How is your mental wellbeing?

(From Health Promotion Board of Singapore)
“The mean mental wellbeing score, as measured by the Singapore Mental Wellbeing Scale on a scale of 1 to 9, has decreased from 7.4 in 2017[2] to 7.28 in 2019. Only 1 in 2 (47.8%) Singaporeans are willing to seek help from a professional when they are constantly unable to cope with stress.
Although 3 in 4 (74.5%) Singaporeans reported that they are willing to seek help from informal support networks such as from a friend, relative, colleague, religious leader, or teacher when constantly unable to cope with stress, more can be done to encourage individuals to come forward to seek help.”

All in the Family Counselling Centre and founder Tammy Fontana, MS NCC CTRT NCC and Clinical Sex Therapist (USA) has been providing comprehensive mental healthy services for just under two decades in Singapore. Tammy Fontana has a massed both clinical knowledge through education and training as well supervision from some of the leading therapists in the United States and Europe. She has extensive training in attachment and trauma and is well versed in effectively helping those individuals and couples with difficult childhoods and life experiences.

Ms. Fontana works with her clients to establish healing relationships that allow them to develop the emotional self-reflection and regulation skills they need to replace ineffective patterns of behaviors. If you long to have a life filled with love, connection and safety, Ms. Fontana will help those clients achieve those goals.

Areas of focus that are helping couples with sex and intimacy. She helps couples learn how to get the love and intimacy they desire in their relationship and sex lives. She will work with couples on issues related to sexual drive differences and lowered libido. She will help couples learn how to be comfortable to talk and develop the sex and intimacy they crave to have the marriage they long for.

Communication and conflict are another area of expertise Ms. Fontana helps couples overcome to feel close and connected. Ms. Fontana helps couples learn the skills to navigate their individual differences and develop agreements for the relationship that respects both people’s point of views. Ms. Fontana has extensive experience working with individuals and couples that have trauma and attachment issues related to negative childhood experiences and life experiences.

Parenting and finances are other areas that Ms. Fontana helps couples navigate. Ms. Fontana has been providing sleep consulting services for the past 18 years. She offers her babysleepfairy solution via a 24×7 online platform at an affordable rate of $100sgd. New families have been having sleep success for years with our science based solution designed to empower families on how to get good sleep for their child with minimal crying.

Individuals who are seeking relationships and want to end the negative cycle of poor relationships is a common area Ms. Fontana tackles. She will help you to understand yourself better, learn to love yourself so that you are able to see your self-worth and set boundaries to attract the right kind of people. Building healthy relationships requires self-awareness and self-love along with good communication skills and boundaries. Ms. Fontana will help you heal and grow so you can have the life you long for.

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