The Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore

The Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore

Psychotherapists in Singapore are able to help with difficulties in coping with daily life, the impact of traumatic experiences, medical illness, grief or loss of a loved one, and specific mental disorders, like depression or anxiety.

For many, life can be really a challenge. Everyone needs a little help to get through it. If you are not sure who to approach, don’t worry as we have listed the most recommended specialists on the island.

Whether you are looking for family counselors, counseling for your children, therapists to help you with your self-worth, psychological assessments, or intervention therapies, we have got you covered.

Before we get into the lists, here are some terms/ words that are commonly used and their differences:

  • Therapy vs Counselling – These two terms are commonly used interchangeably, but counseling is generally prescribed for a fixed number of sessions and shorter than therapy. It focuses on problem-solving specific issues that are happening to you in the present.
  • Counselors – works with individuals who are experiencing personal difficulties and help them to overcome the problem by making appropriate changes in their lives.
  • Psychotherapist – is a professional field that uses therapy to treat people with emotional problems and mental illnesses. Depending on the degree and specialty they get, psychotherapists can be a psychiatrist, psychologists, counselors, or social workers.
  • Psychiatrist –  is a medical doctor who specializes in mental health.
  • Psychologists – seek to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behavior.

Remember, it is okay to ask for help.

Let’s learn more about the rest of their services and why they’re regarded as one of the best psychotherapists in Singapore.

Best Psychotherapists in Singapore



Building lives without limits
The Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore
Tidylodge – Psychotherapists Singapore
ServicesA year’s worth of therapy over a weekend or week. 
Build a life without limits
Intensive EMDR Psychotherapy (18 hours of treatment intensively)
Intensive EMDR Executive Coaching (18 hours of intensive rapid change coaching)
Intensive EMDR Couples Therapy (18-27 hours of intensive couples therapy)
Coming Soon: Staycation Intensive Retreats
Price Range
Contact DetailsWhatsApp
AddressSeabreeze Estate

High Success Rate, Peak Performance, Permanent Change Psychotherapy and Executive Coaching. Kellyjo Coney-Khan is the first psychotherapist to bring Singapore intensive EMDR to high-performing corporate clients and executives. She is an award-winning therapist who is both UK and USA trained in EMDR Psychotherapy, Couples EMDR and Executive Coaching (with Accelerated Performance Coaching). With ten years of condensed experience under her belt, Kellyjo created tidylodge, a premium boutique experience with this groundbreaking treatment at the forefront, for those in Singapore looking for rapid transformation.

Her services are fully intensive, working with clients over a long weekend or for three days a week, with a pre and post-interview for evaluation. Why take years when results can be achieved in just a weekend? KellyJo’s motto is to build lives without limits to improve quality of life. This evidence-based and proven neurobiological method targets the brain organically to fully reprocess belief systems in an accelerated time frame. Intensives speed up the brain’s natural healing process by taking it into a theta healing state faster, thus creating balanced brain wave states required for focused concentration, increased motivation and intellectual activity, for rapid growth.

This treatment reconnects neural networks and delinks negative experiences to create adaptive belief systems that efficiently change a person’s state of mind. In turn, producing desired behaviours and outcomes that rely on ‘ease of change’, as opposed to the use of willpower and excessive focus on constant hustling to make change happen. With this method, your seemingly impossible goals become internalised, creating rapid transformation. Having worked with the world’s leading professionals in the industry, this 100% proven approach for changing mental models and behaviour and accelerating workplace performance places her at the head of the curve. 


  • Only EMDRIA Certified Female in Singapore
  • Trained by globally famous psychologists and Executive Coaches 
  • Extensive skill-set and highly qualified 
  • Award-Winning Therapist
  • High success rate with client testimonials to back
  • UK and USA trained
  • Ten years of condensed experience 
  • First and only to offer Intensives (official training) in Singapore 
Customer Review

Kellyjo is simply amazing! She has helped me deal with various issues ranging from overcoming negative habits, resolving frictions at home and improving focus and confidence at work. Her effortless and pioneering use of EMDR can create surprising outcomes that may seem too good to be true. In a short span of time, Kellyjo has made a permanent impact on my life and I am grateful for her assistance. – Leading Male lawyer and Partner at Major International Law Firm, Expatriate, Singapore

Kellyjo is truly a wizard and I don’t know how she does it. I went to her to get over a bad breakup and ended up discovering so much about myself that I will use for the rest of my life. The changes from the EMDR therapy (single sessions and the intensive) have been astounding. My worst fears and feelings of inadequacy have disappeared and I have the tools to cope with triggers and/or difficult situations. She’s so very kind and provided me with incredible insights which helped me view situations in a different light. I will be forever grateful to her, there’s no one like her! International Education Sector, Female, Singaporean, Singapore

Up to date, all our customers have been word of mouth clients through a network of corporates in Singapore, people see peoples results and say, ‘I want what you have, what did you do’, ‘how have you changed so quickly’, to which they often reply ‘I had EMDR at tidylodge with Kellyjo and it changed my life’. This trailblazing approach outperforms every other coaching and psychotherapy modality I have heard of.Tidylodge Male Business Advisor, Advisory Board Member and Global Fintech Expert, Singapore


Listening Ear Counselling & Consultancy Pte Ltd

Listening Ear Counselling & Consultancy Pte Ltd - Psychotherapists Singapore
Listening Ear Counselling & Consultancy Pte Ltd – Psychotherapists Singapore
Services*Individual Therapy (Work Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Shame, Eating Disorders)
*Couples Counselling / Marriage Counselling (Using Gottman,NVC,EFT,Satir)
*Family Counselling including Parenting, Planning for Adoption etc
*Trauma Healing (Childhood Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Parental Conflict)
*Addiction Recovery (Sex, Substance, Alcohol, Internet)
*Sexual Health Concerns (Performance, Intimacy Issues, Premature Ejaculation etc.)
*LGBTQIA+ Services (Coming Out, Sexual Identity Counselling, Gender Affirming Therapy, Couples Counselling, Transition Support, Gender Roles, Internalised Body Shame & Homophobia, Sex & Sexuality, Intimacy, Childhood Abuse including Bullying)
Price RangeSession Payments
Our session charges are inclusive of everything and are the same for both individuals, couples or families.
At present it is 250 SGD for an in person 60 min session in Singapore 
200 SGD per 60 min session for Telehealth virtual session (Zoom)  (Additional Time is on a Prorata basis)
Contact Details(65) 89502162
AddressRegistered Address:
Karl deSouza
Listening Ear Counselling & Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
70 Shenton Way EON
#21-05 EON
Singapore 079118
In-Person Sessions Address:
A Space Between
Intl Plaza
10 Anson Road, #28-14 Singapore 079903
Listening Ear Counselling & Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
70 Shenton Way EON #21-05 EON Singapore 079118

In a world brimming with unique individuals and complex life stories, Listening Ear Counselling & Consultancy Pte Ltd stands out as a premier sanctuary for empathetic, inclusive support tailored to your personal journey. At the helm is Karl deSouza, a therapist not only celebrated for his extensive experience and evidence-based practice but also for his dedication, grounded approachability, and a keen sense of humour that makes each session feel less like therapy and more like a step forward with a trusted confidant.

Our Philosophy:

Every life chapter deserves its own narrative, and at Listening Ear, we’re dedicated to understanding yours. It’s not often you come across a counselling service that’s as dedicated and passionate as we are, yet maintains a grounded, approachable, and genuine disposition. It’s our privilege to accompany you on your path to well-being, blending humour with healing, understanding with upliftment, and professional rigor with personal touch

Our Ethos:

A therapist like Karl is a rarity; he brings more than just qualifications to the table. With a rich corporate background, Karl truly understands workplace stresses and the balance required to thrive in high-pressure environments. His 24-year-strong marriage and the joys of parenthood have afforded him insights into the intricate dance of relationships and family life. As an expat PR with a local Singaporean Chinese partner, Karl embodies a living bridge between cultures, offering a deep, intuitive understanding of both the expat experience and the local Singaporean cultural tapestry.


  • Experienced: Over 20 years shaping positive outcomes in diverse settings – from SSAs’, to private practice, schools, and hospitals to religious institutions.
  • Specialized: Mastery in trauma therapy through EMDR, IFS, Somatic Body Therapies, and more, with a laser focus on the client’s needs.
  • Culturally Attuned: A reputation for culturally sensitive counselling, adept in handling the dynamics and challenges of cross-faith and cross-race relationships.
  • LGBTQ+ Affirming: A full spectrum of care for the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring a safe, respectful space to support and affirm your identity.
  • Sex Therapy: Sensitive and comprehensive solutions for intimacy issues, performance concerns, and fertility.
  • Marriage Counselling: Guidance for every marriage phase, with empathy and expertise in managing infidelity, transitions, in-law dynamics, and addictions.
  • Efficient: Progressive, intensive options for those seeking impactful change without long therapy engagements.
  • Proven Excellence: A legacy of client success, fuelled by a commitment to ethical, evidence-based practices.
Customer Review

I have had the good fortune of being introduced to Karl by a close friend. I didn’t know what had been missing in my previous experiences with a counsellor until my first session with Karl. I haven’t feel more heard or seen before then. He has an innate ability to be easy, empathetic and patient while sharing experiences, tools and so much more to help one adjust and cope. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs help or is simply embarking on a journey of self discovery.

Karl has been instrumental in my journey towards healing and self-love. His approach is both compassionate and professional, creating a safe space where I feel heard and understood. With his guidance, I’ve gained valuable insights into my mental health and coping strategies that have greatly improved my well-being. Karl’s expertise and genuine care shine through in every session, making each one incredibly valuable. His dedication to continuous learning and training to provide the best care is commendable. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking support and guidance on their path to personal growth.

I came to Karl on my lowest point that I really feel lost with my triggers. In only first session he helped me to go through that anguish, he is attentive, very compassionate and never judge, and I feel so much better after only one session. The exercise he gave me was incredibly helpful in handling my trauma that I really feel my hurting heart became open and compassion towards myself and the triggers. Really grateful I choose Listening Ear Counselling Clinic & Consultancy Pte Ltd Singapore


Insightful Counselling & Training Pte. Ltd

The Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore
Insightful Counselling & Training Pte. Ltd – Psychotherapists Singapore
ServicesCounselling For Adults  & Teenagers
Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Stress Management, Grief Management, PTSD, Parenting Counselling, Premarital Counselling, Self-Esteem Counselling
Couple & Family Counselling
Price RangeClick here for the fees.
Contact Details+65 83287060
Address10 Raeburn Park #02-08 (Unit GH33) Singapore 088702

Insightful Counselling & Training offers professional psychotherapy in Singapore for personal and professional development. At Insightful, our team of internationally trained therapists is here to facilitate your journey with confidential counselling. We offer a safe space for you to explore, reflect and grow. Their experienced counsellors are trained in trauma-related techniques like EMDR therapy, Brainspotting therapy and hypnotherapy. We have a therapist that works with couples using the Gottman method and Transactional Analysis. Our counsellors offer therapy in English, Mandarin, and Hokkien.

Insightful’s professional psychotherapists provide support to help navigate personal challenges, improve self-awareness, and develop coping strategies. They believe in working with their client’s goals to heal and empower themselves. They promote emotional wellness. Our Relationship therapists focus on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and enhancing the overall quality of relationships with their training in Transactional Analysis and the Gottman Method.

At Insightful, the therapists also work with childhood trauma, childhood hurts and pains, phobia, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem and other issues with modalities like Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and more.

Insightful specialise in Couple/ Marriage counselling, Trauma Therapy, Adolescent counselling, Parenting counselling, Depression counselling, Stress/Anxiety counselling and Self-esteem/Self-confidence counselling.


  • EMDR Certified Therapist
  • Brainspotting Therapy trained therapists
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Trauma Therapist
  • Accommodates all ages
  • Develop Self-confidence and acceptance
  • Highly accredited professionals
  • A wide range of therapies are available
  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Facilitate your journey with confidential counselling
  • Online counselling
Customer Review

I believe that talking about the challenges you face is a great way to see a new perspective of life. Getting counselling here with Reena’s help and guidance really taught me to embrace fears I never thought I’d overcome. There is no shame in getting the help you need whether it be from here or anywhere else, but i would highly recommend this having been here myself time and again.

Have been seeing Huay Khem for counselling for multiple sessions now. Was recommended by my sister’s friend. HK is very empathetic and gives really good advice. I feel very comfortable talking to her and being vulnerable. She gives me space to figure out and come to terms with my emotions. She is also very professional and analyses my situations very well. If you are lost, need someone to figure your life out with you, please don’t hesitate to look up Huay Khem. Highly recommended.

Adeeti, is very patient, non-judgemental and empathic. She has been helping me overcome my struggles and also enable me to identify my strengths. She also helped to point out my irrational thoughts and guide me back on track. My family members also notice I had become more positive. Feeling grateful to Adeeti for her help.


Encompassing Therapy and Counselling Pte Ltd.

The Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore
Encompassing Therapy and Counselling Pte Ltd. – Psychotherapists Singapore
ServicesIndividual and support groups
Price Range220/50 mins for individual sessions
Contact Details+65 88567026
Address16 Mohamed Sultan Road #06-02
Singapore 238965

Specialising in existential therapy, Encompassing Therapy and Counselling, offers support to individuals and couples going through life transitions or existential crisis. The founder and principal therapist, Magdalen Cheng, is one of the few accredited psychotherapists steeped in both existential and phenomenological work in Asia. Encompassing Therapy and Counselling’s philosophy of care is simple: Mental health is not just for those who feel helpless.

It is for anyone experiencing problems and concerns in their daily life. That is all of us. They believe that the clients are ultimately the experts of their own lives. Existential therapy is a collaborative endeavour to help clients build inner resources and skills to regain being authentic agents in both their personal and professional lives. The journey towards authenticity begins not when the client starts therapy but at the point when therapy is considered.

First-session Therapy is offered at the centre to help clients discern what therapy means to them before committing further. Both in-person and online counselling is available.  They also offer customised experiential group work and workshops to both healthcare professionals and individuals who are interested to learn more about existential psychology and practice. 


  • Arrive at your own insights
  • Develop the courage to make difficult decisions
  • Gain a bigger worldview
  • Go beyond the labels
  • Become the expert in your life

Thrive Psychology Clinic

Cutting edge psychological services for children and youth
The Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore
Thrive Psychology Clinic – Psychotherapists Singapore
Thrive Psychology Clinic – This is Where it All Begins

Thrive Psychology Clinic – This is Where it All Begins

Thrive Psychology Clinic​​ was founded as an extension to ​Mind Culture​ and ​The School ofPositive Psychology​,two of …
ServiceNeurocognitive Therapy, Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT), Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Hypnotherapy (U.S.), Diagnostic & Comprehensive Assessments
Price RangePrice ranges from $120 to $350
Contact Details6962 9753
Address101 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square @ Novena Medical Centre #17-10 Singapore (329565)

Recognizing the need for mental health support and the importance of cultivating mental wellness, Thrive Psychology Clinic was founded as an extension of Mind Culture and The School of Positive Psychology to provide holistic, innovative, and cutting-edge psychological treatment to the forefront of Singapore’s mental health industry for individuals from all walks of life.

With a wide range of services, non-exhaustively including Virtual Reality Therapy, Neurotechnology, Hypnotherapy, Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Diagnostic Assessments, and Wellness Workshops, we believe in the importance of providing individualized therapeutic methods and proper levels of care, to help improve lives in a holistic manner.

Centrally located at Novena, Singapore, our experienced team of Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, and Therapists is also greatly driven by the concerns of today’s children and youth, and believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity to gain access to and receive support at any time.


  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Neurocognitive Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Social Groups
  • Training & Workshops
Customer Review

The first visit was very comfortable for me and my son. Very clean and cozy place. Miss Jeslyn and the receptionist ladies were very accommodating and very friendly. It was recommended by a friend and a colleague and no regrets about coming here. See you all soon. – Jane Godinez

Wonderful staff- very kind and helpful. I am Psychotherapist Trainee Practitioner, the services provided and available are made to make every session with clients the best they can achieve when we work towards achieving their goals. – Divya Sharma

Nice and cozy place. Psychologist Keren is very patient and follows very well after the session. Thumbs-up. – Hazel Fong


The Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore
Annabelle Psychology – Psychotherapists Singapore
ServicesIndividual Psychotherapy, Couple and Family Therapy, Child & Developmental Psychology, Psychoeducational Assessments, Cognitive and IQ Assessments, Training and Workshops
Price RangeFrom $130 to $300
Contact Details+65 8202 3385
AddressAnnabelle Psychology (Newton) 10 Winstedt #02-06 10 Winstedt Road Singapore 227977
Annabelle Psychology (Novena) Royal Square Medical Centre #17-12 101 Irrawaddy Road Singapore 329565

Annabelle Psychology is a specialist mental health practice providing therapy to adults, children, couples, and families. Our clinicians work closely with psychiatrists, pediatricians, and other professionals to provide holistic care to complex presentations. We also provide other clinical services including child neurodevelopmental and psychoeducational assessments and administering neurocognitive and IQ tests. Our clinicians provide therapy in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Hokkien, and Teochew.


  • Compassionate, person-centered care
  • Ethical, science-based practice
  • Accessible services
  • Preventive psychology
Customer Review

Great learning sessions with Dr. Annabelle every time! Nice place and not forgetting best coffee always! – Kerry Lin

I am very happy to have found Annabelle. I have been trying to find a good therapist for a very long time and finding her has been a blessing! Annabelle is extremely knowledgeable and has a kind, warm presence you can feel from the minute you meet her. I have been seeing her for over six months and I am enjoying our sessions together. I recommend Annabelle to anyone seeking a skilled psychotherapist. Five stars all the way. – Eileen Tay

Recently went down to Annabelle Psychology as I was badly judged by my school counselors and social worker. On my very first day there, the environment was really comfortable and I didn’t feel judged at all thanks to my therapist Claudia. I feel very safe and I will for sure continue to show up for my appointments in order for me to improve my mental health. – Christine Ramaiah


All in the Family Counselling Centre

How is your mental wellbeing?

How is your mental wellbeing?

(From Health Promotion Board of Singapore)“The mean mental wellbeing score, as measured by the Singapore Mental …
ServicesRelationships;dating, marriage, divorce, parenting
Sex and Intimacy:
Individual: relationships, dating, self-worth self esteem issues and boundaries
Babysleepfairy: online sleep solution for parents 24×7 $100
Retreats: custom retreats to help clients further their therapy
Price Rangee Sleep consult is
$100 via portal,
Single 50 min session $250,
package of 10 session $2300
Package of 6 $1399
Package of 20 $4200
Package of 52 $10,300
Retreats $20,000 and up
Contact Details+65 90307239
Address60 Paya Lebar Road#11-06 Singapore 409051

All in the Family Counselling Centre and founder Tammy Fontana, MS NCC CTRT NCC and Clinical Sex Therapist (USA) has been providing comprehensive mental healthy services for just under two decades in Singapore. Tammy Fontana has a massed both clinical knowledge through education and training as well supervision from some of the leading therapists in the United States and Europe. She has extensive training in attachment and trauma and is well versed in effectively helping those individuals and couples with difficult childhoods and life experiences.

Ms. Fontana works with her clients to establish healing relationships that allow them to develop the emotional self-reflection and regulation skills they need to replace ineffective patterns of behaviors. If you long to have a life filled with love, connection and safety, Ms. Fontana will help those clients achieve those goals.


  • Individualized treatment with 7 days a week appointments, retreats and intensives
  • 24×7 support via portal
  • No Wait
Customer Review

Life changing therapy sessions. Very thankful to Tammy for helping me through difficult moments in my life and equipping me with valuable skills to navigate this world. I’ve developed so much as an individual. – Daphne Ang

Tammy is very professional and offers support and guidance every step of the way.
She is very helpful in establishing a comfortable and safe place to learn and to effectively communicate things.
– Iva Banović

Fantastic counsellor! You can see she is really listening to her clients and in short time we felt much better. We also appreciate a straightforward approach which made us work on ourselves deeply and profundly.. – Filip Vuković


Alliance Counselling

We are a professional team of internationally trained and multilingual counselors and psychologists
ServicesEmpathetic professional support and guidance to men, women, couples, Gottman Couple Therapy, Marathon Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy available, Children, teenagers, and families. , Alliance also offers educational institutions partnering, clinical supervision, corporate workshops, and psychological assessments. , Walk & Talk Therapy and Telehealth are also available.
Price RangePlease visit our website:
Contact Details+65 6466 8120
Address501 Bukit Timah Road #04-03 & #03-02, Cluny Court Singapore 259760

Alliance Counselling is a team of multilingual counselors and psychologists. We provide empathetic professional support and guidance to men, women, couples, children, teenagers, and families. Alliance also offers educational institutions partnering, clinical supervision, corporate workshops, and psychological assessments.

Our team’s philosophy is to work in harmony with our clients from the expatriate and local communities to provide them with the highest level of confidential care and support. Our goal is to assign the right therapist for each client so they feel comfortable and able to pause in a peaceful and safe environment.

Based in Singapore since 2009, our clients trust our professional therapists who take a genuine interest in their clients’ concerns. We provide our clients with the tools and skills to cope with life’s challenges in each stage of their life. Alliance Counselling has supported clients from more than 60 different cultures. We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hindi.


  • Wide scope of specialties
  • Professional psychotherapists
Customer Review

Very professional and experienced counselors from different countries and backgrounds offer an array of services in different languages. I would definitely recommend Alliance to anyone. – Maria Ara

Great service by Alliance counseling and Cristina. I’d strongly encourage and recommend everyone. – Warish Jain


Psych Connect

Empowering the mind, connecting lives
ServicesArt Psychotherapy for Adults, Teenagers, and Children, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Therapy, Diagnostic Psychological Assessments, Psychoeducational Assessments, Forensic Psychological Assessments, Psychological Therapy for  Adults, Teenagers, and Children
Price RangeVisit their website for pricing.
Contact Details+65 6493 0244
Address10 Winstedt Rd #03-13 Singapore 227977

Psych Connect is a specialist psychology clinic with a child development team. Our team comprises Psychologists (Clinical, Forensic Paediatric, and Counselling specializations), Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Educational Therapists/Inclusive Educators, and Art Psychotherapists. Our clinicians are licensed internationally and in Singapore. We provide both assessments and intervention for individuals from 18 months through adulthood.

We work from a TAC approach; otherwise known as Team Around the Child. TAC is an individualized and evolving team of the few practitioners who see the child and family on a regular basis to provide practical, coordinated support in education, therapy, and treatment. Its purpose is to provide a more coordinated, thorough, and consistent approach to supporting a child and their family. TAC also prevents the fragmentation that families often experience when the people working with the child keep their work separate from each other.


  • In-School Services
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches
  • Professional and experienced therapists
Customer Review

My daughter has made great progress with the help of Dr. Z’s tutoring. We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend her services. She makes learning both fun and productive. – Dan Was

My child had benefited from the patient guidance of the therapist and psychologist here. They’ve made the sessions enjoyable, physically and emotionally safe. My son seemed more confident in himself. – Eunice Soon

Super professional and caring. A pleasure to work with all of the team here, including Dr. Sanveen Kang, Ms. June, Cynthia, and Sook-Yin. – CB


The Therapy Room

ServicesTherapeutic interventions for adults and children: Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Eating disorders, Anger management, Developmental disorders in children, Marital issues, Antenatal and parental support, Palliative support, Grieve management, Addictions
Psychological tests:
Personality, Intelligence, Forensic, Career, Achievement, Adaptive
Price Range
Contact Details6467 8903
AddressOrchard Shopping Centre #08-01 321 Orchard Road Singapore 238866

The Therapy Room prides itself as a center that incorporates different psychological techniques to manage the client’s concerns in the most effective way. We embody the fullest extent of professionalism and work towards providing a diverse spectrum of services. The Therapy Room is committed to helping our clients reach their maximum potential in their well-being.

Since 2013, The Therapy Room is dedicated to delivering premier services and care to our clients. To cater to a wide range of concerns our clients might have, the psychologists at The Therapy Room have a diversity of experience and areas of expertise. A few areas include mood disorders, developmental disorders, grief and bereavement, addictive behaviors, and marital issues. Monthly support groups are also conducted for the bereaved mothers who have lost their children through suicide as well as for professionals in related fields to ensure their mental well-being and emotional resilience as they work with vulnerable clients.


  • A diverse spectrum of services
  • Expertly trained professionals
Customer Review

Awesome, Genuine, and Trustworthy place to be at. – Ruben Heng

Excellent service and TTR is like family to me. – Aileen Tan

The staff is very friendly. – Tian Zhao Ng

Finest Psychotherapists in Singapore

ImPossible Psychological Services

Psychologists specializing in psychotherapy and couple therapy
ServicesCouple therapy, Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, and relationships, Psychological assessment, Specific therapeutic interventions, especially for CBT, Schema, Therapy, and Reality Therapy
Price RangeFirst consultation from $180-200
Dyad/ Couple Sessions from $260
Individual Sessions from $180 – 200
Phone Calls consultation from $25
Psychological Assessment from $450-2,200
For more information on pricing, see here.
Contact Details9688 2790
AddressIcon @ Changi 228 Changi Road #03-07 Singapore 419741

The psychologists and counselors at ImPossible Psychological Services are trained in an array of therapy techniques to support their clients in their recovery. With knowledge and skills in techniques such as cognitive behavior therapy, schema therapy, and reality therapy, the consulting psychologist or counselor would tailor the intervention to suit the needs of their clients.  They specialize in treatment for depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

You can also consult Haikal, senior clinical psychologist and founder of the practice, for couple’s therapy to manage relationship issues such as infidelity, poor communication, and lack of trust.

Conveniently located near Eunos MRT, the therapists in the practice also value the importance the developing a safe and supportive relationship with their clients. It is especially important for clients who struggled to form relationships in the past or had unpleasant experiences in therapy previously.


  • Uses various therapeutic approaches like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CTRT), Schema Therapy, and Systemic Family Therapy
  • The diverse and proficient team
  • Conducts psychological assessments
  • Seeks to provide a safe place to deal with mistrust and negative emotions
Customer Review

After a number of years in the teaching service in Singapore, I decided 3 years ago that I would become a counselor. The teaching service has sharpened my strengths and now, I want to walk into the wider community. – Benny Low

I hope that many others come to understand the importance of mental health, and I strongly believe that anyone can benefit from seeking therapy at ImPossible. – Yoke Kaye Foong

I am extremely thankful for her and for her institution for giving me a hand of help and a sign of hope. – Steve Hewson


The Counselling Place

ServicesAnxiety and Panic attack, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Stress management, Depression, Phobias, Illness and Pain management, Bereavement, Grief and loss, Eating disorder and weight management issues, Crisis, trauma, and sex abuse, Parenting concerns, Children’s and Teen’s behavioral issues, Relationship conflicts, Separation and divorce, Cross-cultural relationship issues, Family violence, Personal growth and healing, Adjustment issues
Price RangeFrom $160 to $240 for 50-minute session
Address105 Cecil Street, #07-01 The Octagon Singapore 069534

The Counselling Place has an international team of psychologists, counselors, and therapists serving Expatriates of more than 80 countries and Local Professionals in English, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Mandarin, & Cantonese since 2006.  The center is helmed and supervised by our Founder, Ms. Ho Shee Wai, who brings with her more than 22 years of clinical experience.

We provide a wide range of services for children, teenagers, adult individuals, couples, and families via face-to-face and Skype sessions.  Our comprehensive services include counseling, life, and career coaching, Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR), Psychological Evaluation, Cogmed Working Memory Training®, Emergenetics® Profiling for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups, Webinars/Workshops, Employee Assistance Programs, and Crisis Response Intervention.

Centrally located in the CBD, our service is available not only during office hours but also after hours (Saturdays, late appointments till 11 pm) with a 24/7 online booking system.


  • 15 years of experience
  • Providing quality, professional mental health care
Customer Review

Definitely, the place to go if you need help to work through some issues in your life! ( that by yourself, you cannot handle. – Joy


Hope For Tomorrow Psychology Centre

Psychologists and counselors providing personalized psychological service
ServicesIntervention for:
Anxiety, Stress, Depression, ADHD, Autism
Mindfulness groups are also offered
Assessment for:
ADHD, Autism, Learning disabilities
Price RangePrice ranges from $180 (50 minutes sessions)
Costs for assessments vary. For more information, visit their website.
Contact Details+65 8812 4673
Address19 Lorong Kilat # 01-04 Singapore 598120

At Hope for Tomorrow Psychology Centre, we are a team of psychologists and counselors that provide a range of psychological interventions to support individuals with their personal needs. We believe that everyone should have access to quality mental health services. Personalized services are thus provided based on evidence-based approaches (e.g. mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy).


  • Quality mental health services
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this Writing



ServicesAddictions Therapy (Substances e.g. Drugs & Alcohol; Behavioural e.g. Internet, Sexual, Gambling), Couples and Family Therapy, Stress and Anger Management, Eating and Sleep Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders, Personality Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6397 7309 
Address09-22/23, Novena Medical Center, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506

Our team of psychologists is skilled in providing evidence-based psychological interventions. The psychological services we provide at Promises include psychotherapy, counseling, creative therapies, and addiction therapy.  Our psychologists work hand-in-hand with clients to develop individualized treatment plans, in order to meet therapeutic goals aligned with the client’s personal needs and values.


  • Committed to providing psychiatric
  • Psychological and counseling services
Customer Review

I would like to praise Chloe for being really friendly and patient in assisting and answering my queries, she knows her stuff at her fingertips. It truly made my appointment here at promises clinic a fruitful experience. – Minghui Tan

One of the best in my experience. I have found the people there are really committed and dedicated. You know who you are that has helped me through my journey of recovery. I will always remember them with gratitude. – Brain

Love the services at Promises. They are caring and professional. – Theresa Shan


Sofia Wellness Clinic

ServicesCounseling and psychotherapy services for children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families.
Price RangePlease visit our website:
Contact Details+65 83683591
Address#02-07, 190 Clemenceau Road, Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924

Sofia Wellness Facility is a Singapore-based private counseling and psychotherapy clinic. They are a group of experienced counselors and psychotherapists in Singapore that are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible treatment. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Gottman Method Couples Therapy are among the evidence-based counseling techniques used by clinicians. The therapists will collaborate with clients in a secure, confidential atmosphere to reach their specific goals through individualized counseling treatment programs.


  • Highest quality care
  • Effective evidence-based counseling approaches
Customer Review

Sophia has always been extremely empathetic, patient, and insightful. She talks me through life’s challenges with grace and understanding and helps me achieve a more positive outlook on life. She has helped me realise that it’s not always easy, but it will always get better. – Vanessa Chang

Sofia is very attentive and understanding. She listens carefully to what I was troubled with and suggested different ways of approaching my issues. I feel safe when I talk to her as she is very grounded. Will definitely recommend Sofia to anyone seeking a listening ear. – Lim Hong Yun

Sophia is genuinely caring as a counsellor. She is empathetic and non-judgemental. Would highly recommend her to anyone who needs support through counselling. – Eunice Yeo


Heal with Nav

ServicesTrauma Release Exercises, EMDR Therapy, Brainspotting, Neurofeedback*, Energy Index Advisor (EIA)**, Depression Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Psychotherapy
Price RangeSGD 220
Contact Details+65 81337312
Address10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903

At Heal with Nav, they use brain-body modalities to bring sustained healing for all kinds of mental health struggles – be it depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, or feelings of shame, worthlessness, and lack of purpose. They address these issues holistically with both brains as well as bodywork.

Whatever your healing goal is, these brain-body modalities are much more expeditious and effective than traditional talk therapy alone.


  • Highly-qualified therapist
  • Uses different modes of therapy
  • Sustainable healing for both body and mind
  • Offers bundles of sessions to save money
Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this Writing


Rogerian Psychology Singapore

ServicesAnxiety, stress, and OCD therapy, Depression Therapy, Anger management counseling, Parenting counseling, Marital and relationship counseling, Borderline personality therapy, Addiction counseling, Cyberwellness counseling, Hypnotherapy, Pain management, Smoking cessation, Self-esteem and self-image therapy, Addiction therapy, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).Training, workshops, seminars, and certification courses, Practicum placement services, Psychological assessment, and testing services, and Supervision for clinical practice.
Price RangeSGD 110-250 / hour (Individual)
SGD 160 – 300 / hour (Couples)
SGD 500 / 90 minutes (Hypnotherapy)
Contact Details+65 86284685
Address77 High St, #05-09, High Street Plaza, Singapore 179433

Rogerian Psychology Singapore is a Singapore-based clinical psychology and counseling center that is competent, inexpensive, and successful. Professional counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological testing are among their specialities. Their psychologists and counselors are qualified and certified with extensive practice experience.


  • Quality Therapy at an Affordable Price
Customer Review

The therapy service is brilliant! I really hope some people are now using Rogerian’s service. – F.A

I am are very happy with the rapport that I have with SS and I find her extremely empathic and helpful. – J.T

I’m really appreciating the quality and outcome of my therapy. It definitely gave me the solutions I need. – M.O


RANGE Counselling Services

ServicesPsychotherapy, Counselling, Psychoeducation
Price RangeStarts From $80-$180
Contact Details+65 89505274
Address316 Tanglin Road #02-15 Singapore 247978

RANGE Counselling Services is a mental health practice that offers services such as psychotherapy, psychoeducational, and other forms of mental health support in Singapore. The practice was founded to serve clients seeking mental wellness and restoration. Our clients include children (from 5 years and above), teenagers, individual adults, couples and families. 

Their counselling office is at Phoenix Park in a private, quiet, and discrete location, which may offer you peace of mind and confidentiality. 

For details on what we offer, click here:


  • They believe that mental wellness can be a reality.
  • Its mission is to be a catalyst for mental wellness to exist in everyone’s reality.
Customer Review

My son’s condition has improved significantly since then. She had regular sessions with him and continuously guided him. She even created an open group chat for us to update the development and we felt her sincerity and professional care. Most importantly, our son has shown trust in her. – A.

Ms Shin was really nice! At first, I was a bit wary of her, but after each session, I got more comfortable and was able to share a bit of personal stuff. When I tell her my problems it’s like talking to someone who understands me. – W.Q

Counselling for me was sharing all my bottled up thoughts. She guides me through on how to express my feelings and anger. I appreciate my counsellor who was there for me and help me through tough times. Ya Thank you! – K.R


The Lighthouse Counselling

ServicesCounselling & Psychotherapy, Individual Counselling, Couples Therapy, Online Counselling
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 8299 4866
Address #06-02 The Octagon, 105 Cecil Street, Singapore 069534 

Taking You Down the Self-Healing Path

Perhaps you’re depressed or worried, concerned about the future of a relationship, or just don’t feel like you’re living the life you were born to live. I am here to help you with everything you require. Therapy is a journey of self-discovery and progress, and I encourage behavioural change by promoting a positive approach and the adoption of new attitudes and behaviours in my sessions. I have the professional skills to assist you in regaining control of your life.


Redwood Psychology

ServicesIndividual, couple and family therapy, psychological assessment
Price Range From $180 – $350
Contact Details+65 88855424
Address1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre #06-11, Singapore 179094

Redwood Psychology is a team of psychologists and counsellors who are committed to delivering the highest quality of mental health care for you. Their clinicians are experts in their fields and have extensive training and experience in providing therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, learning difficulties, relationship problems and many other issues. Besides therapy, they also offer psychological assessments, including learning assessments, school readiness assessments and forensic psychological assessments.



Singapore’s Comprehensive Mental Health Practice Since 1973
ServicesCounseling for young children, adolescents, adults, and couples, Couple and family therapy, Psychometric and Personality Assessments for children & adults, EAP Services
Crisis Response Management
Price RangeFee for individual sessions ranges from $185 to $270 inclusive of GST
Contact Details+65 6733 9249
Address09-04 Thong Teck Building 15 Scotts Road Singapore 228218

Established in 1973, SACAC Counselling is the oldest and one of the largest mental health practices in Singapore. They have since been providing counseling and psychotherapy support to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

SACAC Counselling’s team of psychologists and counselors is well qualified, experienced, multi-cultural, and speaks many languages including English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Malay, Bahasa, Hindi, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Mandarin.

They also offer a very wide range of psychometric and personality assessment services for both children and adults. The company works very closely with the wider community including many of the international schools based in Singapore and the region. They have also been very active in providing EAP services to employees of both local and foreign companies.

Their clinical and administrative staff are available on all 7 days of the week including Sundays, and sessions can be conducted face-to-face, over the video, or by phone.


  • Wide range of psychotherapy and counseling services
  • Accommodates patients of all ages
  • Expert staff
  • Speaks in various languages
Customer Review

My experience at SACAC Counselling with my therapist was life-changing. Getting an appointment was a breeze and I could see a therapist within the next 24 hours. – Robert Green


Sylvia Tan Psychology Consultancy Pte Ltd

ServicesIndividual therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, personality disorders, insomnia, prolonged grief, caregivers’ stress, and burnout; couples therapy and family therapy
Price Range$190- $250
Contact Details+6587164742
Address79 Anson Road

Sylvia Tan Psychology Consultancy is a psychology practice providing counseling and psychotherapy for teens and adults with mental health issues, grief, trauma, and relationship difficulties.

In summary, Singapore boasts a cadre of top-tier psychotherapists committed to guiding individuals toward mental well-being. These experts, distinguished by qualifications and empathy, offer diverse therapeutic approaches for transformative experiences. Choosing from the best ensures a personalized journey to self-discovery, empowerment, and lasting emotional health in the Lion City. Embrace the transformative power of therapeutic support in Singapore for a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Make sure to explore our roster of life coaches in case you find yourself in need of their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right psychotherapist for me?

Consider your specific needs, such as therapy approach, specialization, and personal compatibility. Review profiles and seek recommendations for a well-informed decision.

What types of psychotherapy are offered by the finest therapists in Singapore?

Our featured therapists provide a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and more.

Are the listed psychotherapists in Singapore licensed and qualified?

Yes, all therapists featured in our compilation are licensed and hold relevant qualifications in psychotherapy. We prioritize professionals with recognized credentials and expertise

How can I book a session with a psychotherapist from the list?

Contact the therapist directly through the provided contact information in their profile. Many offer online booking options or initial consultations to help you determine if they are the right fit for you.

What can I expect during my first psychotherapy session?

Initial sessions typically involve an introduction, discussion of confidentiality, and an exploration of your concerns and goals. The therapist will work with you to establish a comfortable and collaborative therapeutic relationship.

Are the fees for psychotherapy sessions covered by insurance?

It depends on your insurance plan. Contact both your therapist and insurance provider to clarify coverage details. Some therapists may offer sliding scale fees or other payment options.

Can I switch therapists if I feel the need to do so?

Absolutely. Your comfort and connection with your therapist are crucial. If you feel the need to switch, communicate openly with your current therapist and explore alternative options.

Is psychotherapy only for individuals, or do therapists also work with couples and families?

Many of the featured therapists specialize in individual, couples, and family therapy. Their profiles indicate their areas of expertise, helping you find the right fit for your specific needs.

How long does a typical psychotherapy session last?

Session duration varies, but most sessions last around 50 minutes to an hour. Your therapist will discuss the ideal session length based on your needs and their professional judgment.

What measures are in place to ensure confidentiality and privacy during therapy sessions?

Our featured therapists adhere to strict confidentiality standards. They will explain their privacy policies during your initial sessions, ensuring a secure and confidential therapeutic environment.

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