Vicom is one of the leading ISO 9001-certified car maintenance centres in Singapore. Vicom Group has been functional in Singapore since 1985, but they have expanded their operations to the Middle East, Malaysia, Bangladesh. Along with conventional methods of inspection, they also use computerised and integrated assessment for the best functioning. Vicom has so far inspected more than ten million vehicles, and this figure is rising every day. A comprehensive inspection of cars at Vicom helps you in avoiding unfortunate road accidents

  • Inspection for petrol-driven vehicles
  • Inspection for diesel-driven vehicles
  • Inspection For electric vehicles
  • Inspection for motorcycles
  • Inspection for power-assisted bicycle

Syncrowerkz is one of the most affordable yet the best service centres for conventional, hybrid and electric cars. You can choose a full inspection or a partial inspection for your vehicle. Partial assessment is useful in case of an evident problem in the car. However, the majority of car experts advise booking a full inspection at least once a year, no matter how good your car’s condition is. At Syncrowerkz, expert technicians also prepare hundreds of cars each month for racing which is asign of their high-quality service.

  • No frills inspection
  • Standard inspection
  • Premium inspection
  • No frills inspection from $50
  • Standard inspection from $150
  • Premium inspection from $250

STA specialises in the assessment and maintenance of vehicles for upgrading your vehicle at its optimal capacity. You can bring motor cars, bikes, and heavy-duty vehicles for a regular or thorough examination at STA. Furthermore, you can also bring your cars for the standard testing such as Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test. STA service centres welcome walk-in customers, and no prior appointment is required. You can bring your vehicles any time during working hours at STA.

  • Inspection for diesel vehicle
  • Inspection for non diesel vehicle
  • Off peak car seal check
  • Private car decal inspection
  • Motorcycles and scooters from $19.26
  • Cars, station wagons and private hire cars from $64.20
  • Taxis from $64.20
  • Buses from $74.90

JIC is one of the few automotive service providers who are equipped with the latest technology. Be it laser alignment of your car wheels or hydraulic balancing — JIC experts are up for it. Along with the regular car inspection, JIC also takes part in the approval process of new cars in Singapore. Furthermore, JIC is also partnered with corporate companies for fleet management. In-vehicle servicing also provides the facility of installation and replacement at the JIC centres.

  • Inspection of petrol/diesel vehicles
  • Model approval for new cars
  • In-vehicle unit service
  • Bulk Inspection service for transportation companies
  • Road tax service

Gold Autoworks is one of the best automotive service providers in Singapore. Along with regular car inspections, you can hire Gold Autoworks’ technicians for fleet management. Their team is always ready to take challenges. You can choose a custom checkup package as per your needs. Regular car inspection includes general car servicing, engine and tire services, transmission and more. Suppose you have a limited budget for car inspection. In that case, you can earn referral rewards by referring Gold Autoworks to your friends and redeem your service cost up to 30%.

  • Car servicing package
  • Car repair
  • Car insurance claim
  • Fleet management
  • Car garage service