
  • Car grooming