Tinkerer Box- Award Winning STEAM Subscription Box

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Tinkerer is a STEAM subscription service, providing creative, hands-on projects for children aged 3-12 years old. If you want your child to learn with curiosity and playfulness, then this is the activity box for them.

Tinkerer’s Tale

Stephen and Elaine, engineers from Imperial College London, have always been passionate about science, technology, engineering and maths and their application and importance in the world. When they had a child of their own Stella, they began to think about how to encourage her to learn and develop in these areas in a fun and engaging way without labouring over heavy textbooks. They wanted to give her and other children the freedom to learn independently. Not just by teaching and telling, but by instilling in them a desire to learn and discover through natural curiosity. This was when the inspiration for the Tinkerer box was born. Comprising creative educators, designers and parents, each member of our expertly picked team is passionate about making learning fun and delivering high-quality activities to every child.

Which Tinkerer Box is Best for My Child?

Tinkerer has the perfect box for every child’s interest and ability level. Take a look at our range by following the link to our website https://tinkererbox.com

Wonder Box (ages 3-5)

Perfect for planting the seed of curiosity in younger learners, our Wonder box includes a selection of activities surrounding early learning topics. Graphic instructions are included so your child can get involved with building and the box also includes an activity book for learning, playing games and getting hands-on with DIY activities. A phonics-based storybook is also included in some of our boxes to encourage and develop reading ability.

Odyssey Box (ages 6-8)

Do you want to stimulate an interest in science in your child, then this is the box for you. Tailored to curriculum guidelines so your child can expand on what they learn at school, each box helps your child to improve their scientific understanding and confidence in their abilities. Each box includes science-based construction projects, artistic activities, and a science magazine to explain and expand their understanding of the topic.

Explore Box (ages 9-12)

If your child is intrigued by how things work, this is the box for them. They will independently build an engineering project then explore the science hiding in each project. They will discover the history of the device and how the same science concepts are being used in ground-breaking designs. The Explore box encourages the child to think outside the box and understand how science is used in its real-world applications. Whilst learning about important inventions and creations in history and scientific principles.

For troubleshooting, we also include How to Build videos on our YouTube page.


Your Tinkerer box is delivered straight to your door each month, hassle and worry free.

Top of the Class

We can’t expect your child to be at the top of the class if we can’t say the same thing about ourselves. That’s why we are letting you know that Tinkerer has been awarded the Brain Toy prize for multiple boxes by Academics’ Choice. Displaying Tinkerer’s ingenious and unique designs have stood up to professional scrutiny, heralding Tinkerer as a trustworthy and effective STEAM subscription.

Golden Opportunity

Tinkerer is giving Singapore’s Finest readers a golden opportunity to make a 30% saving off the first month’s subscription using the offer code: GOLDEN.

Tinkerer Box- Award Winning STEAM Subscription Box
Tinkerer Box- Award Winning STEAM Subscription Box

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