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Mind Culture was established in 2012 to improve the mental well-being of individuals. It is a psychological centre with passionate professionals working hand in hand towards improving mental health. Various forms of therapy are available and clients can enjoy a continuum of care by having their mental healthcare needs met

Mind Culture is the first psychological centre to implement programmes combining neuroscience principles with behavioural therapy, targeting behavioural and attitudinal change as well as aspects of cognition. Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling services are also available for all ages.

Mind Culture is also the first psychological centre in Singapore to incorporate Virtual Reality Therapy for clients who are undergoing Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, or are suffering from varying conditions such as anxiety, depression, phobias and PTSD.

Mind Culture works to reframe individuals’ habitual associations in relation to perceptions so as to stimulate and ignite intrinsic motivation. Using an extensive body of research, they have developed methods based on clinical and pedagogical research from the latest studies in Psychology and Neuroscience.

With a wide range of both novel and conventional services, such as Virtual Reality Therapy, Neurocognitive Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Diagnostic Assessments, and Wellness Workshops, Mind Culture aims to be at the forefront of Singapore’s mental health industry by providing comprehensive mental health support and cultivating mental wellness. They believe in the importance of providing individualised therapeutic methods and proper levels of care, to help improve lives in a holistic manner.

Centrally located at Novena, Singapore, Mind Culture has an experienced team of Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, and Therapists who are greatly driven by the concerns of individuals today, and believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to gain access and receive support at any time.

List of Services:

At Mind Culture, their goal is to help clients overcome their conditions so that they can thrive in all areas of their life. They strongly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and they pride ourselves in individualised therapy programmes for all their clients.

Mind Culture also works with a multitude of corporate and charitable organisations to promote staff mental wellness and prevent burnout.

When it comes to children and youth clients, Mind Culture understands just how to keep them engaged in their therapy and treatment plans with fun, interactive, and engaging therapy sessions that don’t only hold their attention, but also instil a mindset that mental health conditions aren’t the end-all-be-all; they are simply a part of life’s journey.

Initial Consultation
We recommend all our first-time clients to undergo an initial consultation with our Psychologists to allow us to better assess their needs before making any recommendations for follow-up assessments or therapy plans.

We strongly believe in helping our clients understand the root of their concerns, in a supportive, respectful and non judgemental manner.

Hypnotherapy is a remarkably flexible tool for solving mental and physical health problems. Our team of clinical hypnotherapists strive to provide the proper level of care to our clients by accurately diagnosing our client’s issues and designing personalised intervention plans that target these issues effectively.

Neurocognitive Therapy
Neurocognitive therapy can help to optimise the brain’s ability to sustain attention and concentration for extended periods of time. Individuals are trained in cognitive areas such as: Attention, Cognitive Flexibility, Working Memory and more.

Virtual Reality Therapy
Virtual reality therapy (VRT) allows individuals to build confidence in overcoming their fears, anxieties and traumas in a safe and controlled virtually-created environment.

Behavioural Therapy
Behavioural therapy focuses on correcting negative emotions, behaviours, and thoughts to approach situations in a positive manner. Potentially self-destructive behaviours that are unhealthy can also be corrected, thus helping individuals thrive.Option of home-based therapy service available.

Screening & Comprehensive Assessments
We provide full-service diagnostic assessments, developmental assessments, and intellectual assessments at our clinic to help identify a wide range of issues and disorders. A comprehensive assessment is customisable to fit a client’s individual needs.

Art and Music Therapy
These therapies utilise the non-verbal aspects of communication and encourage freedom of creativity to help our clients’ express their thoughts and feelings which they may have difficulty expressing.

Animal-Assisted Therapy
Animal-assisted therapy incorporates the tender lovingness of animals in treatment, to enhance clients’ mental health. At Mind Culture, our services involve a range of animals, from dogs to horses.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy aims to help clients with speech impediments overcome their verbal and language difficulties, which may be caused by a variety of neurological or developmental conditions.

Customisable Workshops & Talks (Psychology)
At our highly engaging workshops, we introduce new knowledge to participants, enhancing their knowledge, skills, and technique in a specific area. It can also demonstrate and encourage the practice of actual techniques amongst participants in the workshop.

List of Products:


SenzeBand is Neeuro’s non-invasive EEG headband that safely measures brain signals. The device comes with 6 sensors – 4 individual channels and 2 reference sensors. The electrodes are made from a unique formulation that is very conductive, making it sensitive to picking up EEG signals.

Therapressure Brush

This oval shaped brush is easier to use than regular sensory brushes in that it comes with an attached handle and has a more ergonomic design that makes it fit comfortably in your hand. According to Patricia Wilbarger, “the high density of the bristles makes it an ideal brush for the body.”. For specific instructions on brushing therapy, it is best to speak with an occupational therapist or therapist trained in the Wilbarger Protocol. The Therapressure brush is the preferred brush for the Wilbarger protocol and is available in white.

As Seen on Media:

Mind Culture has made some appearances on various media outlets over the years. You may find us featured below:

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Mind Culture – The Finest Psychological Centre in Singapore
Mind Culture – The Finest Psychological Centre in Singapore

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