We Are Caring is the first ethical employment agency in Singapore allowing you to find and hire a helper in a convenient way. We promote transparency and we do not charge salary deduction to helpers.

  • #1 paperless agency with 100% digital administrative processes hiring
  • – #1 in Customer service rating on MOM EA directory among the top 100 agencies
  • Top partner of NTUC Income for 2018, 2019, 2020

We are also the only agency accredited by the Ministry of Manpower to provide the Employers’ Orientation Programme (EOP) to all first-time employers in Singapore

  • Recruitment of transfer helper
  • Overseas helper from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar India, Sri Lanka or other countries (Hong Kong, Dubai etc.)
  • Embassy Endorsements
  • Renewal of contract
  • Employers’ Orientation Programme

Pricing (we are transparent, it is available here):

$59 Premium plan to contact our pool of applicants and schedule interviews

$734 (MOM and insurance included) to hire a transfer helper

$2,395 (hiring from the Philippines)

$1,695 (hiring from Indonesia)

$$1,295 (hiring from Myanmar)

$1,174 (hiring from another country)

With 5 branches island-wide and years of experience, ISLAND MAIDS believes that hiring a domestic helper is not simply a one-size-fits-all solution. We place helpers from Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Mizoram (India), and our clients have a wide range of candidates to interview.

To further ensure the highest standards of quality are met, we personally interview all our maids in order to better assess and shortlist for our clients based on their strengths and abilities. What this allows us to do is recommend you a maid from our team that best suits your unique individual and family’s needs.

With our years of experience, we have seen many employers and helpers through different employment relationships and we understand that the employment journey really begins when the helper is deployed. Our 5 offices are open 7 days a week so that we are still able to render assistance to our clients as and when they require.

We are also the approved training provider for Home-based Eldercare course where helpers and/or caregivers can sign up to be trained in the comfort of the care recipient homes to best suit the needs of the elderly.

  • Hiring of newly-arriving or Transfer Helper
  • Counselling Services
  • Home-based Eldercare AIC(Agency for Integrated care) Course
  • Placement of Confinement Nanny
  • Renewal of Work Permit
  • Home leave Application
  • Passport Renewal
  • Purchase of Insurance
  • Direct Hiring
  • Lodging and Repatriation Services

Mid-tier (Competitive)

At GM Connection, we believe that every client and household is unique with different requirements. And likewise, every helper has different skillsets and abilities. As such, we seek to understand each individual household’s requirements and carefully match candidates based on their skills, abilities and experience; every candidate is individually profiled and interviewed by our team. This allows us to better understand each individual and thus provide better job matches.

Our mission is to better the lives of our clients, one person at a time through successful job matching.

As an organisation, we firmly believe in being professional, fair, compassionate and having a strong sense of integrity. These form the fundamentals on how we conduct our business and approach our clients and business partners.

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  • Consultation and Job Matching (New-to-Singapore, Experienced and Transfer maids)
  • Arranging and facilitating interviews (Face-to-Face interviews / Interview via Video calls)
  • Work Permit Application, Issuance and Cancellation
  • Renewal of Work Permit
  • Direct Hire Processing
  • Arranging Settling-in-Programme (SIP) for new-to-Singapore candidates
  • Arrange for Medical Screening and Examination
  • FDW/Maid Insurance
  • Counselling services to foster a good working relationship
  • Repatriation Services

Our status as one of the top most Christian maid agencies is what makes us stand out from the rest.

We ensure that our helpers have the right attitude and skills to make a positive difference in the lives of their employers.

From taking care of your elderly family members to young children and more, we will do our best by providing you with the right help for your requirements.

Everything from the background of the helpers to health screenings and educational history is thoroughly checked by us to ensure that they are fit.

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  • Quality Selection
  • Quality Trainin- Integrated Program- Mentoring Program
  • Home Visit

Established in 2010 in Singapore, Danz Hariya Employment Services have grown quickly to be among the top 10 Indian maid agencies, surpassing many peers who are in the business for more than 10 or 15 years. We have achieved this by using transparency, efficient service, and reasonable pricing, and efficient use of information technology.

It is really a challenging task to identify the right candidate for the right home, while working with new candidates in remote locations, we believe that 100% transparency is very critical, and this is highly appreciated by our clients.
We also believe in a lower profit margin and higher volume will benefit both our clients and ourselves in long run. With this policy, we are very happy to say we are very successful and we are growing year on year.

  • Indian & Sri Lankan Maid Services

Jforce employment service is all about providing reliable for home care needs. Inspired on being the best maid agency Singapore, we offer fast placement with dedicated customer care to guarantee excellent domestic helpers for our clients. Foreign helpers and domestic clients diverge in culture and background. JForce understands and is well-equipped in the know-how to “best-meet” clients’ perfect maid. We ensure all our are trained and prepared for local placement. In fact, best maid agency Singapore criteria is measured by employer’s satisfaction with maid performance. A well-trained maid who’s ready to handle local duty will insure a better chance of high retention rate. J Force does just that. We assure clients a piece of mind when getting their best maid in Singapore.

We aim to be the leading maid service provider in Singapore. JForce deployed helpers from Indonesia, Filipino, and more. As a proficient maid employment agency in Singapore, we have received positive feedback on helpers performance. Our maid agency services ensures proper training. Not only in cooking and general housekeeping, but also to be adept in other specialties such as caring for infants or looking after young children/ elderly care or disabled care. Contact us for the best agency services to provide you your best maid Singapore.

  • Shortlisting of candidates
  • Video/ Phone ineterviews
  • Application of work permits
  • Embassy Endorsement
  • Purchasing of air tickets
  • Medical check up
  • Home leave
  • Direct hire
  • Renewal of contract
  • Maids transfer

Homekeeper’s slogan is “A family that cares for families.” Founded in 1998, the company had helped over 80,000 families attain peace of mind in their homes with fully vetted and trained maids. They not only assist you in finding the perfect match, they also take care of tedious paperwork, medical and insurance, or any complicated details about employing a helper.

  • Well established maid employment agency
  • An agency that understands your needs
  • Reinforcement training for helpers
  • Reliable pre- post employment support

Please contact for more accurate quotation.

Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd is established since 2012 with the vision to be one of the leading agency in Singapore, providing the most suitable and most well-trained foreign domestic helpers to every family.

The company has great experience in sourcing helpers from their countries. All the helpers will need to go through stringent selection processes before opening up to the employers for selection.

Since incorporation in 2012, Assured Employment Services has grown to be one of the most established in Singapore trusted by thousands of employers. The company strongly believes that best way to expand its business is by word of mouth. With such mind-set, the management constantly reviews and improves their processes and demands all their staffs put customer satisfaction as their first priority.

  • Recruitment of domestic helpers to employers

Asia Manpower Resources was established maid agency specializing in the recruitment of qualified foreign domestic helpers from Indonesia, Philippines & Myanmar. Our strong supply is Indonesian Maid. We train our maids according to the employer’s requirements. By having our own training centre in Surabaya East Java and supported by our local trainer, followed by strong guidance from our professional EA staff, we committed that we would be able to identify the right candidate for the right home.

We pledged to be trustworthy and transparency to every our valued clients.

We listen and understand our client’s needs to meet their demand.
We interview and select the candidates to ensure they have the adequate skill to deliver quality services to their employers.

Job placement services for foreign maids
Direct hire your own foreign maids
Placement of transfer maids
Application of work permits
Renewal of passports and work permits
Embassy endorsement
Cancellation of work permits
Booking and Purchasing of air tickets
Purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for maids
Repatriation of maids
Arrangement of medical check up for maids

Pricing/ Price Range ; Moderate range, please call to 6241 7440 for more accurate quotation

EELIT AGENCY PTE. LTD. (formerly known as EELIT Placement Agency LLP) provides placement services of Foreign Domestic Helpers from The Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Established since 2012, we strive to make your search for a domestic helper a pleasant experience. At EELIT, we listen carefully to your requests so that each candidate we identify for you is truly appropriate to fit your family’s needs. Founded on the principle that detailed attention to clients’ needs is often overlooked in our industry, EELIT was formed with a focus on exceptional personal service.

At EELIT, we have strict selection criteria, taking into consideration the helper’s past with special reference to honesty, reliability and attitude as well as domestic skills.

We also provide intensive housekeeping training, basic mannerism, utilities saving guidelines, personal hygiene, just to name a few, before deploying them into the employer’s home.

Even after placing the helper into your home, we continue to provide counselling throughout the 2 years contractual period with the domestic helper ensuring a healthy employer-helper relationship.

Maid Placement Services

Direct Hiring of your Own Helper

Placement of Transfer Helper

Insurance & Medical Checkup

Application / Renewal of Work Permit

Work Permit Services for other Sectors

Comprehensive Training for Caregivers

FDW Back-to-Basic Training (Coming Soon!)

From S$788 onwards