Need a Nanny’s Help After Delivery? TSM Confinement Nanny Agency is the Ultimate Help for You

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Congratulations! You have just done the most remarkable thing – bringing a new life into the world. Nine months can seem quite a long wait for most expectant mothers but finally getting to bring your newborn home is usually filled with lots of excitement and needless to say, a lot of your focus is now on your baby as well as recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.

You may have experienced a natural or complicated delivery. Either a caesarean or vaginal birth. Your labour may have taken a few days or a few hours. Regardless of your experience, your body faced trauma. As a result, you need time and lots of care to recover. Full recovery may take a few months but you are likely to feel you have recovered after four to six weeks. However, it may take longer than that to feel like yourself again.

During the first six weeks after birth, you shouldn’t engage in strenuous activities such as household chores. This is important to help you to develop and adapt to a new normal. Plenty of rest is necessary. Have as much sleep as possible to recover from fatigue and tiredness. The question you may now have is whether you will have a peaceful rest as your other children need your care and attention and there are other errands to run around the home.

Family members and friends may not be able to give you all the help you need which is why you need reliable help from an expert during the postpartum period. This practical help will assist you to get that much-needed peaceful rest. You may also need assistance in nursing the baby if you are a first-time mother. So what are you to do? Get the help you need from a skilled nanny at TSM Confinement Nanny Agency

Why TSM Confinement Nanny Agency?

We provide a one-stop service to our customers. TSM Confinement Nanny Agency is licensed and approved by Singapore MOM to provide confinement nannies. Our nannies are well-trained with five to seven years of experience. They offer all critical-services required during this postpartum period. During this time, maintaining high levels of hygiene around the newborn and mother are paramount. At TSM, we ensure our nannies to possess a high degree of cleanliness.

All our nannies have work permits and are legally approved by MOM. We ensure you experience a blissful start to your motherhood journey by providing a nanny who meets your specific needs. We are not limited to the postpartum period. We also offer housemaids when you need to resume your job. Leave your baby in the care of our maids and have peace of mind at your workplace.

TSM Guarantees Your Recovery and Wellness as Well

After giving birth, you need to maintain a healthy diet to promote fast healing. It is essential to increase the intake of grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables. Also, ensure adequate intake of fluids to help you to make enough breast milk.

You’ll be happy to know that TSM supplements your nutrition with their specially formulated Confinement Herbal Soup, which replenishes your blood and energy. This herbal soup is included in the 28-day package and is made from Chinese traditional medicine. Here are other of our services.

  • Lactation Consultant

We will guide much on proper latching and correct breastfeeding techniques to ensure sufficient supply of milk for your baby. We also help with issues of baby failing to thrive and breast pain during breastfeeding.

  • Postnatal Massage and Baby Massage

Massage is an essential physiotherapy to help your body heal. It relaxes muscle tension as well as increasing blood and oxygen flow to your body. We offer massage in the comfort of your home. Do you need to get back in shape after birth? See more here.

As babies are more responsive to ouch, our therapists will also guide on the proper techniques to massage your baby. It is necessary as it aids digestion, promotes sleep and weight gain and also reduces crying.

Make your postpartum experience a joyous time by sourcing help from a confinement nanny from TSM Confinement Nanny Agency. It will help you control your baby blues and postpartum depression. TSM Confinement Nanny Agency is your ultimate companion after delivery.

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Need a Nanny’s Help After Delivery? TSM Confinement Nanny Agency is the Ultimate Help for You
Need a Nanny’s Help After Delivery? TSM Confinement Nanny Agency is the Ultimate Help for You

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